They Did It to Trump, and They Can Do It to You

By: Pete McArdle

Let’s face it: most of us inhabit a dream world, a place where fairness, dignity, honor, and love for your fellow man reign. Most of all, we wish for a safe world.

We need to feel at least marginally safe to stay sane.

But imagine suddenly realizing that there are dark forces aligned against you and lurking everywhere, ready and willing to take you down for the tiniest offense, real or imagined, against the state. In other words, imagine you’re Donald Trump.

Let’s say you’ve been successful in life. You’re wealthy, famous, beloved by members of both political parties, and blessed with a beautiful wife and five children. You decide to run for high office.

And that’s when the nightmare begins.

Powerful people in the shadows spring into action, doing everything in their power to destroy you. Their media mouthpieces go into overdrive, publicly slandering you as a deadbeat, a fraud, a wife-beater, and a sex fiend. They make fun of your speech patterns, your hair, and the hue of your skin. They call you a Russian pawn, imply you’ve been paid off, and then weave sordid tales of prostitutes urinating on a bed in Moscow for you.

Meanwhile, your political opponent, a frumpy, shrill harridan whose main claim to fame is simply staying married to her philandering, Epstein-bro husband, and whose laugh could shatter glass, knowingly concocts and funds the fiction of your traitorous Russian connections.

The corrupt, lying media then shout these lies from the rooftops, as does every politician from the opposing party. Your own nominal political party is deafeningly silent.

Yet, somehow, the man on the street loves you, believes in your desire to make our country great, and happily elects you to the highest office in the land.

Immediately, the FBI begin conspiring in sundry ways to take you down. They sneak into the White House and spring a perjury trap against one of your national security advisers, forcing you to let him go and ruining the man’s life pour encourager les autres.

Funny Business, Inc. proceeds to present false evidence to FISA courts — who, later, are none too upset about it — allowing bent Feebs to spy on your administration, your confidential communications with foreign leaders, and every aspect of your personal life.

The rather tall but amazingly soft-looking head Feeb, who deployed pretzel logic to allow your presidential opponent to skate on mishandling classified info and destroying subpoenaed evidence, then leaks memos to a friend to start a special counsel investigation into your possibly being compromised by the Russians. This “investigation,” based on zilch from the start, is fronted by yet another bent G-man, albeit a terribly sad and senile one.

Once again, the silence of your own political party is deafening, their passivity simply shocking.

This total sham of a farce of a swindle lasts for two years. It does incalculable damage to everything you’re trying to accomplish until the fried figurehead supposedly running the show finally admits that, although there’s absolutely no there there, he cannot in good conscience exonerate you.

Meanwhile, other slithery creatures hatch plans to destroy you. A Ukrainian-born member of your national security council lies about what should have been a confidential call to a foreign leader, and all of a sudden, you’re being impeached. While the media and the opposing party loudly trumpet fairy tales of your supposed perfidy, you release the transcript of the call, more than proving your righteousness. And although the phony impeachment about nothing dies with not a bang, but a whimper, the process is the punishment, and you’ve once again been thoroughly abused.

And as your own supine party continues letting you twist in the wind, the state and their lapdog media continue to hound you.

They tell lies about you badmouthing veterans, praising the KKK, and overfeeding koi. They diss and publicly abuse your beautiful wife, this after lavishly kissing the considerable derrière of the previous angry-looking, America-hating first lady.

They abuse your adult children, even going so far as to speculate about the intelligence and possible mental issues of your underage son.

Half-wits, sluts, and porn stars looking for attention, and no doubt funded by your enemies, come up with half-remembered tales of debauchery at your hands to belittle you. They are applauded.

Hell, your head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff places calls to perhaps our most worrisome geopolitical foe and promises it a heads-up on any military actions you might be planning against it!

You promise to build a wall on our southern border, and then every level of government, including speakers of the House ostensibly belonging to your own party, steps in to prevent you.

But, despite your having to go it alone in historic fashion, your term in office is a success. Illegal immigration has at least been limited; no wars involving the U.S. have been started; and the economy has flourished, helping millions of Americans finance their dreams. Thanks to you, minorities enjoyed historic increases in employment and personal wealth.

The state, however, never quits. It doesn’t get tired or hungry or depressed, it doesn’t feel pain, and you can’t reason with it. In addition to arguably funding, covering up the origin of, and tragically bungling the public health response to a laboratory-enhanced virus that killed millions, minions of the state then utilize that very virus to make it incredibly easy to commit voter fraud. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

And all the while, our supposed watchdogs, the laughably named justice system, simply look the other way.

Running for re-election, you proceed to set a record for the number of votes received by an incumbent president. And on Election Day night, you go to bed comfortably ahead in the race, only to find in the days to come that some votes have come, and some have gone, some are found, some are disqualified, and some appear seemingly out of thin air!

And when all the chicanery is finally complete, you’ve somehow lost to a burnt piece of toast whose very nomination was fraudulent. While the vile media celebrate this obviously dirty election, the courts and your own party continue their slumber.

But, as I said, the state never rests. They send an unknown number of agitators and federal agents into an unruly demonstration by your righteously enraged supporters and turn it into a riot. Behind the scenes, the security you requested for that day is denied, and someone tells police to open the doors to the Capitol, setting naïve entrants up for federal charges and long prison sentences. The only person killed that day is a small, unarmed woman, shot by a cop who’s later exonerated and then promoted.

The despicable state media then turn a relatively small riot, especially compared to the many lives previously lost or ruined by the 2020 BLM riots, into an “insurrection,” a day of infamy worse than Pearl Harbor or 9/11 according to some. They make a shirtless bozo wearing cow horns the public face of said insurrection.

And then, presto-chango, you, now simply an American citizen, are being impeached for the second time, this time for fomenting an insurrection that was certainly aided — if not also dreamed up, planned, and paid for — by your enemies.

This second bogus impeachment, of course, goes nowhere, but, as I said before, the process is the punishment.

You, however, never give up. You never surrender. You realize that despite all the crap the state has thrown at you, the American people still love you. And they’ve come to despise the shallow shell of a human being supposedly running the show.

So you resolve to run for the Oval Office again and promise to right our floundering ship of state — which immediately sets all the worst sort of people into action.

Dirty politicians conspire to keep you off various state ballots. Evil judges elevate looney-tune accusers and try to jail or bankrupt you. The National Archives and Funny Business, Inc. collude to storm your home, ransack it, and stage phony photos for the despicable press to run, all while empowered to shoot dead anyone who gets in their way.

Multiple court cases involving novel theories of criminality heretofore unknown are brought against you hoping to demean, bankrupt, or jail you. They certainly prevent you from campaigning while your brain-dead opponent stumbles from event to event, mangling words, spouting nonsense, and calling your followers dire threats to democracy. And all the clowns in the media, Hollywood, and academia lap it up and clap in unison for him.

Big Tech, truly one of the Devil’s handmaidens, openly conspires to muzzle your voice and amplify that of your lying, hysterical opposition. Cries of “You’re a fascist, a racist, a sexist, a dictator, and still possibly a Russian asset!” echo in the halls of government and academia and emanate loudly from your TV set.

And all that’s heard from our watchdogs, fact-checkers, and the politicians of your own party is heavy snoring and the occasional harrumph.

And you have to wonder.

Will I again be cheated out of a win?

Will the vile denizens of the state who never sleep ruin me? Jail me? Perhaps even kill me?

There’s no doubt they’d like to.

And should you prevail, and be re-elected, will you have even a moment of peace when evildoers, like Funny Business, Inc.; the D.C. swamp; and our vile, forked-tongue media aren’t actively organizing coups against you?

Um…no. Sorry!

By now, readers may well be depressed by my incomplete list of all the injustices perpetrated against Donald Trump. But that was not my intent.

No, my goal in writing this was simply for you to realize that if they can do this to Trump, they can do it to you.

Vote and act accordingly.


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