Title-42: This Isn’t The Solution We’re Looking For, Never Was…

Title-42: This Isn’t The Solution We’re Looking For, Never Was…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Focusing on TITLE-42 means one already lost the argument… Those arguing such have already surrendered the War (to focus on and obsess over one Battle already decided)….

OK, first let me start off by saying I am going to piss off some people here, some well-intentioned but very misguided (in my opinion) people that are my friends (we don’t have to agree 100% of the time, to be friends) and allies (normally)….

So, please understand, up front, I am indeed going to engage in some tough-love very harsh language (I hope declaring that up-front, will then encourage people to read through the whole thing for the entire context and not just get feewings upset and bail early without the full situation laid-out (that TITLE-42 is only a part)…. We as conservatives going to engage in reality and whole context or delusion like leftists?!?!?!?

Sure let’s have a meaningless SHOW VOTE (rather than focus on HR2),
I’m all for that (waste another 2 months debating something not going to happen, because it is NOT happening over-night (Biden finally ended the Wuhan hysteria emergency like
we had been demanding to put an end to the UnConstitutional Dictatorial powers it gave Executive Branch) and TITLE-42 part of)
100% GOP Support – 100% Democrat OPPOSITION =
FAILURE TO PASS (would USHouse, but not USSenate) and would be vetoed by Biden anyway if by a Miracle it would overcome Filibuster in USSenate and Pass with 60 Votes (requires 60 votes in USSenate because this is not a Budgetary/reconciliation item).

VIDEO (53m 08s): (Mike and I) Title-42 and some more discussion (Savaged Unfiltered podcast):

Just like already happened — you already have your show vote!! It’s called HR2 (SECURE THE BORDER ACT OF 2023) to shore up Immigration Enforcement of previously existing Laws and completion of Wall construction Biden and his Team have been illegally, in violation of their Oath of Office, ignoring. HR2 was recently passed by GOP USHouse Majority (the same majority people WHINING not doing anything, they ignore when they are doing something (within the Electoral limitations 2020 gave us)) but ultimately and really going nowhere!!

Sadly next to zero people even bothering to talk about that [even more Sad, most do not know about it because they do not pay attention to what is going on sadly still just thinking FOXNEWS bothers to tell them what they should know]!

DUCKDUCKGO Search is your Friend, FOXNEWS is not, DUCKDUCKGO search what is going on (NOT GOOGLE, as Google filters Search results to favor their FASCICRATS allies.

So, OK, instead let’s create this new distraction/deflection, if abandoning Conservative Principles is what you’re looking for.

VIDEO (13m 23s): Google vs DuckDuckGo | Search engine manipulation, censorship & why you should switch:

Are you a Conservative Republican??? Because folks demanding continuing TITLE 42 (which was only ever intended to be a stop-gap measure as part of the supposed Wuhan virus hysteria emergency, calling such illegal (and right to do so)) now want to be hypocrites and back-peddle and demand the emergency continue to exist just to keep TITLE-42 (that was always going to go away at some point)??

SORRY, I will remain CONSISTENT and PRINCIPLED. Opposed Illegal Fed Emergency Declaration then, and the granting of additional Powers to the Executive Branch never intended by our Founders (related: Today’s Fasci-Federalists article) and still will/do now oppose the Federal (vs States Rights) and Executive Branch over-reaches!!!

So, sure, some will still insist AT PUTTING A BAND-AID on the gaping open Wound (buy into the distraction, and now ex-post-facto MAKE THE LEFTIST ARGUMENT that “WUHAN IS AN EMERGENCY AND GIVE THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH DICTATORIAL POWERS in response).

As for me, and real Conservatives, or as I call myself these days ChristiTutionalist TM, we’ll continue to focus on the real overall problem of lack of enforcing the real and permanent existing immigration Laws (that HR2 looks to HIGHLIGHT, not create new Law, but call out the LACK OF ENFORCING EXISTING LAW) that the Lawless Biden Admin ignores, not the always going to be temporary Title-42 stop-gap excuse.

NOW, HAVING SAID ALL THAT, I get THE DESPERATION (I will share a Vlog of mine from Michigan PANIC that semi-relates here as some too in MI were) grasping at straws, understand people may indeed understand all I’ve laid out but willing to support the hypocritical minor-fix to
cling to anything that even slows the flow Biden open borders Illegal/UnConstitutional policy has produced. so, while I used tough-love/harsh-tones —- I do get why some support this move. I do get a something-desperation-temporary-Band-Aid better than nothing (but, again, you cannot and will not get it, the emergency declaration is now over and therefore Title-42 not extendable).

SO AGAIN, FOCUS ON HR2 (SECURE THE BORDER ACT OF 2023) WHICH DEALS WITH THE WHOLE or OVERALL ISSUE, not the Band-Aid, for what it is worth (which is, sadly, not a whole lot, just a TALKING-POINT to make our Points), because again too, HR2 is DOA in the USSenate — but, yes, we do it as “RAISING AWARENESS” with/by it IS OUR ONLY CURRENT OPTION controlling only the USHouse, need to get control of USSenate and White House in 2024 Election (but, too, REALITY IS, we are NOT going to get SuperMajority in USSenate (Filibuster proof) in 2024 either to get the Legislation we need passed through that body – HOWEVER, Wining back the White House in 2024 Elections of course then puts us in position to return to UPHOLDING EXISTING RULE OF LAW Border controls; like Trump was doing).

Yes, I know, I repeated some things several times, on purpose, because I know we all sometimes sadly just gloss over things and need to ensure folks see all the points – they all relate, they all tie-together, we do not get to and cannot pick-and-choose some portions without the entire/full context of the overall situation. and yes even engaged in the often annoying ALL CAPS SHOUTING for emphasis of some aspects and/or to try to SAY HEY ARE YOU GOING TO PAY ATTENTION OR JUST cling to Delusion over Reality (like we call out Leftists for doing)!!!

At some point, if you hadn’t read already, see Bumbling Biden wears Blinders to Border piece.

VIDEO (6m 22s): (semi-related video) Know Nothing Snowflakes, on both the Right and the Left We must Educate [Doing something just for the sake of DOING SOMETHING, when it is (just some temporary gimmick/game, or too often even completely) opposite our stated Principles/Values just undermines Conservative arguments]:

No to Amnesty…. Period… EVER again…

Yes, I said AGAIN!!!

For the ignorant who refuse to fully Research any, let-alone this, subject, the reason folks on the RIGHT (that have a Clue) say NO AMNESTY! Period! No Bill containing Amnesty of any kind, for any numbers, CAN BE ALLOWED TO PASS.


We are done with dealing with LIARS and/or IDIOTS on the Left, and that is not limited to this issue. WE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT – NOT falling for that Shit AGAIN. Reagan agreed to an AMNESTY DEAL in return for BORDER SECURITY to prevent MORE from coming in and DEMANDING AMNESTY since it was granted once and likely to be again —- which is EXACTLY what we’ve seen in the Decades since!

They got Amnesty, THE LEFT STILL REFUSED TO STEP UP AND CLOSE/SECURE THE BORDER (then, now, and never will).

So, not just no, HELL NO – NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

Border Wall and Border Security Bills ONLY – FIRST!

ONCE, IF EVER, the Border actually is secured, then and only then can any remote discussion of Amnesty can be held. And even then, HELL NO, because you’d already allowed another 10M in just a couple years in (on top of the 15-20M over the previous Decades). So SECURE THE BORDER, BEGIN MASS DEPORTATIONS, then we’ll talk about ADJUSTING LEGAL IMMIGRATION but never, Never, EVER AGAIN, AMNESTY! Those who came ILLEGALLY cannot be Rewarded. Go home, get in line for legal immigration request. That is the ONLY ALLOWABLE OPTION!

Now, after that VERY SERIOUS diatribe, want something lighter?!?!?

See too: Are there Aliens? Not the Open Border, the ET kind!

VIDEO (25s): Sneak preview (coming next few days) of NEWSMAX beating CNN show (Savaged Unfiltered):

An aside for #AMomentOfLevity

CNN Townhall w/ Donald J Trump…

CNN Reporting: What ‘appeared’ to be a ‘standing ovation’ for Donald Trump at our forum, has now been determined to be an Electricians mistake that attached the Seats to Current – causing audience to jump up from the charge. It was IN NO WAY a standing ovation.

#AMomentOfLevity #TheBabylonBee??? NO, #JoeOriginal (or as Mike calls me on Savaged Unfiltered #JoeTheJokeManLenard)

With all that was/is broken by the entire JoeBiDUMB Admin (and you really? want a President #KacklingKamala??? And, NO, you cannot Impeach and remove them simultaneously to get a President McCarthy (Speaker of the House in-line behind Kamala). .

Sadly ZERO WILL CHANGE until we toss JoeBiDUMB regarding the OPEN BORDER but between now and then MAYORKAS must be Impeached as well as Mayor Pete, Granholm, and so many others in BiDumbCabinet.

Impeaching Biden will easily be dismissed as WITCH HUNT (by ENEMEdia) tit-for-tat in response to the Trump FAKE IMPEACHMENTS!

However, Impeaching a half-dozen of his Cabinet – would be very different.

The GOP needs to show some Leadership for a damn change and a degree of new strategy that this would.

VIDEO (10m 32s): Impeach Biden? It would go NOWHERE, but Impeaching Cabinet members is BOLD AND IMAGINATIVE NEW STRATEGY:


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
Former 12CDRC, Wayne12, WCRC, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
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  1. According to Todd Callendar, no one in the Biden administration has signed and had notarized his or her oath of office. So what does it mean if they are not “upholding their oath of office” because they never signed one? Of course it’s treason, and I would assume that it means that all the “laws” they have passed are illegal (and unconstitutional) as well; but “technically” can they be “accused” of failing to uphold their oaths of office if they never signed them? Apparently this is not unique to the Biden administration; it makes you wonder just how long this illegal government has been place — since 1913 with the founding of the Federal Reserve “bank” or 1963 coup with the assassination of JFK and that 2020 was the final nail in the coffin?


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