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The real difference between just Having the Truth and Knowing the Truth is, Comprehension. Come join us and help those who are mired down in the fog of ignorance to truly Comprehend! Together we can achieve what others deem impossible, because the only limits we might suffer in The Liberty Beacon Project, are those we may through caution inadvertently, or temporarily impose on ourselves … We offer you TLB Membership

We are reaching millions of people worldwide with our 15 proprietary websites, our many global partner websites, and media projects such as TLBTV broadcasts, Radio shows, and it is totally 100% free and fully independent news/media … the real news! Much more is coming in the near future, such as an in-house TV studio and many exclusive benefits for TLB Project Membership.

Please watch this intro video …

On behalf of The Liberty Beacon Staff we cordially invite you to become a part of something special, something intended to amplify the voice and will of ‘The People’ globally … Because there is always “Strength In Numbers!”



Join Us and help us to change the world. Add your voice to a steadily growing number of aware and active individuals hell bent on taking back our governments and health for the sake of our children and humanities future … 

Click on the link below to visit the TLB Membership Page and see the WOW package we are offering you …

There is NOTHING like it available anywhere else today for both annual membership price or benefits!

This unparalleled membership package includes a ton of exclusive freebies including 8 outstanding e-books, videos/media and, an Independent Journalist card. You will also be afforded an actual voice in the project! If you are looking for global information, exclusive media and a voice … click on the link or the image below …

Click here: The Liberty Beacon Project Membership Page

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