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Preface by: Roger Landry, TLB Special Host

We are constantly told that Israel is the bastion of Democracy and freedom surrounded by chaos and hostility in the middle east. We are programmed to believe that all Israel does is necessary for the survival of the state. To Question this, or to speak out against Israel in any fashion is considered unpatriotic or even treasonous … so in supposed fact … Israel can and does no wrong!

What you are about to read and hear flies right in the face of this very propaganda, as in nothing could be further from the truth. TLB is in no way antisemitic or haters of Israel … But the truth remains the truth, and at some point every nation must answer for its actions (except, it would seem, Israel). So let us call a spade a spade and proceed with the dissemination of the TRUTH!

What follows is a great article, and below that a recorded discussion with two outstanding human rights advocates, one having lived in Israel and now resides in the UK, and the other an Israeli citizen. What you will read and hear should fly right in the face of what you are being told … a wake-up call of magnitudes!

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By TLB Staff Writer & Show Co-Host: Ariyana Love

The horrific assault on the Gaza strip last summer worked to expose the Israeli Regime’s Collective Punishment and war crimes against the Palestinian people through ongoing occupation, ethnic cleansing, siege and the illegal weapons testing, which became painfully obvious to the world, despite the “damage control” of global media which serves to protect Israel’s image.

It’s no longer taboo to criticize Israel for it’s “Jews only” racist policy and it’s monstrosity of Genocide, carried out in the Jewish name and in the name of Judaism.

It’s not only the Palestinian people who suffer extreme poverty and child abuse under this criminal Regime. The Israeli people are also pawns in the game. There is about an equal amount of Palestinians to Jewish immigrants living in Occupied Palestine and there is extreme poverty on both sides of the Apartheid wall. With one million Palestinian children declared starving, it may surprise you to know there is almost the same number of Jewish children (800,000) declared starving.

Although the Israeli Regime subjects Palestinians to a mind-blowing cruel military law, which includes the indefinite detention and torture of Palestinian children (as young as 8) who are mostly snatched from their homes during terrifying night raids, there is a scarcely known child trafficking of Jewish Israeli children, happening as well in the Israeli occupied territories. In fact, Israel is the worst abuser of child rights in the world.

Author and Journalist, Marianne Azizi, is fighting to expose this scam, where the “only democracy in the Middle East” is in fact not a democracy at all. In her book, Sour Milk and Stolen Honey, she shares with us her own 20-year harrowing experience with the Jews only “state.” Her book reads like a memoir, providing the reader with an inside look into the Israeli society and the Israeli Regime laws which are as barbaric towards the Jewish people who fall victim to it’s abuse, as they are towards the Palestinians.

Marianne has been working closely with Moti Leybel, a Welfare Observer and Israeli human rights advocate, who is fighting from within the system to expose this corruption. They are the first and only strong voice for the innocent children and family victims within the Israeli society. They have documented hundreds of horrifying cases and continue to risk their lives to expose the crime syndicate of human trafficking, which is controlled by a rabbinical court and extends to the highest levels of the Israeli Government.

Israel is removing Jewish children from fit parents at the rate of 30 kids per day. The vast majority of these removals are based on made-up accusations mostly by the Child Protective Services and 97% of these children are never returned to their parents! Considering the per capita of Israel, this is a phenomenal rate of children. In fact, it takes the cake on child trafficking, worldwide.

Another frightening policy is the “No Exit” order. Anyone within the Jewish society can make a false claim against anyone else and the Israeli Regime will enforce the law without any evidence or probable cause. There are currently half a million Israeli’s and foreign nationals, trapped in Israel on “No Exit” orders. Based on false accusation, the Israeli court will issue a “No Exit” order, trapping you inside the Israeli Occupied Territories while your case is investigated. Victims are expected to pay extortion fee’s that grow in interest and roll into agonizing years and lives devastated. One can just imagine how in a morally debase society, this policy would be abused.

What makes matters more complex is that there is not one, but two judicial systems in Israel. The first is a “democratic,” yet highly criminal civil court while the other is a religious rabbinical court. With 98% of Israeli Rabbi’s declaring publicly they are right wing Zionists, one can just imagine the radical religious belief’s that dominate this court system, holding an extremely sinister power over the Israeli society.

Marianne and Moti are presently writing a second book on child trafficking and No Exit cases within the Israeli occupied territory. They are attempting to change the system from within; encouraging Israeli’s to use what democracy they do have to demand change. How is a Jewish society going to care about a Palestinian child’s life so long as they are torturing their own children?

While Palestinians struggle for their Right of Return and the just dismantling of the Israeli Regime (as occurred in S. Africa), Moti and Marianne have created a movement “within” the Israeli society to recognize the victimization of the Jewish people by the Jewish “state.” If Jewish people will start caring about what is being done to them, perhaps they will begin to recognize what they are doing to others.


Please listen to this great and vital TLB discussion with Author Marianne Azizi (UK) and Human Rights Advocate Moti Leybel (Israel)

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