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TLB is pleased to welcome back to our show a long time supporter of, and contributor to The Liberty Beacon Project, Avid Researcher, Author and Talk Show Host, Sheila Zilinski. This discussion centers on her book …

GREEN GOSPEL The New World Religion.

Population Control and Reduction are the goals of those who feel it is their right to rule humanity, and this IS a Control issue … Enter Agenda 2030. Listen as Sheila explains this in detail!

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Sheila Zalinski
Sheila Zilinsky

The recent release of underground videos of Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal body parts to the highest bidder has reached mainstream TV news. Now revelations that the EPA hid information and reluctantly made public the extent of toxic waste spillage into the Animas River in Colorado, has caused Republican congressmen to call for the powerful agency’s accountability. Author and former top level government adviser, Sheila Zilinsky, says, “We are now seeing the manifestation of this deception unfold in the mainstream from headlines about the sale of fetal body parts to the highest bidder, to court rulings that the EPA consistently lies about transparency.”

Equally troubling is the hidden connection of Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, to the politics behind abortion, and the subterfuge of the EPA actions. Zilinsky raises the question of a common linkage between the goals of Pope Francis, the EPA, the Green Movement, and Planned Parenthood in Green Gospel: The New World Religion (Redemption Press 2015). The internationally-recognized radio host and former government senior advisor, says extreme environmentalism is a Marxist agenda that has been rolled into a pagan religion. “Blending the world’s religions together and bringing them under the umbrella of a UN-lead, worldwide superstructure has been high on the global green agenda for many years,” says Zilinsky. “Global politics and global religion are acting in one accord, per the objective—one world government.”

Green Gospel says the pope is working lock-step with the UN with plans to launch their global agenda at a Sustainable Summit on September 25-27, 2015, before finalizing their actions in Paris in December. Pope Francis will address the UN General Assembly before the summit to advocate for the goal of adopting a “green” development agenda. Population control is a tenet of the green tsunami of globalism with its stated goal of the “depopulating” of the planet’s six to seven billion people to a “manageable” level of five hundred million. Abortions performed by Planned Parenthood are part of this insidious pantheistic movement.

Sheila Zilinsky, who’s highly popular radio broadcast examines news and world events from a biblical worldview, says the “green gospel”—extreme environmentalism—is “one of the greatest deceptions of our day. In her expose of the green tsunami of globalism, Zilinsky offers timely research chronicling the history of the environmental movement, its creators, their goals, and their plans for the future.

In this groundbreaking expose, Zilinsky reveals how science has been willingly corrupted by a diabolical agenda. How the Pope, United Nations, and World leaders and government bureaucracies are determined to limit the amount of energy to the people and force depopulation policies.

In her book Green Gospel, Sheila Zilinsky effectively demolishes most of what you think you know.



Protecting the environment and the earth is a noble effort, right? This carefully researched book chronicles the history of the environmental movement, its creators, and their goals. The author takes us back decades to the origins of environmentalism, providing facts about its development over the years and its plans for the future. Whether you’re passionate about the saving the environment or you are a bit skeptical and want more information, this informative book is for you.

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