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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

On this episode of The Liberty Beacon Special I have the honor to present the newest member of the TLB family, Mr. Curt Linderman Sr. Now many of you may be aware of Curt and his rabid means of delivering the truth to all who have the testicular fortitude to listen, but for those who are not … take The Liberty Beacon Rants and put them on steroids and you may come close. Powerful and effective on so many levels, TLB is proud to welcome Curt into our family.

About Curt:

Curt’ Lindermman Sr. is a happily married father of four. His youngest son, Kaden, was vaccine injured at 20 months of age. This is what started him on his quest for truth.

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About Curt’s Show:

Curt Linderman Sr. (The host of Linderman Unleashed) is an outspoken advocate for true health that is not coerced, lied about, forced or propagandized. His in-your-face, non-pc approach is appreciated by some and hated by many. We here at Linderman unleashed promise to offend, harass and ultimately destroy the NWO and all of their horrendous plans for humanity. We are dedicated to truth and if we have to pound it into you … so be it!

Listen in:

He growls, he snarls and he blows steam out of his ears, but all in the name of waking people up to the political and health tyranny that is focused on We The People as never before in the history of America.

TLB will be announcing the day and time for Curt’s new weekly show within the next few days. For all who would search out the truth, this is a great show to bookmark. For all those who would hide or distort the truth … your days are numbered because there is a new sheriff in town !!!

Please listen to this great discussion I so enjoyed recording with my new friend and partner Curt Linderman Sr. and read his article below.

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

By TLB Contributor & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

The question and subsequent controversy has been around for decades. Do federally mandated vaccinations play a causal role in the autism epidemic? There are hundreds of thousands of parents with the same story as mine. Essentially saying that our children were fine until they received their normally scheduled vaccinations and then they began exhibiting signs of autism which eventually resulted in an autism diagnosis. Self-proclaimed skeptics are constantly telling us that we are just desperate parents looking for someone or something to blame for our “defective” children and our defective genes. They and the media as well as most health officials tell us that the studies have been done and vaccines DO NOT cause autism.

From a CBS News report: “The Institute of Medicine says there’s no link between vaccines and autism and Type 1 Diabetes, as some have speculated. The Institute says they can cause side effects including seizures – but only rarely. And experts hope the report will finally put a sock in the mouth of the ever-vocal anti-vaccine movement. “I am hopeful that it will allay some people’s concerns,” said Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton, professor of pediatrics and law from Vanderbilt University, who chaired the panel.” (1) 

While medical professionals and the media, who need to continue to deliver lies to save their primary income source (pharmaceutical advertising revenue), are busy assuring the public that vaccines do not cause autism, the facts speak for themselves in a very, real-world way that is undeniable.

First we must look at autism itself. Is this a bio medical condition that can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, a more invasive muscle biopsy or any other series of medical testing? No.

While us parents dealing with vaccine injuries in our children know full well that our children have been injured by the vaccines, causing a bio medical condition associated with the injuries, autism itself is diagnosed by symptoms. If your child is evaluated and exhibits a certain number of predetermined social activities and other criteria, your child receives an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis. (2)

Given this fact; that ASD is diagnosed by symptoms alone, we must then look into the facts to determine why these health “professionals” try to convince or coerce parents into vaccinating their children when the evidence suggests we have a very real problem here. First we’ll look at the vaccine inserts.

Here we see a West Virginia DHHR document that lists VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports showing the most vaccines that can cause encephalitis. (3) 

Secondly we should look at the vaccine court (known officially as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program). In this court, numerous settlements have been conceded or won by petitioners, to include the Bailey Banks case (4)

While it is widely known that infections and viruses can cause encephalitis resulting in neurodevelopmental issues, it is just as widely known within the medical community and literature that vaccines also cause this condition and its resulting effects. (5)

So why does the medical establishment continue to deny the obvious and why does the media continue to whore themselves to these lies?

Because admitting that the parents of children, diagnosed with post vaccination regressive autism, are correct in their assessment of their children’s injuries, would damage the vaccination program beyond repair. Especially after decades of denial!

Many in the medical industrial complex are willing to perpetuate this lie because they believe that vaccines save lives and the small numbers of children that are actually diagnosed with autism, post vaccination, are collateral damage that they are willing to accept. Well that number is no longer “small” and the price paid is too large, both on a personal and societal scale.

So what is the “obvious” issue here for the layman? What should parents know? Here is what the doctors, FDA, CDC and others are essentially saying: Vaccines can cause encephalitis. Encephalitis can cause brain damage. Brain damage due to encephalitis can cause autistic-like symptoms….vaccines do not cause autism.

Sounds pretty reassuring huh? Here is the obvious: Vaccines can and do, cause encephalitis. Encephalitis can and does cause brain damage. Brain damage can lead to an autism diagnosis…period! (No autistic-like symptoms since all autism is diagnosed by “symptoms”…that’s just double speak to throw off parents and reassure those that don’t want to believe the reality of the situation).

So there you have it. Explained in such a way that no one can now dispute. Vaccines can cause autism. The medical establishment and the courts have agreed. So why should we continue to have this debate? Those with any discerning grey matter and the ability to see the obvious should now be convinced.

It really wasn’t that hard was it? Please share with expectant and new parents as well as those idiot skeptics out there. I rest my case.




(4) (notice the end of the document where the government goes out of their way to assure everyone that Bailey Banks (who received an autism diagnosis was actually just given that diagnosis for convenience purposes for school officials. This was for plausible deniability later. Plain and simple.



Curt Linderman Sr. is the father of a vaccine injured child diagnosed with PDD-NOS, writer and host of the TLB Radio program Linderman Unleashed.

TLB recommends you visit Curt at Linderman Unleashed for more pertinent articles and information.

You can visit Curt’s FaceBook page HERE

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