TLBTalk Radio: America – A Dire Case Of Liberalism

TLBTalk Radio – Episode #18 – America – A Dire Case Of Liberalism


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Commentary by your Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode #18 of TLBTalk Radio. The title of today’s show is America – A Dire Case Of Liberalism?

Today’s show points out the reasons, plans and choreography being used to institute the destruction of America via a treasonous Liberal caste. YES this is strong language, but we will delve into the need for just that …

But, as usual, before we get started I would like to once again, say thanks to RBN for the platform (explained in broadcast), to Sam, the show producer, and to Annie at Shake and Wake Radio for this shows replays on Thursdays, and for also hosting my newest show (with Co-Host Stephen Roberts) Eagle’s Eye Report on Wednesdays from 4-5 PM Central. They are all a very significant part of the weekly success of The Liberty Beacon Project’s Message

Speaking of the TLB Project message, Twitter has just permanently suspended the TLB account due to too much disinformation (truth). With the max shadow banning we were under … they are actually saving us 45 minutes a day to post to platforms that will actually allow their member to see our posts … Twitter is in free-fall !!!

As is usual the message I bring to you today is not entertainment, nor is it baseless guesses, or remote possibilities. Most of what I deliver is in your face reality, recorded facts or an inevitability depending on our course of action.


So, Down to Business …

The spark for this particular show, as well as some of the content came from an article authored by: Solomon St. Lightstone (link below show).

When I was growing up Republicans were the party of big business, corporate America, and the Military Industrial Complex, with little general public support or trust. The Democrats were the party of the blue collar workers, We The People and Unions, with max general public support and trust. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ???

While it is untrue to portray all Democrats as evil (moderates), or all Republicans as heroes (RINOs), the following is true enough to shape the path this country is being forced down at an ever increasing pace.

Today, and more so each day the Republicans, Conservatives seem to be the voice and protectors of We The People, and Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, are the party of the intentional destruction of America via the orders of their masters … The global elites … hellbent on America’s subjugation to Global Governance … !!!

This is neither a joke or an exaggeration, as anyone with even half a brain (probably not a Progressive or a Liberal) can see that America today suffers form more simultaneous disasters and setbacks than at any point in modern history.

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America – A Dire Case Of Liberalism

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Article Continued …

Now please consider that all of this is being facilitated or brought to fruition on the Liberals watch, under the benevolent watchful eye of our Puppet in Chief … Joe-Bob. Who the hell would have guessed that America could EVER fall this far in less than two years … unless it was intentional, pre-planned, and choreographed !!!

How can anyone with any loyalty and love for America be a party to what we are undoubtedly witnessing?

Considering all you have just heard, you pretty much have to believe that the election was stolen to ensure a world class compromised (by both China and Russia) idiot would be sitting in the oval office instead of Trump. This would guarantee the path to Americas ruination started by Obama, to be completed by Hillary … but interrupted by Trump, could now be completed … and only if a vast majority of Liberals (bought and payed for Democrats) currently in government were a willing or blackmailed (CIA) part of this scenario.

America’s subjugation to Global Governance …



Show Talking Points

Today America stands on the threshold of:

  • Loss of all credibility in the Global Community

  • WWIII, maybe including a limited Nuclear exchange

  • A increased invasion across our southern border

  • A major recession (most likely a depression)

  • Civil War to some degree …

A partial list of what is being uses to intentionally destroy America:

  • Social programs bankrupting our country (living free for millions of illegals)

  • Destroying the economy (and more) via a hyped pandemic … and when that starts to fade opening the door for another (bird flu) to maintain max control

  • Coerced/forced, deadly vaccines followed by boosters the government wishes to make permanent

  • Academic corruption from our kindergartens  through our colleges … Marxists or Communists teaching our children and young adults

  • Complete MSM/Big Tech control of information to push narratives and cover lies, because in all totalitarian governments the Media is an arm of the tyranny

  • Excessive expansion of wars for globalist agenda

  • Abortion being used as a social dividing issue

  • Out-of-control borders (treason for Biden and cabinet members)

  • Sexual perversion overflowing from the LGBTQ+spectrum, with a special push for young impressionable children

  • Caring parents who are concerned about their children’s education, labeled as domestic terrorists

  • Defunding law enforcement to allow mayhem and chaos to advance an agenda

  • Inflation killing family budgets and destroying businesses

  • Manipulating resources (baby formula) and other forms of redistribution … in some cases favoring illegal aliens at the expense of regular Americans, who now come in last

  • Releasing heinous criminals guilty of rape and murder back onto the streets to repeat-offend

  • Letting people destroy and loot without guilt (mostly peaceful protests)

  • A DOJ that imprisons innocent people in a DC gulag but ignores those who threaten SCOTUS justices and burn down cities

  • A DOJ, working with media, that let Hunter Biden skate and

  • DHS initiating a Ministry of Truth (Disinformation Governance Board) to destroy your first amendment and control all future narratives … on hold because Marry Poppins (Nina Jankowicz) quit due to extreme backlash

  • Election theft proven over and over again (latest 2000 Mules) but ignored buy the very people sworn to prevent catastrophic issues such as this one


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  1. Listened to the Episode #18 of TLBTalk Radio. It has me thinking about a few things and I guess a little shook up about our future, do we have one, is it too late, what will happen and most of all what can we do? It looks like we cannot do much. So then if that is true, we can’t do much on the horizontal reality, it only leaves us with the vertical reality which is the spiritual side to conquer our own darkness and take responsibility for what is happening. Believe those that are still sleeping are now hearing the alarm. Thanks to people like Roger and all those on this site, and throughout our existence that care and are doing all that they can to make us aware.

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