TLBTV: GMOs, Glyphosate & Crimes Against Humanity

TLB TV Show Episode 14a

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By: Roger Landry (TLB) – Sow Host

My special guests on this episode of Eradicating Programmed Ignorance are:

Tony Mitra

Retired Marine Engineer. Lived in multiple countries including USA before settling in Canada. A wildlife photographer, birdwatcher, podcaster, videographer, blogger, interviewer, writer, food security activist and public speaker. Spearheading multiple citizen’s effort to test glyphosate and to get the Government to disclose all documents relating to its testing and approval.

Rose Stevens

Rose is a holistic health coach and food security activist. She lives on an acreage in rural Manitoba where she grows organic produce on her hobby farm.

These two activists are exploring innovative and creative expressions of anti-gmo and food security activism in the global community.


On this episode of TLBTV we present you a Discussion on the GMO issue Via the research and activism of two Outstanding Individuals, Rose Stevens and Tony Mitra. Topics to be discussed include …

Are GMOs Safe?

Are the bio-toxins (Herbicides/Pesticides) being sprayed on them Safe?

How “Complicit” are our Governments with the biotech industry?

Ans so much more …

TLBTV: GMOs, Glyphosate & Crimes Against Humanity


A few examples of their handiwork and some associated links:


Read associated article: Those Monsanto Genes


Read associated article: Tampons, sterile cotton, sanitary pads contaminated with glyphosate – Study


Americans are not the only society to suffer the GMO and Glyphosate (biotoxins) issue. Our Canadian friends to the north are no exception. These two aware individuals stand out from the crowd to raise their voices in protest. Please read a short excerpt from the associated website …


Time to ask our governments to start testing people and food for glyphosate

Things have changed in the past year. We have been badgering the previous (Harper’s) Government in Ottawa for two years to get labs set up in Canada where people could test their urine and food for glyphosate. Some of our letters to the minister has been hand carried by then MPs to the then Minister of Health to respond to.

Glyphosate Table
Sample table of compiled results

The good news is – today an increasing number of Canadian labs are coming up to test food items for detection of glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in RoundUp herbicide.

Unfortunately, we still have not located a lab that will test glyphosate in human body fluids such as urine, blood or mothers breast milk. We hope that happens soon. But we have now found ways to send samples across the border to USA for testing, which was proving to be expensive and difficult due to US customs rules.

Meanwhile, from various communication we have had with the Canadian Government, including through the Access To Information Act, it appears increasingly unlikely that our Government has actually seen any result of safety test of glyphosate, and may have approved it based on maker’s own statement and third party opinions. We are trying to look through this cobweb by asking the Government to disclose and make public what safety test it saw while approving Glyphosate. The response has been unsatisfactory less than transparent, with a veil of secrecy wrapped around the issue.

So, a separate petition is promoted on line, for the new Minister of Health to disclose safety test data on Glyphosate for people to verify.

Meanwhile, it is perhaps now our duty as citizens concerned about public health and quality of food, to keep our provincial Governments informed of the fact that glyphosate may have been approved circumventing the law and without studying any safety test record. It should therefore be of interest to the local governments to start testing our food and our people, to see concentration of glyphosate, and to let the people know of these results. This testing is now possible and within reach of the Government, since tests only cost from CAD 100 to around 250.

Meanwhile, we the citizens can initiate limited testing ourselves within our means, and start putting the results up on line for people to see. A sample table is put up here.

Folks interested to write to their governments, federal, provincial and municipal, we encourage you to do so and invite you to join our collective effort.

This may not be easy for a single person, but together, we can force our Governments to show diligence in ensuring that safety information as well as contamination from toxins are measured and people are kept informed.

This is a blog that will likely evolve as the efforts coalesce. Watch this space and feel free to contact me.


Tony Mitra

TLB recommends you visit Tony’s website for more pertinent articles and information.


A brief story detailing how Simone Coleman was diagnosed with Stage 3 Unclassified renal cell carcinoma in 2012 with an average survival rate of four months and how he fully recovered can be viewed in the video below. It details how he walked away from the medical industry and how his research led him down a journey to good health once again.

Simon also started the Six Million Dollar Pixel Page designed to help Canadians find ethical companies whose products are free of GMOs and glyphosate.


Glyphosate Petition


Petitioning Honourable Jane Philpott Minister of Health and 1 other

Disclose safety test records of Glyphosate

It is our belief that the previous Ministry of Health either saw the actual safety test data of glyphosate but was reluctant to show it to public, or it never actually saw any direct safety test record, and yet approved the herbicide based on third party opinion, in which case it would be unfortunate, unscientific, unethical, unwise, unsafe and probably unlawful.

So this petition requests that :

a) the Ministry makes public the actual records and raw data of safety tests for glyphosate done on target animals reportedly back in 1980 but kept out of sight due to suspicious results showing damage to animals, thus allowing citizens to cross check its validity, or

b) if the Government has never directly studied first-hand this data and report of this safety test on Glyphosate, then it should cancel approval of glyphosate, and ask the maker to provide the data and report of this test which we believe had been conducted by Monsanto more than a generation ago, and then scrutinize it and at the same time make the file accessible to the public for independent verification.

Continue reading and sign petition HERE

You can contact me at [email protected] or on FB under Tony Mitra or my blog


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