TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille Presents Author James Nathaniel Miller ll

Rebecca Sounds Reveille Presents Author James Nathaniel Miller ll


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

Who is Cody Musket? This inspirational main character was created by James Nathaniel Miller ll who has become quite the expert on PTSD. Miller has been involved in mission outreach for over 40 years, throughout finding soldiers time and time again seeking his assistance. Mission outreach hasn’t held exclusivity on Miller’s time. He is also a husband, father, writer, and pilot. Miller,a 1970 graduate of Baylor University has held board positions for the International Sports Federation, Drug Prevention Resources, and the University of Mary Hardin Baylor.

PTSD wasn’t the only issue Miller sought to address his Cody Musket books “No Pit So Deep” (part one and two). “There is something for everyone.” Miller’s leading lady brings a message of hope on another one of life’s little talked about traumas many share. The heroine not only sheds light into trauma but brings a thick air of hope to enlighten readers facing the same, if not similar challenges. What trauma has Musket’s love lady been faced with? A hint of her struggles are divulged in this candid interview with Miller.

Miller goes into detail of what Musket is all about without revealing the secrets that each individual reader will learn. Not only will the reader be absorbed by the characters and plot, but they will learn about themselves and others. While this all may seem like a novel on the surface, the Cody Musket story addresses real life issues. Over time time Miller felt compelled to write a story giving hope to those who suffer from traumas that afflict many in hope to give provide comfort, growth, and hope.

Miller has found an inspirational way to unlock touchy real life subjects through his Musket books.

His books include: “No Pit So Deep”, “No Pit So Deep- Part Two”, and “Going Beyond Belief” (pub. 2010. Going Beyond Belief is Miller’s biographical account of personal experiences in the world of big business.

To find out more about Miller and his Cody Musket story click here: Author James N. Miller and follow here: No Pit So Deep.

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