Mainstream Media 1947-2017 R.I.P.

Mainstream Media 1947-2017 R.I.P.

by TLB Editorial Staff

From Walter Cronkite on CBS… “And that’s the way it is…”  To Fox News Anchor Bret Baier… “fair, balanced and unafraid,” we have heard the mighty self-serving-MS Media proclaim their intelligence, insight, honesty and courage in bringing us the news of the day.

As we have pointed out before, time was when the news narrative was proclaimed  in the East as the sun was rising by the NY Times and spread West as the day wore on.

Oops, along came Donald Trump and his Twitter account. Mr. Trump got up before the Sun and the NY Times staff and Twitted out the “news narrative” for the day. Form that first “Trump Tweet” MS Media started digging it’s own grave. There were some in alternative media that had already started to soften up the ground in the grave yard (TLB included) a few years back, but Donald Trump’s “run and win” for the Oval Office was the final push that caused MS Media to implode.

Evidence? We present the following article and videos as evidence to you the jurors of the Court of Public Opinion. (TLB)


CNN Couldn’t Cut This Guest off Fast Enough Before He Exposed How They Control The Narrative

Contributed by The Daily Sheeple

CNN’s Brian Stelter recently got called out on his show by former intelligence officer Larry Johnson for attempting to control the narrative through pre-interviews.

Stelter started to attack Johnson for going on Russian “propaganda” network RT as he put it. Johnson’s response is amazing, and Stelter’s insistence on “setting” Johnson’s point “aside” afterwards is priceless.

Most people have no idea this is even a common practice with mainstream establishment media outlets. It’s just one more way they dish out their propaganda to an unsuspecting public.

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change explains how the mainstream media controls what their interviewees are allowed to say on TV through not just scripting but pre-interviews.

And, of course, when CNN doesn’t like something someone says, well… there’s always just cutting them off.

And sometimes they even blame it on TV gremlins:

Why do people even still watch this stuff?


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