TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – From Apathy to Action

With Special Guest Lou Garino

The Red Pill Hardcore, Episode #3 – From Apathy to Action, With Special Guest Lou Garino


By TLB Contributing Author & TLBTV Show Host: “V”

I (host), Veteran TARGETED INDIVIDUAL wished to change the focus of this episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE from ordinary people being targeted by nefarious and shady “intelligence” agencies in sick sociological war games and remote torture, to the political targeting of people with special knowledge and any kind of connections with the Clintons. These same people which always seem to end up “committing suicide” through extraordinary means. Our guest Lou Garino from “Business Newsmakers Radio” has studied the history of the Clintons and the bazaar deaths that attribute to what is known as the “CLINTON BODY COUNT”.

Anti-Partisan, Lou Garino Inspires Next Generation Americans. Lou is passionate about personal responsibility and the importance of voting. A big part of voter apathy in America is related to not being able to trust that our votes even count. With so much corruption and compromise across both parties, too many just opt-out of voting. Lou Garino’s Fear and Loathing: Voting in America in 2016, an Anti-Partisan approach to taking back the vote and banking on kids. From apathy to action, Lou calls for the next generation of Americans to be alert and aware of what’s going on it our country, to get informed and get involved. This is not a partisan book, and is written from the perspective of a true political independent. Lou calls for the upcoming generation to get educated, to get involved in local politics, to know and care about the issues, and to vote accordingly.

Author of the upcoming book, Business Relationship Riches, Lou is excited about the opportunity to help others pursue their dreams through business success by building better relationships and a better life. Lou is the Host of Business Newsmakers Radio with Lou Garino, a weekly talk radio show on Bloomberg radio in Houston, TX, Business 1110 KTEK, on the Wall Street Radio Network. Previous host of House Talk with Lou, a now archived weekly business talk radio show on live streaming internet radio on Lone Star Internet Radio.

Additionally, Lou has owned and sold two restaurants, as well as produced and promoted music festivals, working with hundreds of bands including Boston and Lynard Skynard. As a singer/ songwriter, Lou has performed for over 30 years, and currently plays with the SubZeroBand in Spring, Texas.

Always the philanthropist, Lou has founded and is President of the Texas Chapter of Guitars Not Guns, a non-profit music program for kids that promotes anti- gun violence by teaching at-risk children how to play a guitar, and giving it to them upon completion of their 8-week course. His civic duty runs deep. Lou has served a stint as Mayor of his hometown, in addition to serving as a Planning Commission member as well as on the County Tourism Board. Lou has further served by distributing relief supplies all over the nation following catastrophes, and has coached hundreds of kids over a decade through youth sports with his son, Lorenzo.

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