Trump is The Trump Card – Outsmarted Again

Video Report Preface by TLB Staff

Donald Trump is the “trump card” in the political deck of cards being played right now in Washington D.C. between the Dems, the RINOs, the Deep State and anyone else that cares to buy in and sit at the table.

Before we go any further let us clarify (for the one hundredth or so time) that The Liberty Beacon is not “in the bag” for Trump. From the get-go TLB Founder Roger Landry stated in commentary(s) we needed to block the election of (at the time) the coming disaster Hillary Clinton and the downfall of America that she would bring.

He further stated that “no Presidential candidate is perfect” but Donald Trump is the “lesser of two evils” and stands the best chance of keeping America from going over the cliff and falling into the abyss of a One World Government. This sentiment was also expressed by many Contributing Writers and Authors in various articles published by TLB.

Is President Trump perfect? Not by a long shot. Many questions remain in the minds of Americans as to the selection of people he has made for his inter-circle, as well as other government appointments. None of this is new… it happens with each new President and Trump is no exception during this “shake down” cruise.

No Exception, Except for One

Trump is “the Trump Card” when it comes to ‘deals’ and ‘negotiation’ as was proven by the vast Business Empire he built from the ground up. People that know him say he is grateful to America and expresses his love for America during private conversations. So knowing this it should come as no surprise to anyone that Trump can run circles around the evil doers and bad actors that permeate the D.C. Swamp. Just as everyone thinks that he has bitten off more than he can chew… we discover not only did he chew it, he swallowed and digested it.

Keep this in mind as you watch the video below…

Trump loves America

Trump hates evil doers and calls them out

Trump has a plan that very few know about

and finally

No one said “hey Donald we want you to run for President and be ‘our guy’ on the hill. Trump became President because “he wanted the job” despite the Slings and Arrows that were to come.

Listen to Trump’s words when he says what he will do… and look at what he is doing…


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