Trump Takes on Biden’s Corruption in Ukraine

Upside-Down World Establishment Media Attempts to Flip the Script

Trump Takes on Biden’s Corruption in Ukraine: Upside-Down World Establishment Media Attempts to Flip the Script

By: Joaquin Flores

The beltway’s upside-down world has moved into the next phase of gas-lighting the American public over Trump, Biden, and Ukraine. In this establishment media alternate reality using alternative facts, that is ‘fake news’, the criminal is the victim and the victim is the criminal. What we are left with is a narrative in which Trump’s interactions with the Ukrainian president Zelensky over Biden’s illegal shake-down of Ukraine’s judiciary process, are twisted by the establishment media instead as being a case of Trump undermining the legal rights of ‘opposition’ candidate Biden.

To cut to the chase, what the establishment media alleges was illegal was the possibility that Trump discussed the illegal activities of then Vice President Joe Biden with Ukrainian president Zelensky. Yet it’s only possible to believe this is a problem if one fails to answer any of the real pertinent questions – a failure that establishment media is guilty of a hundred times over.

In standard journalism, we work through the ‘five Ws and the H’, and yet magically in the case of Trump and Zelensky re Biden, these are never really disclosed or explained by the establishment media.

That is the ‘who, what, where, when, why, and how’ – basic journalism – are twisted or ignored. So the dirty work of untangling this for the public, and making sense out of nonsense, has fallen at our feet. Let’s get to it.

Who: This whole fiasco has all come about because Trump decided to take on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden head-on, by rightly pointing out that he and his son Hunter Biden had magically come out as part controllers of a Ukrainian natural gas firm (there’s our ‘where’, Ukraine) after the Obama administration staged a color-revolution that ousted the Yanukovich government. That ousting saw the U.S install Poroshenko, who in turn granted Obama’s then VP, Biden (through his son, Hunter) a spot on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company in 2014 (there’s part of our ‘when’).

What: To hold onto Hunter Biden’s possibly illegal spot on the board of this company made possible through the coronation of Poroshenko, and to make sure that any changes going on in Ukraine even under Poroshenko (because the intra-oligarchal war raged on), wouldn’t see themselves on the short end of the stick, Biden threatened Ukraine with the withholding of upwards of a billion dollars in aid unless a Ukrainian arbiter probing the possibly illegal placement of Hunter Biden onto the board, was fired. Biden openly bragged about this much, and yet establishment media, and notably the Intercept, is lying to the public by omission, focusing instead on the specious findings of the very same U.S installed post-coup Ukrainian government. And so the fox guards the hen-house.

So in short, Biden illegally lobbied the Ukrainian government to fire a judge that may have indicted either his son, or those that enabled his son to assume the seat on the board of directors of the energy concern. The background buzz and cream on top of this? That in addition, Democrats used Ukraine to help manufacture some veneer of ‘Russianish’ evidence for those investigating Trump’s alleged dealings.

Why: It’s circular –  the reason why Ukrainian authorities were reluctant to prosecute Hunter Biden and that the prosecutor who seemed willing to do so  was sacked, is precisely because the Obama administration (including Biden) were the folks who installed the then Ukrainian government of Poroshenko in the first place. Zelensky may represent something of a ‘compromise’ candidate between Russian and American interests, as Americans seek an exit from a disastrous Russia policy. Remember, this was an American initiated policy under Obama and Biden that used war and genocide as a strategy in Ukraine in a failed gambit to draw Russia into a regional conflict that would see EU countries line up on the side of the US via NATO. Zelensky was the favored candidate or Ukrainian oligarchs like Rinat Akhmetov and Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who had a history of flip-flopping between Russian and American interests. They got fed up with Poroshenko’s power grabs and the failure of a solid EU-US block to materialize against Russia.

How: Biden picked up the phone and pushed for this prosecutor to be sacked, and threatened to withhold (in varying accounts) different sums of money otherwise earmarked by the Obama administration for a slew of Ukrainian ‘needs’.

So let’s sort this mess.

It really can’t be too hard to recall that it was the pre-Trump establishment – including Democrats and Republicans – who tried to line up to contain, control, or oust Trump over allegations that  he’d subverted American democracy by having ‘foreign assistance’ from Russia to win the election.

Trump has made significant headway in showing that the same neo-liberal and neo-conservative establishment actually worked in and through Ukraine to help manufacture some of the so-called evidence against his campaign – evidence which the Mueller investigation ultimately found to be less than compelling.

In upside-down world, some of this included pseudo-evidence that someone in the U.S intelligence community self-leaked to their own New York Times, in which the ‘evidence of Russian hacking’ included what Rachel Maddow seemed to believe was ‘damning and conclusive evidence’ in the form of ‘Cyrillic characters’ in the hacking code. But it turned out that no such claims of hacking were seriously investigated – Mueller and the whole nine yards boiled down to whether or not the Trump team had the St. Petersburg troll army make memes and groups for Facebook, and purchased some ads to promote those. In the end, no one even among the investigators believed that any voting booths were ‘hacked’ – a technical-physical impossibility to do by remote, as the machines are not online.

But back in reality and what no one denies on either side: the Obama administration openly worked to subvert democracy in Ukraine, and once they installed the Poroshenko government at a publicly reported cost of some five billion dollars, the Bidens were able to move in and cash in on taking ownership of industry in Ukraine.

Trump has alleged that Democrats used Ukraine – Ukrainian institutions, Ukrainian hackers, U.S NGO’s operating in Ukraine with the full backing of Ukrainian authorities, and Ukrainian officials themselves – to help the Democrats and corrupt elements of the intelligence community manufacture the narrative and even bogus evidence, that Putin helped Trump get elected. There are some compelling reasons to believe that Democrats did this, and there is a prima facie financial interest that the Bidens would come to have to ensure that there was no reversal of US policy on Ukraine and Russia – a reversal which Trump proposed to make.

It would make sense that Trump would want to get to the bottom of this, especially as election season is afoot.

Any call from Trump or a part of his administration to now Ukrainian president Zelensky, would be entirely within the scope of the law, if it was related to sorting out what crimes Biden, the Clintons, the DNC, and even perhaps elements of the American intelligence community, may have been involved in. The leaders of countries are able to speak, and the allegations against Biden are not that he spoke with Poroshenko.

It would then seem only too magically coincidental that since Biden’s activities are the focus of any potential probe, that making Biden the Democratic Party candidate could then make Trump’s law enforcement activities appear as trying to use the powers of his office against a political opponent.

It’s almost as if Biden’s obviously doomed and unwinnable run for office is little more than an insurance policy against a Trump spearheaded investigation into Biden’s publicly admitted wrong-doing.

Now the establishment media are trying to flip the script, and make Trump’s attempts to probe this wrongdoing on the part of the Obama administration, Democrats, the intelligence community, and the Bidens in particular, into ‘Trump trying to use Ukraine against his opponents’. Wait, what? No, the allegation began as Trump accusing the Clintons and company of doing exactly this.

This has the fingerprints of the Clinton machine all over it, for many reasons, but on the face of it because we can see from the start that it’s the infamous Clinton tactic of accusing the opponent of doing precisely what she herself has done.

The double-dose of gaslighting is that the Clinton machine – using their standard vehicles like The Washington Post, CNN and The Hill – are accusing the Trump team of gaslighting the public over who did what and first.

The reality is that going back a few years, it’s exactly Clinton, elements of the intelligence community, and the DNC using Ukraine to frustrate Trump’s presidency, and to have Ukrainians try to manufacture fake intel for Mueller – flipping this around and confusing the entire public into thinking that Trump has somehow moved to use Ukraine against Biden who is now magically the pre-selected Democratic presidential candidate. Biden as candidate, despite how much he is reviled by the general public, (especially when compared to far more viable, legitimate, and interesting candidates like Sanders, Yang, and Gabbard) is bizarre indeed and makes much more sense when it’s understood now that Biden and through him, the DNC, would become the focus of any Trump spearheaded investigation.

So now the public is to believe that Trump is some Nixonian character, and this is all Watergate 2.0, with Trump abusing the office of presidency to frustrate a political opponent – something which the Obama administration did with the FBI, Comey, and the rest of that story which everyone by now knows. Those following the story also know Clinton’s relationship with Watergate and her corruption way back then as well. This is so dirty and fake, it could only be politics.

From the establishment media freak-out over Trump’s rhetorical attacks on Biden, and rumors that he may get the Justice Department moving against his potential Democratic Party rival, it looks like there could be something real to this. If Obama set the legal precedent in creating a bullet-proof way to use the Justice Department against then candidate Trump that wasn’t ‘Watergate’ levels of illegal, then maybe Trump is all lawyered up and aiming to do the same with Biden.

All that said, even if these moves don’t pan out, it has sent the establishment media into a total frenzy – and that can’t be bad. At the end of the day it’s difficult to see voters choosing a pizza problem over a tic-tacs problem, for those who get that reference, and even with Epstein dead, Biden will have a mountain to climb in the coming memetic war.


About the Author: Joaquin Flores is an educated in the field of IR and IPE at California State University Los Angeles; previously served as a business agent and organizer for the SEIU labor union; has published internationally on subjects of geopolitics, war, and diplomacy; serves as the director of the Belgrade-based Center for Syncretic Studies, & Chief Editor at Fort Russ News.

This article (Trump Takes on Biden’s Corruption in Ukraine: Upside-Down World Establishment Media Attempts to Flip the Script) was originally created and published by Strategic Culture Foundation and is republished here with permission and attribution to author Joaquin Flores  and



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