UPDATE: Linda Ives Asks QAnon And President Trump For Help To Find The Killer Of Her Son – Plus Interview With Billy Jack Haynes.

UPDATE: Linda Ives Asks QAnon And President Trump For Help To Find The Killer Of Her Son – Plus Interview With Billy Jack Haynes.

by Ruby Henley

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I have an amazing update to this story.  Linda Ives is a remarkable human being, who covers every base possible to find the truth in her son’s murder.  As she says, “his name was Kevin Ives.”  She does connect this to the murder of Seth Rich, in the fact we do not yet know who murdered Seth.  Linda reminds us all, we do not realize that there is murder in politics.  Another aspect that Kevin and Seth have in common, they are both in a better place than we are.  However, no one should have his or her life stolen from them in such a brutal manner.

Linda Ives has reached out to President Trump and QAnon for help.  I will be covering this outreach in this report.

First of all you can read all the documents in the Linda Ives lawsuit:  Ives Civil Complaint

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Here is a video on a development which is recorded on the date of November 27, 2017.

Judge To Review Clinton Murder Documents, Seth Rich Helps Reignite Kevin Ives Investigation.

A federal judge has ordered a private review of tightly guarded documents related to an unsolved murder of two boys covered up by local authorities 30 years ago, then governor Bill Clinton was accused of being involved with the death after he reportedly made a deal with the medical examiner accused of destroying key evidence related to the case. It is believed that teenagers Kevin Ives and Don Henry witnessed a drug operation allegedly tied to Clinton and the CIA. The mother of one of the victims recently asked the public for help in reigniting the investigation into this murder.


Here is a video which is most important in understanding how Haynes met Clinton and how he came to be a witness to the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.

Published on Feb 18, 2018

Billy Jack Haynes interview with Doc Washburn on 2-16-2018

Talks in Detail of the Murders of Don Henry & Kevin Ives in Alexander, Arkansas on August 23rd, 1987 & their bodies were then placed on railroad tracks to be run over by a train. The murders of the two boys were until now unsolved.


I am going to do a synopsis of this interview, as it is so important.  I want to stress the following is in my own words and not quoted from the video.

Doc says KTV had video footage of Haynes wrestling in Detroit two days before the boys were murdered. How did he get to be there in Arkansas at that time?

Haynes begins by saying he was born and raised for crime, as he had been abused as a young child.  He had kept his life secret until now.

While wrestling in Detroit, he had received an envelope to “call home.”  However, it had an Arkansas number.

Haynes said when he called the number, Clinton put him through a period of questioning.  Eventually he trusted it was Haynes, and asked him if he would like to do business with him the way it had been done in Florida.  Haynes told him he would.

Haynes does stumble around quite a bit in the interview, but Doc makes it clear he wants to know exactly how he went from Detroit to Arkansas to witness the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.

Doc asks how he met Clinton.  Haynes goes on to say, in 1982, he met Barry Seal, who was an American pilot who became involved in running drugs for the CIA.  When Seal trusted him, he started transporting Seal’s cargo.

In time, Seal wanted him to meet an Arkansas politician.  It turned out to be Bill Clinton, and at that time he was the Governor of Arkansas.

In 1987, he received the note while he was in Detroit.  Previously, he had met everyone at the Rose Law Firm.  He stated he had wanted to go “big time.”

After he called Clinton in 1987, Clinton briefed him on a situation that was upsetting to him.  Clinton sent him a ticket from Detroit to Little Rock on August 22, 1987.  He said Sheriff Jim Steed would pick him up at the airport and take him to the Governor’s mansion.

There he met both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and shook hands with them.  He stated Sheriff Steed stayed outside.

Clinton said someone was stealing from the drug drops in Alexander, and the Clintons wanted Haynes there to provide muscle.  They told him he should bring his wrestling mask with him.

The Clintons believed two Arkansas state police officers had stolen a million in cash from the drops.   The Clintons asked him to put a tape inside his suit and a VHS camera to film the drop to see who was stealing.

Clinton said other guys with the crew would show up, too.  Haynes asked who they were, and Clinton said Haynes had met them at the Rose Law Firm.

Clinton said that if they caught the guys who were stealing, “we would cuff them up, and put them in the van”

Then shockingly Haynes says, “Clinton told me it would be my job to beat them to death.”

Doc says, “Wow!”

Doc asks him why after 30 years later he was coming forward.  Haynes said he wanted to open a gymn and come clean.  He said he was drugged out during that time, and he had even tried to commit suicide.

In 2012, he said that Tyrone Woods, who died in Benghazi, had worked out at his gymn.  He said he then made up his mind to do the right thing and reached out to Linda Ives.

Then Haynes said all that is left is to tell you what went down.  Haynes said that his entire life had been an explosion of violence.

Going on to say that night he and Sheriff Steed sat up in the woods back from the drop.  A van came in to where the drop was.  There was flashlight communication.  A third car came in from the right with two police officers.  Next a car came in with Dan Harmon, who was high on cocaine.

Haynes took the VHS tape out.  Midnight came and the plane came in between 12 and 1am.  Haynes taped it, and nothing happened.  No one stole anything.  Haynes felt it was an inside job.

He went on to say he had accepted the Lord, and he needed to come forward to tell Linda Ives what happened to these kids.  He said he was not going to take this to his grave, and he did not care if he was killed, too.

Then he went on to after the drop, after the pickup, Kirk Lane and Jay Campbell got out of their car.

He said they talked for a while.  Then Dan Harmon got out of the car and asked who Haynes was.  The Sheriff said that he was with Bill Clinton, and that is all you need to know.

Then Dan Harmon tried to call Bill Clinton, but he could not get through due to the trees.  Then they all proceeded up to the train tracks.  Harmon then said, “hey, hey, hey!”

There were guys on the tracks.  There was a third one on a motorcycle, and Haynes heard a gunshot.  Then they took off.  Harmon called down to Sheriff Stead to get the “f…..”

(I want to say here, I do not understand “third one on a motorcycle and a gun shot.” You should listen to that for yourself.)

Then Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane took out after the boys.  They were gone for 20 minutes, and they brought the boys back over their shoulders in handcuffs and bleeding profusely.  They had been beaten with the flashlights.

It was obvious to Haynes one boy was already dead, and it was Don Henry.  They threw both down like a sack of potatoes on the train tracks.  He said Kevin Ives was vomiting blood.

At that point, the phone was held up to Haynes, and he talked to the Governor.  Haynes told the Governor no Arkansas officers had stolen from the drop, but now there were these two kids…it looks like they are dead.

The voice on the phone told Haynes there could be no witnesses.  The others repeated, “there could be no witnesses.”  At that time they took the butt of the rifle which belonged to Kevin Ives, with full force, and smashed Kevin Ives in the back of his head.

This is where the video ended.


The following is some background on some of those mentioned by Haynes in the video.

CBN News 7/29/98 Gary Lane “… But what caused Dr. Malak to arrive at such an outrageous determination of death? Then-Governor Bill Clinton said his state medical examiner was overworked and “stressed out.” Former Clinton employee and well-known Clinton critic Larry Nichols says Mr. Clinton was an accomplice in concealing the truth.But why would Mr. Clinton defend Malak, although his rulings had been questioned in more than 20 cases? Dateline NBC and The Los Angeles Times have suggested a motive. They’ve documented Fahmy Malak’s role in clearing Bill Clinton’s mother, the late Virginia Kelley, of wrongdoing in the negligent death of a teenage girl at Ouachita Memorial Hospital in 1981. The Los Angeles Times reported that Dr. Malak’s ruling helped Clinton’s mother avoid scrutiny in the death of patient Susie Deer. The Times quoted the Polaski County coroner as saying there was a lot of speculation that “Malak’s ruling in favor of Clinton’s mother was a factor” in the governor’s decision to retain him as state medical examiner. Then-Governor Clinton said he resented any implications of a connection, and the governor’s office proceeded to shut down further investigation of the train deaths. Dr. Malak was eventually removed as state medical examiner, but was given a job as a $70,000 per year consultant to the Arkansas Department of Health. Regardless, a grand jury determined that Kevin Ives and Don Henry had been murdered. But why? Who would want to kill two teens who were just out “deer spotting” on that fateful August night? . “

Email 6/1/99 Jean Duffy [Ives and Henry] “… Linda Ives did not know, at the time, that my task force’s investigation included the murders of Kevin and Don, and I did not know that by the time I left the state, Linda knew Harmon was part of the cover-up of the murders. It was not until 1994 that we met, shared information, and realized that the corruption and cover-up expanded beyond the county and state levels. We had each been contacted by the FBI after an eye witness came forward and passed a polygraph test placing Dan Harmon on the tracks(7) with Kevin and Don the night they were murdered. Linda and I were more encouraged than ever before. We had complete confidence in the FBI. By late 1994, we learned that Kevin and Don were murdered by law enforcement officials because they stumbled upon a drug drop from an airplane….. As soon as the Mena connection was made,(10) I knew the FBI investigation would be shut down.(11) The agent argued; “Who has the power to shut down the FBI.” My response; “Who, indeed.” (Bill Clinton was president by this time.) Not only was the FBI case closed, Linda and Larry Ives were told there was no evidence that a crime had even been committed…… Aside from obtaining our primary goal of exposing the murders and cover-ups, it is particularly satisfying that our non-partisan plea for justice is opening the eyes of people who once had blind-partisan-faith….* Jean Duffey: [email protected]mailto:[email protected]* Linda Ives: [email protected] mailto:[email protected]…”

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 8/5/99 Linda Satter “…The mother of one of two boys found dead on Saline County railroad tracks nearly 10 years ago, in a case that spawned two grand jury investigations but no arrests, testified Wednesday in defense of a filmmaker who made a widely distributed video about the case.Linda Ives, whose son, Kevin Ives, 17, was killed along with his friend Don Henry, 16, testified for three hours on behalf of Patrick Matrisciana of Hemet, Calif., who produced the 60-minute program Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection. It has sold about 300,000 copies. Two Pulaski County sheriff’s lieutenants, Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane, sued Matrisciana in 1997. They contended that he defamed them by mentioning their names at the end of the film, along with four other men, as “suspects implicated in Ives/Henry murders and coverups.” Campbell and Lane, who as deputies in another jurisdiction didn’t participate in the investigation of the train deaths, blame former Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Harmon for drawing them into the case. Harmon, now in prison on drug and racketeering convictions arising partly from corrupt acts he performed while in his official capacity, was a private lawyer at the time of the boys’ deaths. But he took a special interest in the case and was appointed a special prosecutor to present the case to a Saline County grand jury. Testimony this week has revealed that, unknown to the public, Harmon was the target at the time of at least one investigation into drug trafficking. Campbell and Lane, then narcotics deputies who were looking into the allegations about Harmon, contend that he heard about their investigation and cast them as suspects in the train deaths solely to taint their credibility and thwart their investigation….”

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 8/5/99 Linda Satter “…Ives acknowledged Wednesday that Harmon called her the day before Campbell and Lane were to appear before a grand jury and told her that “the killers” would appear before the grand jury the next day. Ives said she trusted Harmon at the time, but she has since come to include him among the list of suspects in the boys’ deaths and ensuing coverup….The video was released in 1996 before Harmon’s convictions. They [plaintiffs] say the allegations have damaged their personal and professional reputations. But Matrisciana, using the First Amendment as a defense, contends that the two sources he relied on to make the film — Linda Ives and a former Saline County deputy prosecutor, Jean Duffey — both believed the video was accurate when they made it. Thus, Matrisciana contends, he cannot be found to have had a “reckless disregard for the truth” and thus be guilty of libel. …..”

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 8/5/99 Linda Satter “…Among the information that has emerged is that John Brown, who reopened the investigation as an investigator under a new Saline County sheriff, Judy Pridgen, took a handwritten “confession” in May 1993 from Sharline Wilson, who once dated Harmon. Though she would later recant her statement, Wilson named Harmon and two other men, one of whom was later killed, as having had a role in beating and stabbing the boys to death before laying their bodies across the tracks. Brown testified Tuesday that he corroborated “85 percent” of what Wilson told him…..”

8/6/99 Alan Fram Linda Satter Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “…At the center of allegations that two undercover officers participated in the 1987 killings of two Saline County boys is a Little Rock man who left the federal courts building in Little Rock this week with a “scared look” in his eyes and hasn’t been seen since, a defense attorney said Thursday. John Wesley Hall Jr., who is representing Patrick Matrisciana of Hemet, Calif., in a federal defamation lawsuit, made those assertions Thursday in seeking permission to introduce normally unallowable “hearsay evidence” of what the missing witness, Ronnie Godwin, once said. U.S. District Judge Warren K. Urbom of Lincoln, Neb., who is presiding over the trial as a visiting judge, told Hall he would rule on the question as the defense case nears an end, if Godwin still hasn’t been found by a private detective that Hall hired Tuesday. Godwin had been subpoenaed as a plaintiff’s witness but left the courthouse this week after being excused without testifying. Hall said that Godwin claimed to have been “followed” from the building…..”

8/6/99 Alan Fram Linda Satter Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “…Linda Ives, the mother of one of the slain boys, Kevin Ives, 17, testified earlier Thursday that Godwin claimed in 1987 to have seen two men grab Ives and his friend, Don Henry, 16, outside the Ranchette grocery store in Alexander and beat them, then forced them into a police car on the night they were killed. Godwin’s description of the two assailants matched those of Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane, then undercover narcotics officers for the Pulaski County sheriff’s office. However, a police report states that Godwin admitted he’d been drinking before stopping at the store where the two boys allegedly ran to a pay telephone to seek help and were grabbed. Police also quoted Godwin’s mother as saying he can’t be believed when he’s been drinking….”

8/6/99 Alan Fram Linda Satter Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “…Ives testified that she believes Campbell and Lane killed her son and Henry, based on Godwin’s remarks, corroboration from another man named “Gerry” and remarks of John Brown of Mabelvale, a former Saline County detective who looked into the boys’ deaths years later under a new sheriff, Judy Pridgen. Campbell and Lane, now sheriff’s office lieutenants, are suing Matrisciana for defaming them at the end of a 60-minute videotape, Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection, that Matrisciana produced in 1996…. Brown, while acknowledging that he had heard the “Campbell and Lane scenario,” as the allegations are known, testified this week that he didn’t personally investigate the claims or develop Campbell or Lane as suspects. He said the women knew that, and that he warned Matrisciana that “any such statement was uncorroborated and I did not think there was anything to it.” Brown said he told the filmmaker that he “should not implicate Jay Campbell or Kirk Lane. … If he makes such statements, he could be sued.”…”

8/6/99 Alan Fram Linda Satter Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “… Campbell and Lane say Harmon tried to paint them as suspects because, unbeknownst to the public at the time, they were investigating drug-trafficking allegations against him, and he had found that out and wanted to discredit them. Harmon is now in prison on drug and racketeering charges. Brown’s testimony supported that assertion. He said Harmon “sidetracked me to them, and to other people, saying, ‘Have you checked them out?’ ” Hall asked, “Did he do anything to interfere with your investigation?” Brown replied, “Anything and everything that he could, yes sir.”…”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 8/10/99 Linda Satter “…A federal jury awarded more than half a million dollars Monday to two Pulaski County sheriff’s lieutenants after finding that a California filmmaker defamed them in a film about the deaths of two Saline County boys in 1987. After three hours of deliberation Friday, followed by seven hours Monday, the seven-woman, five-man panel returned a unanimous verdict against Patrick Matrisciana of Hemet, Calif. They found that in his 1996 documentary, Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection, Matrisciana libeled veteran sheriff’s deputies Jay Campbell, 38, and Kirk Lane, 37, in accusing them and four other law enforcement officials of murdering the boys and covering it up. The other officials, also named at the end of the film, have not sued…..”

www.kark.com 8/12/99 Kim Miller “…During the last week, Sharline Wilson was referred to by investigators as an eyewitness to a 1987 Saline County murder that remains unsolved. Now, Sharline Wilson has told News4 what she knows about the mysterious deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. Wilson says she cannot directly connect anyone with the murders of the boys–whose bodies were found on railroad tracks. But she says she dropped then-prosecutor Dan Harmon off near the tracks that night, and waited while he went to pick up a drug drop. She says that when Harmon returned, he had blood on his pants–as if he had wiped his hands on them. Wilson says that her later testimony about Harmon’s involvement with drugs got her into trouble. “In 1992, I was arrested by Dan Harmon and the 7th Judicial District Drug Task Force on some little old drug charges that should have never ever brought me 32 years in prison,” she said. Wilson claims no one believes her because she was high at the time of the incident and because she has a history of drug use. Wilson says anything else she knows about the case is hearsay. As for Dan Harmon, he chose not to comment on the murders. He is serving time in an Illinois prison on drug charges….”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – Page 5B (PDF format only) 1/5/00 Linda Satter “…..A jury’s verdict in August that a California filmmaker defamed two Pulaski County sheriff’s lieutenants and must pay them nearly $600,000 won’t be thrown out, a federal judge said in an order released Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Warren K. Urbom of Lincoln, Neb., who presided at the trial this summer in Little Rock, said evidence showed that in making the 1996 documentary, Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection, filmmaker Patrick Matrisciana acted with reckless disregard for the truth. Urbom said that demonstrated ‘actual malice’ and thus was reason to uphold the verdict……. “

I want to say I believe Haynes, and this is the most shocking conversation I have ever heard.  I cannot imagine what Linda Ives must have felt to discover how her son died.

I had mentioned earlier that Linda Ives had reached out to President Trump and QAnon for help.  The following link is where I discovered this.


“Copied and pasted from the Justice for Kevin Ives and Don Henry FB page. The link to Amazon is a banned domain, so I’ve put a space in that link, and if you want to see it you’ll need to paste it in yourself and remove the space.


Hey guys: this was my absolute last resort and I really, really do not want to do it, but I’ve decided to make this group request-only due to the number of people joining just to spam the group. I sincerely apologize for the irresponsibility of a few opportunists, but Facebook is really not helping me at all with this…. If you’d like to join, be assured I will answer your requests promptly. Thank you all kindly, and again, I apologize profusely for it having to be this way. -Meghan

In the early morning hours of August 23, 1987, a 75-car long Union Pacific train was approaching the small city of Bryant, Arkansas during a regular nightly run from Texarkana to Little Rock. Just after 4:00 AM, the crew noticed a “dark spot” on the track just beyond a railroad trestle. When the engineer had finally determined what the mysterious shape on the tracks was and had thrown on the locomotive’s emergency brakes—leaning all the while on the horn—it was too late. The bodies of local teenagers Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, had been run over and mangled by the passing train, whose crew was helpless to stop it. The crew reported that the boys were lying across the tracks in a “completely relaxed state”, arms at their sides, upon impact, and that they had not moved a “flinch”, even when the three locomotives of the mile-long train were seconds away from them.

The state medical examiner initially ruled that the boys had smoked over 20 marijuana cigarettes, laid across the tracks, and had fallen into a deep sleep resulting from the “psychadelic effects of THC.” Only after the boys’ bodies were exhumed and autopsied by an independent, out-of-state examiner was it discovered that Henry and Ives had actually been dead and unconscious, respectively, before they had even been run over by the train. What would unravel over the next 20 years would be a series of lies, coverups, obstructions and miscarriages of justice—and even death—that would haunt the grieving Ives and Henry families for decades.

Whatever happened that dark Sunday morning, Kevin and Don clearly walked upon something they were not supposed to have seen. And local, state, and federal authorities seem to know just what that “something” is.

Twenty years have passed without the Ives and Henry families gaining the answers and closure they need. Let’s be an informed, active public who will see that those 20 years don’t become 30.



http://www. amazon.com/Boys-Tracks-Mara-Leveritt/dp/0979189608/ref=sr_11_1?ie


*This case was featured in an October 1988 episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” and is usually available on such sites as YouTube and AOL Video. The segment is also available on the “Bizarre Murders” series of the released Unsolved Mysteries DVD collection which may be found on Amazon.com. A professionally-produced documentary on the case, “Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection” is available.


Here is a link you might want to check out:  https://www.facebook.com/justiceforkevinanddon/posts/177021066368710

I, also, found this from Reddit:


“Do you like conspiracies? This rabbit hole runs deep:

The murdered boys apparently witnessed illegal activities by members of a group involved in a massive conspiracy involving some of the most powerful organizations and ruthless people in the world – including the CIA, Mossad, Mafia, and elements within the governments of the US, Israel, Panama, El Salvador, Iran and others.

A few of the Key players in this vast conspiracy allegedly included: VP George W. Bush; AR Gov. Bill (and Hillary?) Clinton; Panama dictator Colonel Manuel Noriega and his close associate Michael Harari, an agent for the Israeli Mossad.

At the time, Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport was a central hub for clandestine operations, used to circumvent Customs and Border Patrol scrutiny.

Cargo being Flown into the Mena airport from Panama were Drugs and “Contra Rebel” soldiers from El Salvador who were brought in for training in secret US facilities. The drugs would move into the US black market, and soldiers who had finished training were shipped back to Panama, along with cash and weaponry.

On Jun 21, 1991, Richard J. Brenneke gave a sworn oral deposition before US Congressman William Alexander Jr and Chad Farris, Chief Deputy Attorney General for the state of Arkansas. Brenneke answered questions regarding the role the role he played related to CIA operations at Mena airport.

Below are a few snippets from that deposition:

Joint Investigation by Arkansas State Attorney General’s Office and The United States Congress


  1. So you were an independent contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency?
  2. That’s correct.
  3. Beginning when and through what years?
  4. 1968 through about 1986, somewhere in 1985, ‘86 is when I called it off.
  5. So what services did you perform for the Central Intelligence Agency?
  6. Specialized in two activities; I handled money for them, I handled East Bloc weapons purchases primarily made in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.


  1. Did you ever pilot an aircraft to a location at Mena, Arkansas?
  2. Yes, sir. I did on a number of occasions.
  3. And what aircraft did you fly into Mena?
  4. I generally flew a C 130. Aircraft would be brought into Mena, the first trips that I made started in early ’84.
  5. I see. Were you based out of Mena for a period of time?
  6. That would be a very appropriate description.
  7. How many flights would you say that you made from the Mena, Arkansas airport for the CIA during the period of time that you worked for them?
  8. Ten to twelve.
  9. Ten to twelve flights. And you flew a C 130?
  10. Generally flew a C 130. I did, however, on occasion come in — on one occasion specifically I recall coming in on a Lear Jet, on one occasion on a 400 Series Cessna.


  1. Allright. Now, Mr. Brenneke, could you tell us when you first made a flight for the CIA from Mena, Arkansas?
  2. It would have been March, April of 1984.
  3. 1984. And what was the cargo that you transported for the CIA from Mena?
  4. From Mena?
  5. Yes.
  6. Okay. From Mena I would take people who had been trained in the area around Mena, generally paramilitary or military forces from Central America. They would be taken back to Panama City, where I would drop them. And, in addition to that, we would carry weapons that were being shipped down there. The weapons, as I’ve said, frequently came either from government stores or through Tamiami Gun Shop in Miami, Florida.


  1. Now, can you identify for the record some of the kinds of guns that were being shipped from Mena to Central America?
  2. M l’s, M l rifles, recoil — small recoilless rifles, 106, I’ve forgotten the exact caliber on it, grenades, ammunition for these weapons, fuses, detonator fuses. And I remember that one very specifically because it only happened once. But we had detonator fuses on board, and my concern was that we might have the equipment being detonated on the same flight, and I didn’t want that.


  1. I see. So as I understand it, they would load the guns and munitions on the C 130, and you and a co pilot, one of whom you’ve identified as Harry Rupp —
  2. Uh huh.
  3. — would fly these munitions and equipment to locations in Central America. Where was the cargo destined for? Where did you fly it to?
  4. We flew it to Panama City and offloaded it there.
  5. Do you remember where in Panama City?
  6. Panama — at Tecuman Airport.


  1. Now, could — were the shipments met by people in Panama?
  2. Yes, they were. They were met by military types who wore military uniforms and were easily identified as members of the Panamanian Defense Force, which essentially is the Palace Guard.
  3. Allright. Do you know any of the people? Did you recognize any of the PDF forces that met these shipments’
  4. I recognized them — I did not know the names of all of them; however, I did know the name of the man who trained them, and he would frequently be there to meet the shipments, and he is a man by the name of Michael Harari.
  5. Who is Michael Harari?
  6. Mike Harari was a Mossad agent. He’s an Israeli national. My best understanding is he lives in Israel right now. He was Manuel Noriega’s partner in a number of business deals in Panama. I know that firsthand because I had to deal with him.


  1. Now, you would stay a night or a couple of days and you returned. And would you return with a cargo?
  2. Yes, sir, we would. We would come back with individuals, and from time to time unmarked boxes of items that were put in the aircraft along with the individuals. Now, being conservative by nature and not having a death wish, I opened the boxes on a number of occasions to find out what I was flying. And what —
  3. What did you discover the cargo to be?
  4. I found the cargo to be cocaine, in some cases marijuana.
  5. Now, would you describe what you saw when you opened the boxes?
  6. What I saw when I opened the boxes were plastic bags filled with a white powdery substance. On one occasion I wanted to know more about what it was, so I cut one of them open and tasted it, and I have tasted cocaine in a controlled environment before at the request of law enforcement officials, so this —
  7. So you positively identified the substances that you were carrying as cocaine?
  8. Yes, sir, I did.
  9. How much cocaine would you judge that you were carrying?
  10. In the course of time there?
  11. Well, in each load?
  12. In each load, 4 to 600 pounds.


  1. Now, what would you do with the load of cocaine once it was loaded onto your C-130; where would you go with it?
  2. We would bring it to Mena, Arkansas.


  1. And when you landed at Mena, what would be the disposition of the cargo.
  2. On one or two occasions the cargo was taken off by people who were not residents of the Mena area and put into other aircraft which departed from there. However, the most frequent activity was that the aircraft would be unloaded in front of Rich Mountain Aviation’s hangers and it would be stored in the back of the hanger.


  1. And go back in your mind to the first trip you took and describe to me the disposition of the cargo; that is, the cocaine, once it returned to Arkansas, once it was delivered to Arkansas? And I am especially I am particularly interested in the identification of persons other than Freddie Hampton. You’ve talked about Freddie Hampton. You’ve identified him. Can you identify other people who might have received this cocaine?
  2. Yes. I can identify people who in fact received the cocaine, not “might have.” And —
  3. Can you tell us who they were?
  4. I can tell you that they were members of John Gotti’s [crime] family in New York. One of them was an individual known to me by the name of Sal Reale.


  1. And how did you know Mr. Reale?
  2. Mr. Reale at that time was the Director of — I believe it was that time, was the Director of Security for Kennedy International Airport in New York City.
  3. In New York City. Speak to the subject of your knowledge of Mr. Reale and his activities as the head of security at Kennedy? Tell us what you know about him and what he did?
  4. Okay. Mr. Reale was a — was one of Mr. Gotti’s lieutenants. I watched the two of them interact. Mr. Gotti would provide directions, Mr. Reale would carry them out. It was his job to make sure that cargo being shipped through Kennedy was not lost, but properly located, and in some cases avoiding customs — avoided the customs procedures.
  5. Are you saying that you saw Mr. John Gotti, the famous bead of the organized crime syndicate, in New York together with Mr. Reale?
  6. Yes, sir, I did.


  1. So you worked for Mr. Gotti as well as for the CIA?
  2. Actually the CIA told me to do that on his behalf.
  3. So the CIA was in, would you say, partnership or association with Mr. Gotti?
  4. Yes, sir. I would say a partnership.
  5. And can you describe the nature of that partnership?
  6. Sure. The organized crime members had a need for two things; they needed drugs brought into the country on a reliable, safe basis, they needed people taken out of the country or people brought into the country without alerting customs or INS to the fact that they were being brought into the country, they also needed their money taken offshore so that it would not be subject to United States tax where they might have to declare its source. And so we performed these kinds of functions for them.
  7. Mr. Brenneke, are you saying that the CIA was in the business of bringing drugs into the United States?
  8. Yes, sir. That’s exactly what I’m saying.”


The above says what most of us have known, but it is a validation to see it in an actual testimony.

I pray that we are about to witness a testimony by Billy Jack Haynes, which will open up a door to a hidden world…or actually not hidden to many of us…but one which has not been truly shown to the public until now.

I know that Linda Ives finds this bittersweet, as it is finally a truth discovered….one that she finds difficult to fathom.  Her worst fears have been validated, and now she must live knowing what her precious son endured at the end of his life.  Only God understands what she is truly feeling, and only God can comfort her.  May Linda Ives and Billy Jack Haynes be surrounded by God’s great army of angels.  In the days to come, I pray we will all know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is time.


TLB published this original article by Ruby Henley from IWB. Our sincere gratitude to Ruby and the IWB staff for making this report available. 

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