Urgent warning – please spread this message

Why people will start dying a few months after the first mRNA "vaccinations"


by Jon Davy

Dolores Cahill, a Professor of University College Dublin, received her degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin (1989) and her PhD in Immunology from Dublin City University in 1994.

She is a highly qualified expert in her field and knows what she is talking about, so for God’s sake, please watch this video, understand what she has laid her career and life on the line to warn us about and do everything you can to relay this warning to as many people as possible.

Their lives may, literally, depend upon you getting this information to them in time to give them a chance to refuse the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA pseudo vaccines.

This is not a warning about vaccines in general, but about the mRNA so-called vaccines because they are not in fact vaccines. Calling them vaccines has been a deliberate deception by government ministers and the Eugenics industry.

They are experimental biochemical agents of unkown short-, medium- and long-term effects that the government is very very keen to inject into its citizens.

Prof Cahill explains how these agents alter the way the immune system is programmed to work so that if some time after having been “vaccinated”, the person comes into contact with a Coronavirus (Covid, flu, the common cold) their body will trigger a WORSE reaction to the virus.

People will get much sicker than they would have done when they came into contact with such viruses.

As a result, many will die.

The alteration to the body at cellular level, so far as we know at this stage, is irreversible. This is, in essence, genetic modification of the human organism.

A few months down the line this coming year, if any of the coronaviruses or one of their routine mutatations make an appearance, people who have been injected with the mRNAs will start experiencing a severe negative response.

The toll this will take on the frail and elderly in particular will be dire, although we will see a serious rise in deaths among any demographic subjected to the government’s “vaccination” program.

This will be covered up, smoke-screened and explained away like no crime has been covered up before. The nutjobs responsible cannot under any circumstances afford to be exposed because the humanitarian crimes involved here are huge.

So we will need to keep a close eye on what happens and be very alert for:

A surge in deaths and very serious illnesses that will be blamed on a “new, virulent mutation” of the virus or some such thing (COVID 21??). The question will need to be continually asked:  how many of those people have had the mRNAs?

Bear in mind here that this ruse has already been tried and tested by another branch of the Eugenics industry, the psychopharmacy.

People are disagnosed with a made-up illness called “depression” for example, which is due to an alleged but never proven “chemical imbalance in the brain”.

They are given antidepressants. The antidressants have many side effects that include suicide or violent impulses. So the medicated person becomes violent or suicidal (ie gets worse) and instead of looking at the “treatment” (the experimental biochemical agents) they were given, their deterioration is explained away as “the illness was much worse than we thought!”

So expect a similar ruse to be pulled with the MRNAs.

Having said that, the question will be asked, “How come people vaccinated are dying from the thing they were vaccinated against?”

One way of anwering that will be the, “this is a new more virulent strain resistant to the vaccine!” gambit.

On the other hand, the WHO has already paved the way for this anomoly by announcing that the vaccines do not actually make you immune but merely suppress symptoms and we are back to the “my God this was a more virulent strain that we thought!” excuse.

Notice, by the way, how the goal posts have been moved here. Remember how once upon a time we were taught that a vaccine made you immune to a disease? It was simple – at least we were led to believe so: you had a polio jab and you were immune to polio. But now if you have a jab for COVID 19, it does not actually make you immune, it just helps suppress the symptoms when you catch it.

As prof Cahill explains, it is easy for an autopsy to distinguish whether the person died of a Coronavirus infection or a severe auto-immune adverse reaction occasioned by the booby-trapped vaccines. Expect therefore all manner of reasons to be found to prevent proper autopsies being done.

Proper autopsies will settle the matter. Any effort to inhibit, discourage, disparage or prevent the carrying out of autopsies on people who die after having been vaccinated is a red flag and almost certainly an indicator of hidden crimes.

So be alert. Expose this through every avenue available to you.

And do not take these injections. If you must take any at all, take the non-mRNA ones.

Better still, use known cures such as Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin.

Or vits D and C and Zinc.

There are plenty of other options.

Your life may depend on it.

First featured on UK Reloaded 



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  1. WHAT does a gp earn a year ?? 50 60 70 80 ?K they will be eased of of their job .. same as all the ones that know and are saying nothing .. paying for fancy car house kids in private school .. dont they know in the end there will be no use for them or their kids and theyttoo will be on the train with yellow star ..

  2. This might be considered a silly question by many for me it’s a very serious one Why are our general practitioners well nearly all in the medical field going along with this?

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