Vaccines: Are You a Conspiracy Theorist … Or a Critical Thinker?

are vaccines a conspiracy?

Conspiracy Theorist or Critical Thinker?

By TLB Contributing Author: Lori

The air is turning crisp and the leaves are starting to show off the red, orange and yellow hues of fall. I love this time of year. The smell of fall is just starting to come into the air as well.

This week I was called a conspiracy theorist by a family member because of my views on vaccines. I laughed at this. Lets take a look at what they consider a conspiracy theory and then we’ll look at the facts.

Conspiracy Theory – Vaccines contain toxins.

Fact – Vaccines do contain toxins.  As you can see by the the vaccine ingredient  list that they contain toxins that if a parent gave those to their child orally they would charged with child endangerment and more than likely loose custody of their child. But, if those ingredients are put into a syringe and labeled a “vaccine” then its OK.

In fact, Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services has codes for poisoning by vaccination.

Conspiracy Theory – Vaccines don’t cause injury.

Fact – Vaccines can & do cause vaccine injury. You can search the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and see all of the injuries and deaths. Over $3 BILLION has been paid out for vaccine injuries since 1986.

Conspiracy Theory – Doctors don’t receive kickbacks for pushing vaccines.

Fact – Doctors do in fact receive kickbacks from insurance companies for pushing vaccines. The more patients that have gone through the series and are fully up to date, the more money they make.

In fact, hospital face decline in insurance payments if their doctors and nurses haven’t had their flu shot for the season.

The pay for performance program does increase vaccination rates in offices that push vaccinations.

Pay for performance has spread globally.

Conspiracy Theory – If I don’t vaccinate my child, herd immunity will go down.

Fact – I showed in a blog article that herd immunity is a myth. Russell Blaylock showed in an article that herd immunity thru immunization  is a deadly impossibility. The Oxford Journal says that over 90% of kids are immunized but only 20-65% of adults are fully up to date. So, herd immunity is an impossibility because the number of adults who are not up to date far outnumber the number of kids who are not up to date.

Conspiracy Theory – There is no money in vaccinations.

Fact – Big pharma and doctors do make money on vaccinations. The amount of money that is made on your child is staggering.

First off, lets see how much money your doctor makes

Now, lets look at how much money Big Pharma is making.

Conspiracy Theory – Dr. Wakefield said that vaccines cause autism.

Fact – He NEVER said this. Investigative journalist Brian Deer and the media said this. However, if you read his paper (which I have done many times), you will see that he never says that. What is said in the conclusion:

“We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue.”

There are 13 doctors that co-authored this paper.

It was NOT just Dr. Wakefield. The Lancet is in contempt of court for not reinstating the paper.

Conspiracy Theory – There is no CDC whistle blower and documents proving there is a cover up of data.

Fact – The movie Vaxxed shows that there is a whistle blower. You can actually download and see the documents  for yourself. They were obtained through the Freedom of Information act. I’ve been working on trying to upload these to this blog so they will be easier to see.

Conspiracy Theory – Anti vaxxers are the reason why diseases are returning.

Fact – Death rates from diseases death rates from diseases were on their way down when the vaccines came out. Even diseases that had no vaccine for them like scarlet ever and typhoid. Better water, better food and better sanitation (we weren’t dumping sewage in the streets).

Currently there is a mumps outbreaks in Arkansas. There are zero mumps cases  in unvaccinated kids.  Zero – none – zilch.

Conspiracy Theory – If I don’t vaccinate my child, they can’t attend school.

Fact – No shots, no school = Not True. Unless you live in California, West Virginia or Mississippi there are exemptions available to parents to opt their kids out of vaccinations for school. You can obtain the necessary paperwork , fill it out and then fill it out in front of a notary. You do not have to state a specific religion in order to obtain a religious exemption. I put Christian on the religious exemption form when I filed it out for our kids. They both attended public school and had zero vaccinations.

Conspiracy Theory – Merck is not in federal court for lying about the efficacy of the mumps vaccine.

Fact – Merck is in federal court for lying about the efficacy of the mumps vaccine. They used rabbit blood to boost the efficacy.

Conspiracy Theory – Vaccines have been tested and are shown to be safe and effective.

Fact – 19 vaccines have aluminum in them and the aluminum adjuvant has never been tested for safety in vaccines.

A study has come out that shows a link between aluminum & Alzheimer’s .

And no study has shown that the current schedule is safe.

And there has been no studies between the health of unvaccinated vs vaccinated.

They mention Dr. Paul Thorsen in the above video. He is on the FBI’s most wanted list for embezzlement.

Conspiracy Theory –  Doctors go to school for years so they know what they are talking about.

Fact – Doctors spend about 2 hours learning about vaccines in medical school. They are learning about the schedule. They spend no time learning about the side affects, the ingredients or the side affects of those ingredients.

Conspiracy Theory – People who are anti vaccine are not seeing the scientific backing of vaccines.

Fact – Those of us who are anti vaccine know that vaccines cause harm. Even the late Dr. Andrew Moulden said vaccines cause ischemic strokes .

I know that I’ve only touched on the facts that the pro vaccine community uses to say we are anti science but these are the commonly used ones.



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  1. “with child endangerment and more than likely loose custody of their child.”

    This is when I stopped reading. Seriously, do some proofreading. I hate reading comments with blatant spelling and grammar errors. But when the article has them I just quit reading. And I agree with the writer regarding vaccines!

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