Vaccines Do Irreparable Harm: Study from Poland

_67005374_002720584-1[1]By:  Heidi Stevenson

A new scientific review from Poland discusses irreparable harm done by vaccines. This review addresses the issue in terms of adverse effects, immune system effects, neurological symptoms following vaccination, and a history of vaccines demonstrating little benefit. It centers mostly on studies not often referenced in the western world, providing fresh and broad-ranging information. An honest reading of the study can leave little doubt that harm done may be extensive and often permanent.

Adverse Effects

Different systems of defining types of vaccination adverse events include dividing between immune system and nonimmune system, or classifying according to whether they’re local, general, shortly after vaccination, or develop more slowly. Regardless of how they’re distinguished, the authors state:

Reports in many Polish and foreign medical journals lead us to conclude that postvaccinal complications among children can be observed in sporadic cases and that they are disproportionate to the benefits of vaccination in the elimination of dangerous diseases in childhood.

Their study leaves little doubt that vaccines produce serious risks that are entirely out of line with any benefits gained.

They first point out that several adverse effects that occur shortly after vaccination are acknowledged by Polish law. These include:

  • Local reactions, including:
    • local reactions after the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine
    • swelling
    • lymphadenopathy
    • abscess at the injection site
  • Postvaccinal adverse events of the central nervous system:
    • encephalopathy
    • febrile convulsions
    • non-febrile convulsions
    • paralytic poliomyelitis caused by vaccine virus
    • encephalitis
    • meningitis
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Other adverse events following immunization:
    • joint pain
    • hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode
    • fever above 39°C
    • thrombocytopenia
    • continuous inconsolable crying

Likely major post-vaccine neurological complications, which usually ensue more than 48 hours after vaccination, tend to be permanent nerve damage to the central nervous system, including seizures (especially if there is no increase in body temperature), hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes, postvaccinal encephalitis, postvaccinal encephalopathy, and autism.

Immune System Effects

A neonate’s immune system does not function in the same manner as an adult’s, and it does not reach maturity until about age 3 years. The neonate’s humoral immune system—the part that functions through antibodies—comes directly from the mother. Associated with the immunoglobulin IgG that’s provided by the mother, it starts about 6 months before birth, and disappears by about 6 months after birth.

Graph - Immunoglobulin Levels in NeonateAutonomously-produced antibodies are called immunoglobulins. While the fetus starts to develop some immunoglobulin before birth, it takes time, in most instances more than a year, to reach maturity. The graph to the right shows the pace at which IgG from the mother increases and decreases, and the rate at which a neonate starts to produce its own, plus IgM, IgA, and IgD.

Because of a neonate’s existing antibodies from the mother, vaccination against some microorganisms simply does not provide any lasting protection for newborns. The authors state:

It is well established that early-life immune responses are weaker and of shorter duration than elicited in immunologically mature hosts. Consequently, vaccine efficacy in early infancy (particularly in the first 6 months of age) is limited.

They go on to state that:

[E]xperimental evidence clearly shows, that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants, or repeated stimulation of the immune system by the same antigen can overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity.

The common practice of administering more than one adjuvant at a time or repeatedly injecting the same antigen can produce autoimmune disorders.

They further point out that the toxicity of adjuvants can produce a range of adverse reactions.

The manner in which the body responds to vaccines is not well understood. It is, though, believed that the Th1 pathway is sacrificed in favor of the Th2 pathway. This is believed to lead to development of allergies in infants. Allergy, a life-threatening condition that was once rare, is now known to exist in at least 35%, possibly as many as 40%, of children. It has become one of the most serious health concerns in Europe.

The authors cite a study documenting that a natural chicken pox infection protects against asthma and atopic dermatitis in children, but the vaccine does not.

They state that:

[A]nnual vaccination against influenza has been shown to hamper the development of virus-specific CD8+T-cell immunity in children.

And then point out:

[I]t appears that the necessary Th1/Th2 balance is better provided by natural challenges (i.e., in a form of relatively benign childhood diseases such as chickenpox and mumps) rather than vaccination.

Recent research by Singh of the International Institute for Brain Research in the USA confirm the veracity of this statement. In the study, serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) were analyzed in terms of viral and autoimmune markers in patients with autism compared with a group of healthy children

Antibodies in Normal Vs Autistic Children

Antibodies in Normal Vs Autistic Children (from Singh et al)

The table to the left, which the authors reprinted from the Singh study, shows differences in antibody levels they found between normal and autistic children. Notice that autistic children have a significantly higher vaccine measles virus antibody load than normal children, though the differences in mumps and rubella antibodies does not reach a significant level, and the high p-values for them bear that out.

A p-value approaching 1.0 indicates that the results could readily have been reached accidentally. (Note: HHV-6 refers to human herpes virus-6.)

Singh et al also found significantly elevated levels of the IL-2, IL-12, and IFN-γ cytokines, indicators of an elevated inflammatory response, along with acute phase proteins, also indicative of inflammation.

These raised inflammation profiles are significant because subtle changes in the developing brains of autistic children have been found to be caused by autoimmune reactions leading to changes in the myelin sheath (a protective layer around nerves). This could lead to impairment in the brains of autistic children, resulting in problems with speech, communication, social action, and other neurological problems.

Partial Conclusion

At this point in their review, the authors point out that vaccines, which are used to “train” the immune system, lower its threshold of defense responses against development of infectious diseases. This leads to questions, including:

  • How can the immature, still developing immune and central nervous systems of a healthy child respond to such intense stimulation?
  • Can these immature systems respond with the same protective effect to so many different stimuli?
  • Do multi-antigen vaccine side effects change as compared to single-antigen vaccinations, and if so, how?

They go on to state:

[A] burgeoning body of evidence shows that immune molecules play integral roles in CNS development, affecting processes such as neurogenesis, neuronal migration, axon guidance, synaptic connectivity and synaptic plasticity. Despite the dogma that peripheral immune responses do not affect CNS function, substantial evidence points exactly to the contrary. Thus, it is not reasonable to assume that manipulation of the immune system through an increasing number of vaccinations during critical periods of brain development will not result in adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes.

“[I]t is not reasonable to assume that manipulation of the immune system through an increasing number of vaccinations during critical periods of brain development will not result in adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes.”


Clearly, these authors are stating that vaccines carry the potential to do tremendous harm.



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22 Comments on Vaccines Do Irreparable Harm: Study from Poland

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  2. Hello Everyone.. happy day!!!
    It is obvious that we have highly intelligent people making comments here:-)
    What is unbelievable for little old me is that the conversations at times go so far off the track. For me (a mom) it is simple … it is a risk assessment!!!! My husband and I have done the research (we are not just sheep on either side of the argument)… the amount of even just a couple of the ingredients in the vaccines can be harmful. Then there are risk to babies that are not breast fed… or how about a baby that has not been breast fed, was exposed to high levels of fluoride and had a weakened immunue systme but the visit at the doctor’s office was just too fast to truly see / understand the health of that particular child. To mass vaccinate babies / children / adults without truly understanding the individuals health status is wrong. Each of us are different and each of us have sensitivities. I think most people spend more time researching the next car they will buy vs. the ‘potential’ hazards of vaccines. But than again the info isn’t exactly readily available. I am a numbers person so for me I would like to know in my region – of the last several children to be diagnosed with measels, mumps etc etc., just how many of those were vaccinated for that very same thing. Why not make that info. readily available.. why do I have to jump through hoops.
    It is our job as a parent to make the VERY BEST choices for our children in every aspect of their life but we need access to ALL the info!!!!!
    Hugs for you all… I think you need it 🙂

  3. in 1980 there were 2,600,000 deaths from measles every year. in 2011 there were 158,000 deaths. all correlated with a rise in use of the measles vaccine. Again, in 1980 over 7000 deaths a day, in 2011 fewer than 450 death a day. 2 and a half million fewer people dying every year, because of the vaccine. mostly children. perhaps it is time for you to start thinking, yourself

  4. Thanks for a lovely link! I think its pretty clear that they never implicated the MMR vaccine but this is rather how it was interpreted and Wakefield was clearly in a smear campaign that ruined his credibilty and career.

    Quote”The study does not look at whether the children were vaccinated with the triple mumps measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine. And an accompanying editorial advises against jumping to any hasty conclusions about MMR causing either the bowel disease or the developmental disorder, or its being responsible for all cases of autism and/or inflammatory bowel disease.

    The editorial concludes that there is evidence that developmental disorders are associated with some disturbance in the interaction between the brain and the gut, and that the study findings warrant attention. But the authors say that several critical questions need to be answered before any potential link with MMR can be proved, including whether the measles virus
    was the same strain as that used in the vaccine.” unquote

    I think its also reasonable to suggest that data and findings can and are falsified all the time based on whose doing the publishing and what they want you to believe/know. We’d be naive to believe that the data published is above reproach.

    And to your last comment that is exactly the point! There is nothing to suggest that vaccines dont cause long term damage! Just look at the SV40 virus (from polio vaccine) and cancer

  5. Fair enough about Wakefield, although I thought he made a press release along those lines as well as having his methodology shone to be severely flawed in his study.

    Ah I just found it the second paper in 2002 was the Wakefield paper linking the vaccine and autism.

    On the subject of vaccines working I am pretty sure I have seen large scale epidemiological studies done on the short term and mid length term benefits of them I will see if I can find any of them and link them a bit later today. Long term studies are more challenging since a lot of the initial vaccine recipients are just getting to the 60+ age range.

  6. I love the quote Aydren! Very apt! The premise that the un-vaccinated leave the vaccinated at greater risk is based on the assumption the vaccines are indeed the reason that disease has declined. That has not been proven yet it is a commonly held BELIEF (read not fact) I think there is alot to be said for hand washing, the availablity of food, sanitation, better housing etc.
    Another point is that Dr Wakefield NEVER published an anti-vaccine paper. All he said in his paper (he’s a gastro- enterologist) was that in the gut lining of autistic children with intussiception, all had the measles virus in common and that FURTHER INVESTIGATION IS WARRANTED! That was it. There was NO suggestion that MMR caused autism but in the game of broken telephone a lot has been said. The CDC said publicly now that vaccines have the potential to cause “autism like” symptoms.
    Ive never asserted that vaccines cause autism. Being in the healthcare field I am acutely aware that all that all that glitters is not gold and that pharmaceutical companies make billions off ill health. I respect that this argument is never going to be black and white due to its emotional nature. I respect your views even if I don’t agree with them

  7. Your right to swing your fist ends where the other man’s nose begins
    -Oliver Wendell Holmes jr. Supreme Court justice

    Meaning you have the freedom to do almost anything you want in the USA or other countries with similar ideas on freedom so long as it doesn’t cause harm to others. Not vaccinating can and often does lead to the injury of others so it boils down to which is more important. Your freedom not to vaccinate or my freedom not to have a significant risk of infection?

  8. I do apologize for the aggravated tone but people who use and misuse “science” for evil such as those like wakefield( the only researcher who published an anti vaccine paper whose name I remember.) irritate me. As a physicist myself I am intimately aware that science is not always right, that is the reason we test and retest things a variety of ways. If the theory is better than other proposed theories than it will hold up under repeated and close scrutiny. Most studies related to not vaccinating seldom hold up beyond the proposers testing indicating that they should be rejected.

    Sometimes it takes a while for the process to work such as the earth centered solar model. Usually though that is a combination of lack of evidence either way combined with political pressure, which isn’t the case here.

  9. It is very interesting question and it is far deeply than inoculation question. Why ignorance people is so cruel when the could make any type of cruelty? Why advanced people could manage the country during thousands years and don’t touch ignorant people, but why ignorant people start to kill advanced as soon as they get power at country (like at Rome Empire, Egyptian, Assyria, Russia, China, North Korea etc).

    What is actually question are? Some people don’t want to buy any insurance from pharmaceutical companies, so what is problem? What question is?
    At one side billion years of evolution and at another side some sellers from pharmaceutical companies. We are not ill we are more natural than inoculated ones, we are just as we was born!
    But ignorant minds blame us as second grade class (it is old story of Middle Ages and Hitler), as witches and some like that. But for what? We just keep ourselves as we are!
    Stay with trials where 50-100 more healthy people was observed and other was expelled from study, buy drugs and eat them, get inoculation from any diseases as you want, it is free world I agree with yours choice.
    But don’t touch free people with stupid arguments that you read at pharmaceutical journals, we have own view and understanding we realize it during our life experience, we paid for that understanding huge prize, so go away to North Korea.

  10. The reason it’s important for the whole group to get them is for those who can’t such as newborns and the immunocompromised. Some diseases need 99% vaccination rates before the whole population is safe. So by choosing not to vaccinate you are endangering those who can’t. I do have a problem with endangering innocents.

    I also feel that those who would choose not to vaccinate for reasons such as the autism risk should look at the numbers. At best in the discredited Andrew Wakefield papers the autism rates were less than 1%. So if he was right at most 1 out of every 100 vaccinated children would be made autistic. Lets say we stopped all vaccines though and look at measles. Prior to vaccines there were a reported 2.7 million deaths worldwide. With measles the vaccine reduces the rate by 99%. Just with measles alone we are almost up to that 1% value. So those who are not vaccinating their children for that reason are effectively saying one of three things.

    1. I don’t know why but am told vaccinating is bad so I won’t do it.

    2. I would rather run the risk of a dead or permanently scarred child than have an autistic one.

    3. I would rather make someone else’s child rum the risk of autism to protect mine.

    Remember this is assuming that there is an actual link to autism which has been disproven multiple times. So even if the argument is true logically you should still get vaccines because it is more likely you will have severe consequences from the disease than the vaccine.

    For the measles statistics check the CDC website.

  11. I believe Lauren means (and I could be incorrect) that unvaccinated children freeload due to vaccinated children keeping childhood illnesses from occuring/epidemics. Therefore, there are no outbreaks and unvaccinated children benefit.

  12. Have you actually read any medical journals on the subject? Have you seen babies with pertussis/whooping cough? If your answer is no then you should look at both. Denmark has done extensive epidemiological studies on vaccines after Wakefield was paid off to falsify results. Other groups have as well but I’m not as familiar with their studies. All of the anti vaccine studies have shown at best that there are side effects and very unlikely reactions which we already knew. At best they didn’t really contribute anything but mostly they have scared off parents who don’t understand why you need to have multiple tests of the same theory by different people to minimize observational bias. Parents then refuse to vaccinate their children leading to pertussis outbreaks and child deaths that could have been prevented. This is where I have issues, when the uninformed make decisions which could permanently scar or kill their children.

    So go ahead and refuse for yourself that’s fine I don’t care about the decision you make for you but keep the pseudoscience that is the equivalent of homeopathy away from children.

    As a note I am referring to homeopathy earlier because it has almost as much evidence it works as the anti vaccine arguements

  13. Sorry Aydren we come from different planets. Don’t choke on your judgemental attitude. Also Lauren it doesn’t fly that our unvaccinated babies are a risk to vaccinated babies. Surely if your vaccines work its our un vaccinated babies who are in danger? Thanks for the moral councel Aydren at least I know who to call if I’m in a quandry

  14. Gipsy is wholl population – they live at Europe and get equal risk with other europeans so any small trial like 50 or 100 people can’t say anything against 5 million Gipsy people.
    Every time fanatic people used arguments like that without any understanding the truth.

  15. Given that vaccines are inexpensive relative to drugs and are semipermanent your argument for these massive profits are completely without merit. Sure they make some money but no where near the profit for things like levitra allegra or other non-generic drugs.
    Secondly you Do realize that the whole point of science is to test retest and review procedures to make sure the information is accurate unlike the anti vaccine articles which withstand scrutiny about as well as tissue paper stands up to a waterfall.

    I don’t care if you get vaccines but its criminal to make such an uninformed, amoral, tinfoil hat wearing decision for your children.

  16. I don’t see anyone advocating the use of homeopathy? Perhaps Im following the wrong post?
    Aydren its interesting that you think that vaccines are tested? Because they’re not. Being scathing and sarcastic doesn’t make you right. At the end of the day whether you do or don’t vaccinate there is a choice and there shouldn’t be judgement.

  17. Ironic given that you are advocating following the illogical path of homeopathy.(read snake oil). You do understand that real science such as vaccines are tested retested and tested again and until similar results are found across the spectrum. This is why there are these magical things called references which are noticeably absent in this “review article” so good luck with your magical thinking and may you find your unicorn out there or your pot of gold.

  18. People blindly believe the propaganda spread by the multi national pharmaceutical companies whose only interest is in making money. Vaccines are destroying our children’s health. Most of the diseases we vaccinate against don’t cause lasting damage even if kids get them. In fact the strengthen the child’s immune system. If you want to be a sheep and believe everything that a profit hungry company tells you, go ahead. If you take the time to do your research you might stop being a sheep and start thinking for yourself.

  19. Grow some independent thought. If you can sleep at night filling your child with toxins and poisons because you’ve been brainwashed to believe its the right thing to do then good for you babe

  20. Haw did human race was alive before inoculation? Only one inoculation was OK – because it was matter from cave that is different biological organism, other inoculation goes from ill human bodies, so it is human diseases that never gone humans after inoculation.
    Inoculation is slow death by the way we can’t evaluate risk of inoculation because all information is under control of Big-Pharm, but we clearly know that all Gipsy is free from inoculation, more than 50 percent of high educated people at US and especially at Europe is free from inoculation.
    People who is trying sell inoculation do it for money or for own ignorance (that so often goes with fanatic religion to Big Pharm).

  21. Even if the effects were worse than this, and they are actually far less, ( polish study already been discredited ) the benefits still outweigh the risks. Everyone must work together to prevent these diseases. I hope this trend of parents freeloading off other parents vaccinated children comes to an end. Some children cannot be immunised, it would be a shame if they got sick because of someone else’s misplaced fears.

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