VaXXed – The Cat is Out of The Bag to stay

By TLB Editorial Staff

The “VaXXed Cat” is out of the bag and Big Pharma and the Medical Industry pro-vaxxers will never be able to get it back in.

Each week more and more Cities, States and Countries are showing VaXXed on “the big screen.” And as movie Media Critics see the screening and understand that it is not an anti-vacci movie, but an expose’ of cover-up at the CDC, creditable reviews are appearing in print and being broadcast over the airways.

Here are just some of the Headlines from the VaXXed production team:

  • Amazing turn out…in Detroit, MI at the Weds Q&A….
  • Three Q&As this weekend in Dallas (SOLD OUT) and Plano (TONIGHT!).
  • Team is heading over to Sacramento next!
  • We’ve added 14 cities for U.S. theatrical runs since our last newsletter!
  • So many new Facebook groups we’re tying to track them all…

Just a few of the pictures being shared

Vaxx theatre group pix

And there has been some good Air Time

For all of the latest VaXXed news, reviews and show schedules click here.


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2 Comments on VaXXed – The Cat is Out of The Bag to stay

  1. Marsha McClelland-Is that you my dear friend in Ohio, the one who used to post on cia-drugs listserv? I was told you had died. Please log onto my site and send me an Email from there.

    God bless you,

    Arlene Johnson

  2. That lying health official. Dr. Wakefield is a hero not a zero like all the parrots & those with vested interests working to push toxic vaccines in order to continue this deadly cover up. We should start a campaign against this dangerous health official. I tried to go back to get his name but the video kept crashing after I listened the first time. My heart goes out to my friend, Ronnie Prine, in this video who lost his son Eric to vaccines after so much suffering. Thank you Roger for this article. Will you do one about Dr. Richard Pan who censors us on his Face Book wall, please, only allowing deceptive lies to remain. This evil man behind the vaccine mandates which began in California must be exposed. I’m banned again from Face Book, this time, third time since April, for a month or I’d plaster this article all over it in my many vaccine injured & autism groups. Here’s his FB wall>

    My FB wall is an activism page for parents of vaccine injured children & activists to glean information from to share.

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