Videos of Vaccine Harm!

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Videos of Vaccine Harm!

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

Many people are waking up to the fact vaccines cause injury and people are speaking out but so many people are not understanding that vaccines are only part of the problem. One of the biggest health issues facing younger people is a lack of natural immunity to the childhood illnesses. All of the childhood illnesses play a role in health! We have traded the minor illnesses of mumps, measles, chickenpox, and rubella for true disease that takes the form of cancer, learning disabilities, auto immune disease, and severe conditions such as Autism.

We can not soften our stance and allow the health of humanity to be an option! If a vaccine is being given we must be there! We must be loud and we must come prepared to speak the truth and back it up with history, science, and personal experience. We can not pretend that Autism is the only vaccine injury and we can not afford to sell out the truth thinking it will get more people on board! Above all else we can not fool ourselves into thinking that vaccine exemptions will protect anyone from harm!

We now live in a world where older children / teens can be vaccinated without parental consent! Think about this for a moment! Dare I say it but a parent might find out their child received a vaccine after they died from an adverse reaction! Pregnant women are often manipulated into taking vaccines that have never been safe for an unborn child, the elderly in long term care facilities often have little rights when it comes to vaccination, and college students are increasingly being bribed into vaccinations, or are untruthfully told that additional doses of certain vaccines are required for them to attend class. This is unacceptable to me but it has made it clear that all of us have to work harder and we must educate every man, woman, and child about the dangers of vaccines.

Take a look at the following three videos, share them with your family and anyone else you can think of! NOW IS THE TIME TO END THE VACCINE LIE! (CW)


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