Vital Census Citizenship Question Reinstated By President Trump

Vital Census Citizenship Question Reinstated by President Trump

By TLB Project Contributing Writer: Andrew

President Trump has continued to receive unwarranted criticism from the left. The president and the Republican Party have consistently been victims of ridicule and disapproval from the liberal left that has representatives in Washington. Both minority leaders from the Senate and Congress have engaged in meaningless acts that will only compromise the development of the country. To be specific, the Democratic Party has taken the unprecedented turn of politicizing the 2020 census over the return of the citizenship question.

Citizenship Question not Illegal

The said question has never been an issue before. In fact, it was part of the census for over a century before it was removed. There is nothing particularly shady about the question since it serves as a component of a holistic census. Most other US allies also include this question in their census, case in point, Canada. There has been a lot of praise for the Canadian system and how it is an accommodative culture. The critics of president Trump, however, only seem to create issues where there should be none. Questions regarding the race, gender, and age of a person have always been part of the census and there has never been anything wrong with it. It is also not wrong for people who are investing in a second citizenship to be clear about it.

The census was introduced many years ago for the benefit of Americans. It was established by the founders of the nation to ensure:

• Creation of effective policy
• Fair distribution of resources
• Fair representation of the people

All these goals, however, can only be possible when all citizens have been certified to be legal.

It appears that the prosperity of the country is not on the mind of the liberal elites, however. They have continued to champion for the rights of illegal aliens while relegating legal Americans to second-class status. By turning the census issue into a political issue, they have overlooked the importance of clearly distinguishing legal Americans from illegal ones. This puts the whole concepts of representation and sovereignty into jeopardy.

According to Xavier Becerra, the California attorney general, the question that has been reinstated is illegal. Such statements from a state officer are not just shocking but simply way out of line. The inquisition of the status of any person residing within American borders cannot be illegal nor wrong. The statements by the attorney general thus, only show the extent to which the liberal elites will go to oppose the president.

The attitude of the liberal elite has the potential of stalling the development agenda of the nation. By choosing to stand with illegal immigrants rather than legal citizens, the Democratic Party has taken a path that can only lead America to failure. The party clearly lacks a vision for the country, hence banking on making illegal immigrants feel welcome to hide the flaws that exist within the party.

It is not inaccurate to state that the opposition to the citizenship question is coming from the illegal immigrants’ constituency. Illegal immigrants have elected many representatives on the left, and the president is only trying to correct a flaw that has been undermining our democracy.


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