Voluntary Birth Control and the Corporate Altar of Climate Change

by TLB Contributing Staff Writer:

Holy Hormones Journal: – The well-written article by Jessica Prois for the Huffington Post was published during the Paris Climate Change Conference in November. I agree what we ought to be talking about population control – and climate change. As the author points out – people in the US are leaving much larger carbon footprints than those in India. But can we really buy into voluntary birth control? Again – where are the men in the conversation? Women are being asked to sacrifice their bodies at the altar in the “corporate contaminated garden,” as Eve Ensler so aptly stated in her presentation at the Bioneers Conference in October last year.

Prois goes on to write:

“We ought to be doing family planning, female empowerment and reducing child marriage to reduce the fertility rate because that is right for individuals. And on top of that, they will have an environmental benefit.”

I am going with Ensler – it is time to eat the “fu**ing apple” to remember the Garden of the Goddess from whence we really came from. Where menstruation and fertility were revered as gifts from the Great Goddess – and where all women were considered Goddesses because of their awareness of their body – and their choice when to lay with a man and have sex – to procreate.  Who the hell gave men the right to lay with women -have dominion over our bodies and lives.

And now the male-speak jargon is encouraging women to lay their bodies at the altar of the Corporate Garden in the name of saving the planet from climate change. If the type of birth control that was being offered did not affect our mind, body, spirit, I could see it – but until that happens – their will be dire consequences – women’s bodies will have been sold to the state – our autonomy forever gone – because men will finally have the ultimate dominion – our fertility. They will be the ones to decides when we can have children – and how many?

Ridiculous – you say? Well, the corporate father of the garden, Bill Gates is working on a microchip that will be inserted into all women’s arms, abdomen or buttocks – dripping synthetic hormones – for up to 16 years – into their blood stream – until the dude/doctor with the remote control decides to switch the channel so that we can reproduce. Are you ready for that?

Where does the term – “eat the fu**ing apple,” come from? Eve Ensler uses the term to remind women to remember who they are – their rights… the apple is the symbol of remembering that we are in the wrong garden – and our way back to true “female empowerment” that does not come with voluntarily throwing ourselves on the altar to be sterilized.

Hands in the air

Hands in the air

Voluntary Birth Control Is A Climate Change Solution Nobody Wants To Talk About

A growing population means greater environmental strain. The solution could be rooted in women’s rights.

Huffington Post
Jessica Prois Executive Editor of HuffPost Impact, HuffPost Good News
December 4, 2015

In Ethiopia, environmental activism might appear a little uncustomary to some. Health workers can be seen going door-to-door delivering pamphlets about restoring the country’s forest — and they might be handing out condoms while they’re at it.

The effort is part of Population Health Environment – Ethiopia Consortium’s (PHE) initiative to show residents the intractable link between overpopulation and its toll on the environment. The nation has experienced population growth and land depletion caused by drought but is now focused on reforestation efforts, which also includes family planning.

Access to voluntary birth control — which typically means pills, condoms and IUDs — to reduce the 40 percent of unintended pregnancies per year worldwide will cut our collective human carbon footprint, and an increasing number of countries are factoring this in to their climate change plans, experts point out.

More population pressure is creating a lot of burden on the environment.

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

The reality is that while most of the world’s population growth is taking place throughout Africa and India, industrialized countries’ energy consumption levels take a larger toll on the environment.

A 2009 study from Oregon State found that a child in the U.S. emits more than 160 times the carbon emissions than that of a child from Bangladesh. And in the U.S., reducing unwanted pregnancies can cut emissions by far greater margins than efforts such as recycling, making homes more energy efficient and cutting down on travel.

The Los Angeles Times pointed out that conversations about population and climate change can come across as if developed nations are telling developing countries to have fewer children. But countries like the U.S. have a large amount of culpability.

“In developed countries, there are also reductions in consumption that are beneficial globally to environmental change,” Jason Bremmer, associate vice president of the Population Reference Bureau, told HuffPost.

He points out that it’s essential we have these conversations and make these connections as long as we frame it properly.

A Women’s Rights Moral Imperative, First And Foremost 

In principle, experts point to the fact that providing people worldwide with access to voluntary birth control is chiefly a moral issue that incidentally has a positive environmental effect.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of “Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle.” Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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