Are You & Your Vulnerable Children Toxic … YES! Introducing TOXYSolutions™

Welcome to the: TOXYSolutions™ Environmental justice Project

Project introduction by Co-Director: Roger Landry (TLB)

The United States has the highest occurrence of chronic illness in the world (though many countries suffer these maladies as well) today including; Cancer (Infant and elderly), Diabetes, Allergies, Obesity, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Autoimmune disorders, rising Infertility, etc… and yet no one will tell us why, or present the big picture to us. Unfortunately, heavy metal contamination (a massive issue) is not on most practitioner’s radar, let alone Bio-toxins such as Glyphosate or environmental toxins such as fluoride.

Today The Liberty Beacon Project steps up to the plate to announce the creation and launch of a brand new project: The TOXYSolutions™ Environmental Justice Project dedicated to not only showing you that you ARE toxic, but how, why, and what you can do to reverse this blight on your health and the health of your vulnerable children by using a non invasive, inexpensive and “hyper accurate” home test kit, the most effective water filter available and an unbeatable list of natural detoxifying and chelating aids.

This project is Co-Directed by Roger Landry, founder of The Liberty Beacon Project and Dr. David Lewis, Ph.D. Microbiologist and Author of Science for Sale. This project is the culmination of the combined efforts by an outstanding team of individuals who have dedicated untold hours of research and interaction to bring you answers and solutions.

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TOXYSolutions project Mission by Dr. David Lewis Ph.D., Project Co-Director

As a senior-level research microbiologist in the U.S. EPA Office of Research & Development, and the only EPA scientist to ever be lead author on research articles published in the prestigious science and medical journals Nature and Lancet, I witnessed firsthand how government agencies, big corporations and the leading universities they fund are covering up human exposures to increasingly dangerous levels of complex mixtures of environmental pollutants.

During a panel discussion at Harvard University in 2011, and again at a presentation I gave at a meeting of the Royal Society of London in 2015, I referred to it as Institutional Scientific Misconduct. It’s what government officials at the highest levels are doing to protect certain economically and politically important government policies and industry practices.

Fabrication of environmental data by the EPA and CDC to hide high levels of lead in drinking water in Flint, Michigan and Washington, DC is only the tip of the iceberg. Institutional Scientific Misconduct has become pervasive throughout government, industry and academia, and involves covering up high levels of heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals in air, water and soil. The public is being kept completely in the dark; and economically and educationally disadvantaged segments of our population are being impacted the most.

The TOXYSolutions Environmental Justice Project is about to change all of that by enabling private citizens to accurately and painlessly test the levels of some of the most common hazardous chemical pollutants in their body, and in their water. These samples will be independently analyzed by research laboratories at leading universities, and confidentially reported back to the individuals who provided the samples.

Your participation in the TOXYSolutions Environmental Justice Project will not only help protect you own health; it will help protect our Nation.

David L. Lewis, Ph.D.
Co-Director, TOXYSolutions


Please visit our newly launched website here for much more amplifying information.

Welcome to TOXYSolutions™


The following is a recorded discussion regarding the need, requirements and structuring of this new project with Roger Landry (TLB): Host, Terry Roark: Co-Host, project Ambassador at large, Dr. David Lewis, project Co-Director and Dr. Brian Hooker, Project Consultant and Contributor.

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