Watch Live: Senate Judiciary Committee Votes On Kavanaugh

Watch Live: Senate Judiciary Committee Votes On Kavanaugh

Afternoon Update:

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, sending the vote for the US Supreme Court nominee to the full floor. Confusion broke out shortly before the Senate Judiciary Committee held their vote, with Sen. Flake of Arizona calling for a one-week delay in order to conduct a full FBI investigation – only to have Chairman Grassley ignore the suggestion and call for an immediate vote.

Kavanaugh’s advancement was approved 11-10, however Flake later saying that he would vote no on the floor without an FBI investigation. Flake has been given no commitment by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell whether that will occur.

Also up in the air are GOP moderate Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.


A repeat of the hearing is available below. TLB ed.


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The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Friday at 9:30 a.m. on President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh – one day after riveting testimony from both Kavanugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.  Watch live….

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Kavanaugh Advances To Senate Floor After Flake Fails To Force Delay​​​​​​​

Update 2 p.m. Despite Senator Flake’s proposal to delay the vote for one week, Chairman Grassley called an immediate vote to advance Kavanaugh, which was approved 11-10. The confirmation process now moves on to a full floor vote.

Flake was reportedly in discussions with Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware and other members of the panel, only to vote “yes” after half-heartedly floating the notion of delaying the vote.

Flake now says he will vote “no” on the floor unless the FBI investigates the allegations against Kavanaugh.

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UPDATE: Flake has asked that they will delay the Senate floor vote for one week pending investigation. The nomination did make it out of the committee. Flake has said he will not vote for Kavanaugh without the FBI investigation. Now Trump would need to order the FBI to act.

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