We The Peoples Conscience Is On Life Support


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated August 8, 2015

Many will not wish to hear what I am about to put forth … Yes the truth DOES hurt, especially when the facts are as blatant or brutal as they truly are. If America continues on this path, the inevitability MUST BE a world rising up to contain and possibly destroy a brutal and tyrannical nation, as was the case in our last two world wars.


Before you can accomplish a complicated and protracted task you must first strategize, choreograph and make contingencies for undesired scenarios … then take Action in a Controlled and progressive fashion to facilitate the required goals … The usurpation of America from within is no Exception, actually it could quite possibly be the text book Rule.

Lets start with the fact that “Any government left to its own devices Shall accumulate and concentrate power, control and wealth Unto Themselves and,Tyranny Will Eventually Rein Supreme!”

The American people throughout our history have resisted change, conflict and outright war. It took direct acts of aggression from perceived enemies against We The People to facilitate enough backing for our leaders to justify entering into The Spanish American war, WWI, WWII, the Vietnam war, the invasion of Afghanistan, etc… Remember the words of Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor proclaiming, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant” (emphasis on the word awakened).

But is this reality or incidents (false flag operations) contrived and perpetrated by a few all-powerful elites who own this government and in fact rule America and a vast majority of this planet, to bend the will of the American people and utilize the most powerful military force this planet has ever known to achieve their personal goals? Look around you today and see the ultimate control mechanism of fear being smothered over the American population once again to extract compliance and support for even more imperialistic warmongering across the globe whether it be Syria or the Ukraine or any other nation on this planet.

Kill one million

Lessons of the 20th century …

We are all aware of the ultimate evil of tyrannical leaders of the 20th century and governments such as Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Stalin’s USSR, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Mao’s China and so many more, who through the exercise of tyranny and totalitarianism, sought to impose their will over the lives of unsuspecting masses, resulting in the slaughter of untold millions of innocent people … and we have learned nothing from this.

Today this country enforces its will or wishes on countless nations via the most powerful war machine this planet has ever seen or through military or economic blackmail … or both … Please explain to me how this government is so different or innocent of the same mechanisms of tyranny?

Collateral Damage 2Today, we as a people who once resisted any type of conflict, are now mentally repressed under a monolithic government responsible for having killed directly or indirectly at least three million people (with some estimates approaching 4 million), and destroyed the lives of untold millions more. The vast majority (by our government’s own accounting – over 95%) of this carnage consists of innocent human beings never having been of any threat to America … Collateral Damage.

But for me the worst consideration is to try to understand how most of this planet now sees America, how they see us as bullies, tyrants and liars, caught with our hands in the cookie jar once too often. We are hated, feared and the butt of many nasty local jokes … a far cry from Camelot or the beacon of freedom for the world as we used to represent. But too many Americans are oblivious to this and sleep on.

The fact is so many Americans are totally disconnected and have little to no clue as to what is being perpetrated in their names across this planet … Blissful Ignorance is an American staple of mind.

America has been steadfastly developed over the last century, economically and militarily, as the ultimate tool for the perpetuation and accomplishment of the elites goals. We are no longer a nation of free people … we are a nation wholly owned. A nation of contented slaves lost in the fog of propaganda and deceit!

The crimes against humanity being conducted on a daily basis with the knowledge and outright support of our leaders (under the direction of their masters) is driving a groundswell of hatred for America and everything it stands for … Here is but one example of this and the lies we are told by our own government.

The part of all this that borders on insanity or just plain ridiculous is this is emanating from a country that professes to value personal freedom, national sovereignty and self determination …

REALLY … ??? Just how the hell does that work?

Where is the moral fortitude of We The people? We The Peoples Conscience Is On Life Support and failing very rapidly …

You need to understand that in America failure, ineptitude or treachery is usually unacceptable, and in most cases you fire the individual of responsibility, well … Look in the mirror … like it or not by the very document that this once great nation was founded and built upon …

WE are the individuals of responsibility!

Do you honestly believe the forces that will inevitably rise up to punish America for her greedy and brutal global transgressions will see We The People as innocent? If you think yes … then your head is buried so far up your butt that we will have to pump sunshine to you!

You see as the world sees it, we as a people don’t push back against this imperialistic march across the world only to suit an elitist agenda, but at our cost in burden and freedoms. We, by our disconnect with the actions of our government ALLOW all of this, so on some level we must be complicit.

The involvement of Americans today is nowhere near the engagement we experienced as a society during the Vietnam era or even to some extent in the Bush era. We don’t fire our leaders who allow or ignore this insanity. We don’t impeach those who, through the wishes of their true global masters, would advance it in a perpetual cycle, illegally. Hell, in the case of most of us, we don’t even discuss it! Has the voice of We The People been neutered?  We The Peoples Conscience, the past guide to actions we condoned by our government as a people … is most assuredly on life support.

Time to make history

Fifty years from now, when the children of our children study the history of this once great and admired country, will we be the USSR, Red China or Nazi Germany of our time? You may push back and say this is not so … and I will say


By our founding documents We The People are sovereign and bear the task of policing and maintaining the safety, health, vitality and the ability for this great country to continue … and we have ceded that responsibility for far too long!

And the result is …

In the act of 1871 America was sold (by a treasonous Congress) to international bankers negating the organic Constitution, and We The People did not push back.

In 1913 our economic might was sold (by a treasonous Congress) to international bankers via the Federal Reserve act, and We The People did not push back.

In 1933 our freedom was destroyed by the declaration of a state of national emergency (still perpetuated to this day by every President since), and We The People did not push back.

In 2014 Princeton University released a scientific study proving that America is now controlled … Ruled by an Oligarchy, and no longer by a democratic process, and We The People did not push back.

You can claim that this was all done behind the peoples backs and we where (and far too many still are) unaware of the repercussions and ramifications until those came home to roost. And I will say …

Thanks for making my point!

When tyranny on this scale can rein in a Constitutional Republic … It is a direct result of the true governors of said Republic, either by ignorance, apathy, complacency or complicity, failing in their responsibility to control and restrain their representative leaders by holding them accountable.

Those who would put blame, must first recognize their own.

We The People have proven to be the weak link in the chain of politics and power in America. A majority of this failing by us has been accomplished by two mechanisms, the elitist propaganda behemoth (the mainstream media), and as a result … ourselves via imposed ignorance, apathy, complacency or (in far too many cases) complicity.

This video is FACTUAL, BLATANT and it is SPOT ON! Watch it and if you come away with the same imperialistic viewpoint, content on allowing a few greedy elite with their own global agenda to write the future history of America, we who are awake and truly aware will know for sure where and with whom you stand!

Understand that We The Peoples Conscience Is On Life Support … and you say ???




Roger 1About the Author: Roger Landry is the founder of The Liberty Beacon project, a global organization consisting about twenty proprietary and partner websites, contributors from many countries a radio network and an international TV show. The mission of TLB is the eradication of programmed ignorance and the push back against anything that harms humanity. Roger spent almost 30 years of his life traveling the globe either in or working for the military, including almost 20 years working for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts … So since his awakening, he approaches most topics with a unique perspective and in-site most activists are not privy to.

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