Linderman Unleashed: Vaccines, Population Control, the NWO, Thought Crimes & Iodine

Linderman Unleashed 08/07/15 LBR EP14

By TLB Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

Today on Linderman Unleashed we’ll discussing many topics but as we come closer and closer to the upcoming school year and cooler weather, we all know that vaccines are being pushed through the NWO’s propaganda machine known as the Main Stream Media.

We’ll primarily be discussing the HPV and Flu Vaccine on this edition. As Japan continues to keep its citizens safe from the dreaded and life destroying HPV vaccine, we have states here in America that are placing them on the list of “required” vaccinations for school enrollment, for both girls and boys!

The flu vaccine is of course, being pushed every Fall and this one will be no different. One thing very disturbing to those of us “in-the-know” is the recent push to vaccinate pregnant women with the flu vaccine. Just a few years ago this was a practice that was unheard of, now it’s the norm. Educating pregnant women on the dangers of these vaccines is of paramount concern for me and should be the same for you.

The vaccine insert itself clearly states that the product has not been tested on pregnant women or animals and that they have no idea if it will harm a developing fetus. This is a criminal act that must be stopped immediately.

I’ll also be discussing how the FBI is arresting preppers BEFORE they can do any harm. This is straight out of the movies and is setting a frightening precedent. These particular “preppers” were preparing for what they believe is the inevitable onset of martial law….if you don’t believe that this is a very real possibility…you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in this world.

In closing I’ll be discussing a very widespread to health issue with a fairly simple cure which doesn’t require the conventional treatments that the allopathic medical system would have you believe.

News of the NWO, vaccine issues, prepper/police state concerns and health tips … all on this hard hitting edition of Linderman Unleashed. Don’t miss it!


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