Weather Manipulation on U.S. West Coast, Business as Usual [Video]

Weather Manipulation on U.S. West Coast, Business as Usual

by (TLB) Staff

We have noticed over the last few weeks some Facebook groups and individual pages have been heralding that lava flows have destroyed the Hawaii-based geothermal plant near Hilo, making it no longer possible for the GeoEngineers to create and control the artificial Pineapple Express that dumped water on the West Coast.

Remaining factual, we rely on history

Construction on the generating facility began in 1989 and was completed in 1993.

We bring this information forward to point out that the “Pineapple Express” was in existence long before 1993 pouring water on the West Coast winter after winter long before the two words “weather manipulation” was put together in a sentence.

We also bring this information forward from History to bring clarity to the Anti-GeoEngineering community. There are those that lay out a good case for weather manipulation being tied to geothermal plants on a global scale as the only starting point for GeoEngineering. Question: How is it we see weather manipulation in areas that have no geothermal plants or there is a shut-down? To be sure the up-surge of moisture from these Geo-plants combined with other elements of nature and the addition of man-made chemicals (chemtrails), make up a toxic soup controllable from platforms in the air, land and sea. Point being… There is more than one cause or effect in weather manipulation/geo-engineering.

Business as usual

To say the weather controllers now cannot keep moisture from California and the West Coast because of a non-op geothermal plant (God we wish it was so), is to bring about doubts of creditability to the work of many fine activists.

Our friend 1PacificRedwood  made the prediction weeks ago that as soon as the powers-that-be wanted to douse the California Fires, buckets of flooding rain would would fall. That happened right on schedule. He also said soon it will be back to Business as usual…


We very much appreciate 1PacificRedwood for “keeping it real” with his show and tell presentations. He is a true asset to the Anti-GeoEngineering Community and to those who want to “stay curious,” to paraphrase our FB friend John Knox. (~TLB)



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1 Comment on Weather Manipulation on U.S. West Coast, Business as Usual [Video]

  1. The most heinous , the most egotistical version of careerism as a sickness, is the U.S. Air Forces and DARPA’s interference with the upper atmosphere, ( with whoever’ party Federal GOV. allowing this shit to even be a fundable subject). But, just take a peek at DARPAS’ “Call to Research” every year & see how insanity is running the asylum..while WE the “People” are LIED to again & again , & again. Silver dioxide, used in “Companies that “cloud seed”..IS A KNOWN TOXIN to aquatic life.. and these jackasses get on you tube stand there and LIE about how they “keep a close watch to never use any chemical that would injure NATURE. These guys should be arrested , charged with large scale polluting, & thrown in jail..Period. I lived 6 decades on this Planet and I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE CLOUD SHIFTS these monkeys are causing. My hope is this becomes a SERIOUS issue, the public is shown how disastrous tampering w/ weather can be,( EVERY FORCE HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION TO ITSELF )They have NO IDEA the outcomes they are toying with. period.

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