When Hillary says !@#^* or does [redacted] what does MS Media do?

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff | From our “Seeing is Believing” file

When Hillary says !@#^* or does [redacted] we do our best to report on it in a Truthful way, as we have done with Trump, Sanders and many of the other Political Standard-Bearers. We cannot say the same for Lame Stream (even a small trickle would help) Media.

MS is still serving up large helpings of  Mental Kool-Aid, with the ingredients supplied by the Power Elite, all designed to keep the “masses” entertained and mis-informed.

If our Media was really doing it’s job, it would be pointing out that Hillary sounded like “The Donald” in this clip from a 2006 Council on Foreign Relations speech:Credit: SWS Donald Trump
Here is a headline you did not see in MS coverage: “California Reveals Mass Election Fraud.” It was however the headline from Debbie at Sane Progressive in this report:Credit: Sane Progressive
And finally Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight, reveals (as only he can with his tongue and cheek delivery) how Corporate Media Has Complete Collapse Over Hillary Nomination, Hillary’s Lawsuit & More. (Warning: Lee does use some, shall we say, bottom-line-language at times.)Credit: Redacted Tonight


Sources and links below from Debbie at Sane Progressive

Election Fraud Blog:
LA Times Report of Mass Election Day Issues:
Election Fraud Blog Documenting Fraud, Voter Roll Purging, and Voter Disenfranchisement through Provisional Ballots:
Estimated 3 million votes not yet counted in California Primary:
Obama Bars Clinton TPP Emails From Coming Out Until After Election:
Clinton’s State Department DEEPLY Involved in TPP:
TPP – Worse Than We Thought – End Game Climate Change:
Clinton’s Brookings Institute Speech – Iran Agreement Makes It EASIER to Go to War With Iran Insanity:
Hillary Clinton and Honduran Coup:
Hillary Clinton Sold Fracking to World:


And from Lee Camp at Redacted:

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