When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemonade!!! — The Evolution of Anti Geo Activist Group Bye Bye Blue Sky

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When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemonade!!! — The Evolution of Anti Geo Activist Group Bye Bye Blue Sky

by Suzanne Maher | TLB Contributing Writer

It was the year 2011 and, as  I was sitting in my home in Toronto, Ontario, a small child’s words kept repeating themselves in my head it was a resounding echo that wouldn’t turn off; “I don’t want to go outside and play anymore, the skies aren’t blue anymore and we are being sprayed”…..

Hannah, a very young entrepreneur selling jewellery online was sounding the alarm bells.  Blue Sky Jewellery was her platform to wake people up to the genetic engineering and spraying of our skies.

I donated a few dollars to Hannah’s cause not realizing it would take me on a journey I could never have possibly imagined.

In 2011, I was already awake to many nefarious government activities; genetically modified food stuffs, fluoride in our water, wars for profit, and our debt based economy system.  What Hannah was telling me was something I hadn’t heard about.

Hannah had been the “seed dropper” for me to me investigate this foreign topic of the Geoengineering of our planet.

To say I was horrified, dismayed and upset like most who wake up to this travesty, would have been accurate.  I went into a period of mourning, followed by a sense of panic; what can I do about this, how could this happen?

I began channeling my angst through poetry, which I have always written.  The writing continued and I began to think of  creative ways of communicating what I was writing in new ways in a neutral, objective manner.  I joined social media and Facebook, something which I never imagined doing, as I am a private person.  I began meeting people who were awake and aware to the spraying.  YES, a joining of like minds!

Finding myself in a position of being awake, also led me to the conclusion that I was not able to live in Toronto any longer.  The poisonous air and electro magnetic frequencies were breaking my body down.  I moved to Lake Muskoka, Ontario where the air wasn’t a whole lot better, but the frequencies were not as ubiquitous, so it was more tolerable.

2014 –  FAB & FUNKY, Bracebridge, Ontario

I opened up a boutique store in Lake Muskoka in 2014 with a partner; the store was called FAB & FUNKY.  It was an eclectic mix of items, but my main interest was the subject of geoengineering.  Our store sold t-shirts, books, mugs, novelty items as well as distributing free anti geo-engineering outreach materials. I hoped my displays would pique the interest of the public. I also formed a group called” The Chemtrail Girls” with another Toronto activist.  I moved on from this group after a few months, I needed to use my creativity and ideas differently.

The subject began getting some attention from the FAB & FUNKY displays.  A filmmaker in New York; Snowshoe films saw my work and wanted to do a short documentary film on my outreach.

SNOWSHOE Films documentary -2014


SNOWSHOE Films documentary refreshed version after Bye Bye Blue Sky was created – 2015


The Facebook group Bye Bye Blue Sky began in 2014 with just a few hundred members.  Six months later I created the website of the same name.  The fires in me kept burning.  This topic kept me up at night and I was constantly thinking of ways to move the dial, tug on people’s gray matter and make them start “looking up”.

I began putting billboards up, first around the local area of Muskoka and then branching out in subway campaigns:

 2015 to Present – Brechin, Ontario

Ideas continued to formulate and I began looking at other public venues to talk about the subject.  Farmers Markets wherein people were concerned with the food they eat would be a good spot I thought.  People who eat clean, want to breathe clean.


2014 – ORILLIA, Ontario

Orillia, Ontario Farmers Market graciously offered me a non-profit booth.  I did many there, and Orillia became my springboard. I began to notice the impact and power of the message I was conveying, as farmers would come up and shake my hand till it felt like a wet noodle, thanking me for the work we were doing.  This was galvanizing.


Bye Bye Blue Sky continued its evolution and began hosting conferences and doing speaking engagements, rallies and protests.

 2015 – Elana Freeland at U of T – Hosted by Bye Bye Blue Sky and Conspiracy Culture

2015 – March for Jobs, Justice and Climate – TORONTO, Ontario










2016 – Anti Geo Meeting – Bye Bye Blue Sky/G.A.G. Canada – UXBRIDGE, Ontario

2016 – Anti Geo Rally, Bathurst and Sheppard – TORONTO, Ontario

2017 – Canada’s Largest Green Living Show, Bye Bye Blue Sky, G.A.G. Canada, Lorraine George – TORONTO, Ontario

Bye Bye Blue Sky has created outreach materials of many different kinds; brochures, business cards, buttons, DVD’s, t-shirts etc. to spread the message.  Having material to offer someone is profoundly effective, particularly when many have been conditioned not to see the spraying.

Pam Jones for Liberty and I organized #Operation GasPump over the summer of 2017, and we distributed over 11,000 business cards to seven different countries.  This was unprecedented outreach.  To date over 15,000 Bye Bye Blue Sky business cards have been distributed, as well as over 10,000 brochures and rack cards.


Upon meeting “Just a Guy Who Knows Some Stuff”, Tony Pantalleresco two years ago at an anti geo health conference G.A.G Canada and Bye Bye Blue Sky hosted, this friendship and collaboration has broadened my scope and knowledge base of the deadly biology we are dealing with in an ultimately much more penetrating way.  I`m so grateful to Tony for his knowledge, his generosity in sharing this knowledge, and his assistance in helping me so much with my own health.  There are many gold nuggets and gems to be found within the assault we are dealing with, and Tony is but one of them.

My recent interview with Tony and his nano research collaborator Bryan396 on the subject of synthetic biology.


I get emails weekly from people from all over the world asking me how they can contribute to the cause and how they can get involved.  We all have a sphere of influence in some way, use that sphere of influence and go out and do what you are good at; this could be creating a blog site, creating you tube videos, making home made banners or getting your own billboard up, taking rain water samples, writing letters to your politicians, getting a Facebook group going, hosting meetings, doing protest rallies. The possibilities are limitless for us to create change.

Throw your ideas against the wall and see if it sticks.  Awareness is the key to resistance.  We all must be aware to be able to fight back against this evil that is oppressing our planet. Use your voice and your skills to be heard, and let it be known that we do not, and never have, consented to the spraying of our planet with toxic chemicals and biologicals.

On my website I have tips and suggestions for people on how to;



To date; Bye Bye Blue Sky has done over 30 outreach events in Ontario, put up 25 billboards in the U.S. and in Canada, and distributed over 25,000 pieces of information in the hopes of igniting a flame in those who care about the fate of our world.  Our evolution and ideas continue to grow, as do the numbers in the movement.  Our Facebook group began with humble numbers and is now 5,000 and going strong.  Bye Bye Blue Sky, our message and what we represent has become known to many throughout the world.

Bye Bye Blue Sky is a seed dropper, like young Hannah, who told us she no longer wanted to go outside.  This crime against humanity isn’t a burden I wish to leave the children of the world with. Complacency isn’t an option when everything we hold dear is threatened.

The past four years of my life have been dedicated to fully exposing and halting these crimes against humanity.  Please, join all of us in this critical fight.  All hands on deck are needed, we can put a stop to tyranny, but we can’t do it from the sidelines.  We all can do something; no matter how big or small and push against the brick wall that is oppressing our world.  Slowly and methodically this wall is crumbling when opposing forces of discipline, courage and truth are breaking it down.

Many thanks to all my friends, colleagues, supporters in the movement and every single person out there making a difference.  I appreciate all of you so much. Particular thanks to Val Hall who has been with me since the beginning, Bernadette Gervais Greene of G.A.G. Canada, Lorraine George, Tony Pantalleresco, Elana Freeland, Teklordz who keeps my website running like a dream, Brendan Maher and Hannah.

Let’s wield the power of awareness, love and co-operation and beat the devil down.

We are making lemonade and it tastes so sweet!!!


About Susan Maher: She is the founder of ByeByeBlueSky.com, an anti-geoengineering activist, researcher and blogger. She devotes all her time to educating people on these deadly programs and believes it is everyone’s moral, social and ethical responsibility to awaken others to geoengineering and to do something about it. She does many forms of outreach to communicate her message such as; educational social media sites, hosting public events, awareness sessions, interviews, speaking engagements, and has launched over 20 awareness billboards across North America communicating Bye Bye Blue Sky’s mission.

The Liberty Beacon Project is extremely pleased to have Susan as a Contributing Writer.

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