When the Law is Wrong: Civil Disobedience or Revolution? (Part I)

When the Law is Wrong: Civil Disobedience or Revolution? (Part I of II)

By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

At what point does “resistance to the law” become a moral necessity, a moral imperative that must be obeyed regardless of the personal sacrifice? It is only in that moment that a man can truly enter into Genuine Manhood, perhaps for the first time in his life. Few of us will ever enter that Inner Sanctum. How perverse does a law have to be for the law itself to become a provocation for revolution? This chapter is premised on two Universal principles underlying human behavior that are to be guiding lights if a civilization is to call itself “advanced or civilized.” Martin L. King wrote, “An injustice against one man anywhere is an injustice against all men everywhere.” Throughout history men have written about high ideals, justice, fair play, compassion and mercy. The actual implementation of these principles however has always been lacking. Men love to trumpet their glories and hide their flaws. Especially politician’s love to create “public personas” of infallibility. Modern politicians have devolved into Toxic Narcissists.

The second principle I am refering is simply this, “What is the duty of a man when he discovers a law that he lives under in his country is unjust and wrong?” Judge Andrew P. Napolitano wrote a book titled, “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” One of my favorite authors, Eric Fromm, wrote, “[Can] human nature be changed in such a way that man will forget his longing for freedom, for dignity, for integrity, for Love-that is to say, can man forget he is human? Or does human nature have a dynamism which will react to the violation of these basic human needs by attempting to change an inhuman society into a human one.” “Battlefield America, John W. Whitehead. With the calcification of the Pineal Gland by the poison Flouride, it is extremely doubtful that such a dynamism still exists.

I will first discuss my duties as a man if I am to call myself a man. What are the duties of a man when he discovers the following:

  1. A hidden, tyrannical form of government right under his nose.

  2. An abuse of power by this tyrannical form of government so pervasive that it enslaves its inhabitants.

  3. A complete perversion of human freedoms.

  4. A complete debauchery of human values.

  5. A complete slavery so well hidden that no one can discern it or analyze it.

  6. A commercial system that is used to enslave rather than to create freedom and wealth.

  7. That the so called government is in a state of war against its own people and are operating under the Law of Necessity, aka, The Law of War, The Law of the Jungle, all neatly disguised behind the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. “This is for the good of the herd.”

At the point of these discoveries, what are my duties as a man? Do I have a moral, divine duty to stand up to, and destroy Evil, wherever and whenever I find it? If a group of American men discovers these, what are their duties as men? If an entire American nation discovers these, what are the moral duties of the nation?

At what point of this discovery of Evil must a man take action? Is there a Divine Imperative for me to stand up against tyranny? Against Evil? Against Deception? Against perversions? Against gross acts of violation of our children? How will I stand before my Creator when I stood idly in the face of Tyranny and Evil and did nothing! How will I stand before my Creator while I knew that our children were being raped, pedophiled and killed in Satanic Rituals in Washington, District of Criminals as well as around the world in sacrificial centers, like London, and il Vaticano, by high level politicians engaging in their Satanic Blood Sacrifice Rituals. That is us, the Hollow American Male. We have actually conspired with Evil, and embraced it wholeheartedly for financial gain, power, prestige and status. “I was praised for following the formula: I was promoted, given raised, larger staffs, power, sex, corporate stock, a partnership, insurance.” Perkins, supra.

The one trait that is the most endemic in the Hollow American male population is their willingness to deceive themselves in the face of perversions and debaucheries. These are committed right under our noses, and we have done nothing! Edmund Burke the great English philosopher stated, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. The entire American male population has idly stood by and done NOTHING!!! We have danced with the Devil himself out of fear. American men have been paralyzed by fear. We have forgotten what it means to get into a good scrape against a bully. Fear is the best narcotizer. “I and a number of Mitsubishi managers wanted to change our policies long before RAN came calling. But we didn’t dare confront our board. We were afraid we’d get fired.” Perkins, supra. Given similar circumstances, most would do the same thing, tuck tail and run.

A great teacher once wrote, “Wherever two or more gather in my name, whatever ye shall ask, it shall be granted.” In this country it takes two people to witness against another in order to convict someone of treason. What then is the duty of two people when they discover that a law they live under is wrong? The first duty is to inform as many other people as possible. We have a duty to stand up to injustice wherever we may find it. This would happen in a country where the people are awake and not a bunch of narcotized zombies. Jim Marrs calls Americans “zombies”, in his book, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.

The first duty is to disobey and smash that law to the ground. Very few men or women have the backbone to disobey such laws. The first problem is that most men and women cannot read the law. It has been said, “if you want to make sure nobody reads what you are writing, pass it into law, and place it in the law-books.” The United States has a history of destroying those individuals who they cannot control and to whom people have begun to listen. They destroyed the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., they destroyed Marcus Garvey. They have destroyed numerous African-American leaders and working-class white leaders who have struggled for the rights of working-class people. We need to learn from these things, so we don’t make mistakes again. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King once said that he did not believe that an unjust law was worthy of being obeyed. We have a moral obligation to speak truth to injustice. Any man or woman who loses their fear of the government becomes a severe and palpable threat to the facade of “government”, aka, commercial military dictatorship. Because we live on the USPOWSCCA, United States Prisoner of War Slave Concentration Camp Amerika, any slave that gets too uppity, must be destroyed or killed if he is incorrigible. We all know that the CIA under the direction of Johnson engaged in a military coup d’etat in the killing of J.Kennedy.

Post 9-11, the USA PATRIOT ACT, a document hundreds of pages long, of course written years pre 9-11, was passed by our sell out Congress under the mantra, “if we do not get this enacted, we will have Martial Law.” Inside documentation indicates that our elected politicians were given less than fifteen minutes to read the hundreds of pages in the document. And of course, like repeatedly raped and obedient sheeple, they complied and betrayed the American people. Of course, I continue to lie to myself, there is no such ‘animal’ called the “American people”, we only have captured POWs called United States citizens on the USPOWSCC. Of course, passage of the Patriot Act was for “our own good.” Rapings are good for herd immunity.

American men” have lost the vim and vigor to resist tyranny. Jefferson wrote, “I have sworn upon the Altar of Almighty God eternal hostility against all form of Tyranny over the mind of Man.” Of course, Jefferson never went to war. We have become shells of men. We have been invisibly, chemically neutered. The Proverbial Hollow American Male. The last group of real men in this country were the returning WWII veterans. The “shadow government”, the PTB, does not want to ever deal with a group of men like the WWII veterans. Since their return, the Shadow Government, has set about to destroy the last vestiges of real manhood by breaking up the family, divorces are at an all time high, ridiculing men of principle, confusing boys about their sexuality, look at the shenanigans by Bruce, aka, Kaitlin Jenner, transgender bathrooms, and gay marriage. Tom Brokaw wrote an excellent book about the WWII veterans, “The Last Generation.” Real manhood is ridiculed. Men of principles are called “old fashioned or out of touch” and ostracized. The game is “pay to play” by conforming and following the “politically correct herd.” If you do not “pay to play”’ you are not granted entry or access to the “Inner Sanctum” of the Halls of Power. Access to this Inner Sanctum is a virtual ticket to abundant riches, power, women, or men if you prefer, drugs and so forth. To go to Washington, District of Criminals is to get a ticket to plunder. Washington is the City of Plunder. Oink, Oink!!

The onslaught against real manhood is constant, brutal and unrelenting. Our institutions of government are festering with secret and open homosexuality, pedophiles, pederasts, power mongering, status seeking whores and pigs at the trough that it has become more and more like a Roman Orgy. Our entire political system attracts the criminally insane that seek their own self glorification and advancement. All men who enter government start with good intentions and end up high priced whores selling themselves to the highest bidder. Some wise sage stated, “Power corrupts, absolute power, absolutely corrupts.” All politicians are criminally insane. The Criminally Insane do not know that they are criminally insane. The Criminally Insane will always engage in diatribes for their actions in defense of the indefensible. Power drives men mad.

It is well known in this country, that getting elected to a public office is the ticket to wealth. Getting elected is the equivalent of getting invited to sit at the “Pigs’ Trough.” The slop in the Pigs Trough is constantly supplied by the “American taxpayer”. Oops, I mean the “United States citizen/slave”. The Pigs’ Trough comes in many shapes. For instance, “lobbying” is incredibly lucrative for both the corporation seeking the “favor” from the Senator, and for the Senator in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions “donated” to him for his collaboration. Lobbyists are high priced whores who purchase our elected whores we so proudly call “Senator or Congressman.”. To the Deep State, the United States “government” is their personal “Rent-a-Whore, Inc.” A lobbyist does not work on behalf of the American people, I mean, the United States slaves, but rather on behalf of the corporation or foreign government who want special favors for themselves. The biggest whore in recent times has been Hillary Clitory with her money laundering operation, The Clinton Foundation. International “pay to play” at its’ best. Lobbying brings out the worst of greed in our elected officials. Lobbying is Satanic and Demonic at its very core. Unfettered access to money drives our elected officials mad with greed. In normal circumstances, to become the “mark” of thief is not good, but in Congress to become the “mark” in the crosshairs of a Pig Pharma lobbyist, well, my friend that is a different story.

Who are the biggest lobbyists in the Best Little Whore House in the Land?

“Pharmaceutical companies spend far more than any other industry to influence politicians. Drugmakers have poured close to $2.5 billion to lobbying and funding members of Congress over the past decade. [That figure is what is publicly recognized, I would venture that the hidden perks are ten to 100 times greater than that. For instance Corporate Board Appointments, revolving door jobs with Pig Pharma that pay millions in yearly salary, should the congressman lose his re-election, the upper echelons of the OLISTRATCOR are festering with the worst psychopaths and criminally insane, brackets mine] Nine out of 10 members of the House of Representatives and all but three of the US’s 100 senators have taken campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies seeking to affect legislation on everything from the cost of drugs to how new medicines are approved. But for Congress, the process was nothing unusual. Hundreds of millions of dollars flow to lobbyists and politicians on Capitol Hill each year to shape laws and policies that keep drug company profits growing. The pharmaceutical industry, which has about two lobbyists for every member of Congress, spent $152m on influencing legislation in 2016, according to the Center for Responsive PoliticsDrug companies also contributed more than $20m directly to political campaigns last year. About 60% went to Republicans. Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives, was the single largest beneficiary, with donations from the industry totaling $228,670. ” TheGuardian.com

By god, I think I just found out a new way to spell “whore.”

Every year the Annual Convention of High Priced Whores takes place in the best little whore house in the world, Washington, District for the Criminally Insane. But it sounds so nice to say, “Congressional session”. There only two types of “laws” enacted in this whore house. First, laws that enrich and protect the corporations controlled by the Deep State/Secret Cabals, while publicly and openly proclaiming that the new laws will benefit the illusive and non-existent American people. Secondly, laws that proclaim “greater freedoms and protections for the non-existent American people”, while in actuality these laws remove more of our Slave Master given privileges and enslaving us even more. For instance, the Patriot Act makes it sound that it actually has something partriotic in the body of the act. However, legal scholars have found exactly the opposite. The Patriot Act committed the final raping of the Bill of Rights and discarded the Bill of Rights on the side on the way to raping the sheeple. And the American steeple took it like good sheeple, “Please Masta, just keep me safe, and if this raping is for the good of the herd, I consent, just be gentle, it’s my first time.” It is well recognized in law, a slave has no rights whatsoever. A slave is not even human. Merely, Goyim. In the Bizarro Opposite World, all laws and acts proclaiming to be for “the good of the American people” are exactly the opposite, to further enslave the “American people.” Do you recall the Patriot Act, the Freedom Act and the Liberty Act? Look them up if you want to undeceive yourself.

If we intuit in our Heart Center that a law is wrong, which is the greater duty, to obey this corrupt man-made law, or to follow our Inner Command in obedience to our Prime Creator? I say smash this law with no fear. Of course us Hollow Men of the good ole USA will not risk this. I say smash and smash again and again and arise reborn a Lion, a True Man. Alas, this will not, no it cannot happen, anymore in this country. Franklin, is credited with stating, “Opposition to tyranny is obedience to god.” We, the American Men have disobeyed “god” and embraced Tyranny. The current “corona” crap is a perfect example of the Hollow American Male of this corrupt nation. The Right to work has been removed by “executive order” and become fully exposed for what it really is, “a privilege to work.” The Right to Assemble peaceably has been removed, and now at the mercy of the tyranny. The Right to travel unencumbered by the STATE, has been abrogated and curtailed severely with the perverse “curfews nationwide”, and We the American men, have taken all of these violations of our Creator given rights silently and sheepishly “for the good of the herd.” This is the death of Revolution.

As Snowden predicted, we have come to the point where no one man can resist this enslaving tyranny. I can see that we have reached a point of no return. Our enslavement is complete. I will be dead in a very short while, today is April 19, 2017. A great revolutionary once said, “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.” I will die on my feet either by the hand of my enemy or my own hand, but I will not live on my knees.

I have mourned greatly for the passing of what this country may have once been for a very brief while. Even the idea of what this country was supposed to be has died. We are no longer the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, but rather, “the land of the flea and the home of the slave.” Edmunde Burke is credited with stating, “The only thing necessary for Evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” The Sleeping Giant is dead.

When a man is wronged by the law, he will react in various ways. He can accept the wrong and become a broken man. He will internalize his anger and act out with misplaced aggression at the most inappropriate times and embarrass himself and his wife and family. “What is wrong with Dad?” And he will die of a broken Heart of a heart attack. He can react with indignance and anger, and want to tell the world of his injury. Or he will take action and he will seek REVENGE for the transgression. He will attempt to destroy or kill the usurper. He will sabotage a corporation, an agency or work place. The greater the shame and humiliation, the greater his desire for revenge. A man on a quest for revenge will die in his quest for revenge with no regret. One man who has made a final decision is an Army of One, unstoppable. He becomes a driving Force of Fury.

For ten years I have used my energy and sought revenge against banks, liaryers and judges. I have done everything in my power to f@#$ck up their pillage and plunder. I have counseled people in their time of duress and need and for this I have become a “criminal”. What kind of country has this United States become where a man can invest his time, energy and desire to become educated in a specific field and use that knowledge to help his fellow man but in the process become an “outlaw” wanted by the power brokers for having invaded their “Inner Sanctum”.

I wipe my ass with the famous “JD” awarded to the Pirate Class. To me it has as much value as if it came from a box of Cracker Jacks. “In times of war the law is silent”. There is no law to practice in this country other than the Law of War. The Law of Necessity is paramount. It is the Law of the Jungle, kill or be killed. This Juris Doctor is the master joke on the face of the planet. Have you ever wondered why attorneys “practice law.” F@#$ck, I know this book will surely get me killed.

This nation has been in a declared State of War since the passage of the National War Powers Emergency Act of 1933, and the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 amended in 1933 to coincide with the National War Powers Act of 1933. Combined, these two acts converted the once free and proud Americans, into slaves on the corporate plantation, aka, the USPOWSCC. United States citizens are “prized”. Look up “prized” in Black’s Law Dictionary. If you have not read my two chapters, “The Law of Necessity” and “What is the Law of Necessity” please do so now. I have personally taken a “Vow of Poverty”. I have forsaken material gain for my Core Principles. I, now one, now many, stand before posterity, and my Prime Creator, proud and free. I took the Vow of Poverty to get clarity of mind, for I recognized a long time ago, that money clouds the minds of men, and if pursued for its own sake, corrupts the hearts of men with a corrosive attitude toward our fellow man.

I was licensed stockbroker, insurance agent, etc. and at the peak of my career I earned $250,000.00 in one year. In that same year I woke up and thru my own Inner Command I resigned all of my “licenses”. I could not continue to be part of the deception. I am “broke” but freer than I have ever been. Authentic Freedom comes at the cost of “commercial success.” At the moment when the Heart Chakra opens and blossoms within a human, that human becomes “authentic” and can no longer participate in the Matrix of Deception. On the U.S. corporate Plantation, in order to be commercially successful, one must be the best slave that one can be. OBEY, OBEY, OBEY!!! HAVE, HAVE, HAVE!! MORE, MORE, MORE, is the American Mantra. Pay to Play, babe. However, the price is YOUR SOUL.

If a man has the courage to stand up and say “This law is wrong”, he risks everything, his credibility, his status, his job, and his relationships. This will pretty well stop the majority of men. Few men have that kind of “cohones”. No man has this kind of “mental courage”. This kind of courage can only exist in the Heart Center for a man or woman. The mind of man is fickle and can betray, but the Heart Center cannot betray, for within it is written the Law of the Cosmos with the very finger of the Prime Creator. Man will always betray himself first, before he betrays externally. Once a man betrays himself, he will construct elaborate mental structures to rationalize, justify and moralize his betrayal. The Egoic Brain is a master at this.

Truth is mighty and must prevail, and if any body of men believe that they have discovered a valuable truth, it is not merely their privilege but their duty to disseminate that truth. If they realize, as they quickly must, that this spreading of the truth can be done upon a large scale and effectively only by organized effort, they will make use of the press and the platform as the best means to give it wide circulation.” Propaganda, Edward Bernays. Truth has always been the first casualty of War.

Take the case of Edward J. Snowden, a man of integrity and principle. His internal moral compass was and is impecabble. He could not betray it. Most men will betray themselves first and then betray their loves ones. Snowden saw the NSA abusing its’ power and could not abide it or ignore it. The “government” has developed a legalese term to describe men or women with a moral compass that will not stand idly by and watch abuses of power, “whistleblower”. Upon Snowden becoming a whistleblower, he lost everything, his job, his credibility, his relationship with his girlfriend, and had to run for his life. In my book, Snowden, is a Hero, a man among men. He ranks among the WWII returning veterans, real men. The NSA and its gullible employees are the traitors. In the Matrix of Insanity, Snowden, is a traitor, but only to the Propaganda Ministry. In Orwellian terms, Minitrue. In a totalitarian regime, exposing the crimes of the Criminal Cartel will result in one of several things. First, the whistleblower will be financially destroyed. Second, he will fear for his freedom thru unlawful incarceration. And last, he will fear for his very life. The greater the exposure by the whistleblower, the greater the threat of death. The Deep State will extract its pound of flesh from the belligerent slave. We, the Hollow American Men no longer have that kind of “cohones.”

In Chain of Title, Symoniak relates an incident when she was fighting the banking/commercial system on fraudulent foreclosures. Upon boarding a plane, she sat next to a man who made the following statements, “Do you know what happens to people who sue banks?” “What”, she replied. “They end up dead”, he stated.

So here is the chain of events of the strategy to silence. First, ignore, second, ridicule, third humiliate, fourth threaten, fifth sue to destroy financially, sixth, imprison (a favorite tactic), and last kill. Another prime example of what happens to men of courage is Kevin Trudeau. He is currently in prison for exposing the PTB, the shennanigans of the 13 Banking/Ruling families along with il Vaticano. Kevin was sentenced to ten years in prison for “contempt of court”, which simply means he pissed of a judge on the USPOWSCC. The reason for this harsh sentence is that he was once a “golden boy” within the circles of the powerful Elite. He turned his back on his Masters and betrayed them by exposing “insider secrets.” Like any Mafia, once in, you cannot leave except by death. All Mafias require the Oath of Omerta. It is the Oath of Silence by Blood. Betrayal requires death. In this case, the total commercial destruction and imprisonment of Kevin was merciful.

Fear drives a man to silence. Fear makes most men cowards. In addition, money makes men cowards.

Fear of ridicule, fear of ostracism, fear of loss, fear of what “will people think” drives the stake of Silence deep into our Hearts and makes us cowards. Fear is the master of Political Correctness.

In this country, the main stream media, aka, the lapdogs of the rich and the wealthy who hide behind the facade of “government”, will immediately attack any man who stands up for moral principles and has a sense of righteousness. The first step is to ridicule, then to escalate to insults, then humiliation and then to destruction. First comes financial destruction and then if necessary, to kill the transgressor. We have numerous examples, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin L. King, Malcom X, Kevin Trudeau, and so forth. In olden times, investigative reporters were the sworn enemy of the OLISTRATCOR, now they are the best of friends in bed, performing sixty nine. Oh, did I say too much for you? “The fact is that corporate propaganda squelches inconvenient journalistic enterprise, so that early warnings fail to resonate, and growing ills receive not mass attention. In all such cases, the investigative journalist is the propagandist’s (OLISTRATCOR) natural enemy, as the former serves the public interest, while the latter tend to work against it.” Propaganda, Edward Bernays. On the USPOWSCC, “independent and investigative journalism” no longer exists, the Deep State and the corporate owned media, are all whores in bed together.

The media lapdogs are no longer “guardians of the freedom of speech or a counterpoint to the abuses of the ‘government’”, but simply the public relations office for the facade of “government” with the private corporations dictating the day to day propaganda and mis-information reaching the American public. I describe this as the “White House Principle.” The media are the “high priced whores” assisting the “government” to keep the American public mis-informed and dumbed down, fat, sassy, pacified and in pursuit of happiness. The mainsteam media are part of the pacification process used on the USPOWSCC. Stats show that now five (5) megacorporations own the entire structure of the “media”. Is that what used to be called a monopoly? Hoorah for the American way of life, pass the apple pie with ice cream, please. The MSM have been usurped and co-opted by the Propaganda Ministry, aka, MiniTrue. Always follow the money. And the Satan behind all this, the Deep State/Secret Cabals that virtually own the whole world.


Prologue to Part II

The “government” of this country must destroy two types of men. Men with an uncompromising, internal moral compass that will not be bought or corrupted. And men that have reached a high level of authentic, internal mental freedom where they can see the actual Truth of what this country has become, an invisible Tyranny. The so called “spy agencies” of this country were set up for one primary purpose, to put people in compromising positions where their behavior can then be used to manipulate the mark and get them do what is needed to be done. Once a man or woman is compromised, they can be manipulated and made to do the bidding of the power brokers, which most of time involves-betrayal of their fellow man and their own principles. All humans are susceptible to corruption. Of all the mammals on Planet Earth, man is the only animal that will consciously betray a loved one. Explain to me please, how are we “better” than the animals on Planet Earth?


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