WHO, Epic Fail: Hidden Agendas, Trust shattering Disasters & Our Health

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

We need not look to hard to find the information on the unquestionable dangers associated with Fluoride. What we present you here is a great piece of information released to the general public (via alternative media) over three years ago WHY is the World Health Organization (WHO), who is responsible for no less than the improvement and regulation of global health, sidelining vital information for global health … and in the process supporting faulty and greed or agenda driven propaganda (Not Science), inevitably promoting the exposure of billions to the real and scientifically proven dangers of Fluoride.

No chemical that has ever existed has the ability to proliferate cancer at a higher intensity, and at a faster rate than Fluoride can …

Cancer has a very high death rate …

Most cancer victims don’t procreate …

Try as you may you just cant seem to get the Fluoride out of your municipal water.

TLB is very aware that the WHO has been caught red handed sterilizing populations using such benevolent mechanisms as vaccinations in the name of medical aid. We have actually done several articles and exclusive radio shows with Dr. Ngare of Kenya. Twice the WHO has come into his country with the benevolence of vaccines to support the health of the Kenyan people, only to have the curtain pulled back revealing a real program to sterilize a portion of the countries population through first the Tetanus and then the Polio vaccines. Both of these vaccinations, symbols of a benevolent global health leader, discovered (by diligent individuates, scientists and doctors) spiked in a fashion to attack the fertility of a different Kenyan demographic close to ten million of them …


In October 2014, reports from the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association sent shock waves around the world. The reports stated that 2-3 million girls and women of childbearing age in Kenya had been vaccinated with tetanus vaccinations containing the anti-fertility hormone HCG, rendering them infertile.

This information was discovered after the vaccines being used in the campaign were sent for testing and came back positive for containing the hormone.

See article and recorded show here:

Dr. Ngare Exposes WHO & UNICEF Tyranny on Developing World to TLB in an Exclusive Must Hear Interview


Once again we are witnessing Malevolence in the guise of Benevolence. Once again the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF have been caught red-handed delivering what may very well be a crippling blow to the future population of Kenya via the promise of life saving vaccines, spiked with sterility enhancing components.

See article and recorded show here:

TLB Radio EXCLUSIVE: The WHO Caught Using A Second Vaccine To Sterilize Unsuspecting Populations

The point here is that just about all that can be said has been said … it is time to change the servant staff from a self serving and dangerous agenda driven club, back into a duly elected, representative and servant of We The People … before we are all too sick to give a damn …

We all have an absolute need to understand that those who are most tasked with keeping us healthy, such as the vaunted WHO … have failed so demonstrably as to either be the largest collection of mind dead … Nope not believing it for a second … Or massively susceptible to complacency, corruption or complicity … I would lay my money on the latter any day …

Please continue reading the attached article …


WHO Admits Omitting Fluoride’s Damaging Health Effects to “Prevent Controversy”

By: Jurriaan Maessen

A mention on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that there were suggestions by member or members of the Chemical Aspects Working Group meeting in Tokyo, held in 2002, to omit information on the “adverse health effects” of fluoride to “prevent controversy.” Here is the full quote from the WHO’s website:

“At the Chemical Aspects Working Group meeting (Tokyo, 2002), the group was informed that the monograph was being finalized, and there was considerable discussion on various aspects of the draft, including a suggestion that the monograph should not mix discussion on the beneficial use of fluoride with adverse health effects to prevent controversy. The monograph was not discussed at the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Working Group meeting (Geneva, 2004). The document is in editing and layout (2005). A presentation to the Working Groups of the WHO Oral Health Programme on the importance of fluoridation was made in 2005.”

In the questionnaire for the working group, posted on the WHO’s website, the Working Group’s members are assured that their comments “will not be posted to the public website.” Well, it seems the WHO not only lies to the world, they lie to their own underlings as well. But no matter: the most important thing here is that the WHO deliberately contemplated omitting crucial information about fluoride’s damaging effects from its future publications- which in turn act as guiding principles, commandments almost, for states all around the world.

As it turns out, the WHO not only omits and deletes. That would make the whole affair some sad sort of cover-up or whitewash. No, the WHO- knowing perfectly well that fluoride is most damaging- actively promotes the use of fluoride and works to distribute it through the world’s water-supply. A WHO publication of the Expert Consensus Meeting Group Report even advises adding fluoride in the water-supply for specific segments of the population.

The “consensus” reached among the “experts” reads, that higher income groups often already consume enough fluoride for their purposes, which- by the way- has decidedly nothing to do with some dental battle against tooth decay.

“For example”, we can read in the report, “in countries such as those in Scandinavia, where public dental awareness is very high and alternative vehicles for fluoride (e.g. fluoridated toothpaste) are widely available and widely used, a decision to not fluoridate the water, or remove fluoride, or to supply drinking water with suboptimal levels of fluoride would likely be of little consequence.

The report continues with the statement that for segments of the population which do not have wide access to fluoridated toothpaste, the WHO would me more than willing to dump trace amounts of it into the water-supply, free of charge:

“On the other hand in developing and developed countries where public dental health awareness in some population groups (e.g. lower income) might be much lower, water containing either natural or added fluoride at concentrations of 0.5 to1.0 mg/l would be important for dental health.”

This idea perfectly coincides with the ruling guidelines of the WHO Oral Health Programme, which include a “particular focus” on “the disadvantaged and under-served population groups.”:

“The WHO Oral Health Programme, jointly with the FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) and the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), have embarked on an action plan for the promotion of using fluoride, particularly focusing on the disadvantaged and under-served population groups.”

Furthermore, the WHO’s Guidelines for drinking water quality states:

“In setting national standards for fluoride or in evaluating the possible health consequences of exposure to fluoride, it is essential to consider the intake of water by the population of interest and the intake of fluoride from other sources (e.g., from food, air and dental preparations).”

Dr.Richard Shames, graduated Harvard and University of Pennsylvania, after in-depth research into the effects of Fluoride on the human biological system, noted:

“(…) the Nazi concentration camps used fluoridated water to suppress the will and vigor of inmates. This appears to have been during the 1930s and was the first known example of fluoridated water supplies for a specific population.”

Fluoride, in whatever amount, is nothing less than a chemical weapon. Considering it is applied to entire populations or certain groups within a population, the definition is chemical warfare- a tool most useful to eugenicists who are intent on depopulation the planet.

See attached (original) article here

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