Who Is Saying That Patriots … Are The Face of The Cabal?

Who Is Saying That Patriots … Are The Face of The Cabal?

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

This video strongly suggests that. But then why did I feel relieved? It wasn’t because I fully agreed or believed him. In fact, he’s far too cynical for my liking. However, it brought up doubts centered around very popular patriots that thousands of people cling to for hope and salvation. Like me. That’s why the video is disturbing.

However, as I watched it with growing disagreement and then some…hmmms, it brought me into a state of nowness, the way we feel when we react to a bit of shocking news. At that moment, nothing else exists. We are completely there and all other worries, conflicts and concerns are temporarily gone. So a kind of relaxation sets in because the focus of attention is outside. It would be much more pleasant to be absorbed in a great movie but still, the concept is the same, meaning we have been hit with something striking that consumes our full attention, whether we agree or not.

He claims patriots like Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, xx22, Tipping Point, even Lin Wood and General Flynn are just lulling us into a passive state of false hope. He even speculates that Trump might be part of the Cabal, partly because he didn’t do much about the riots. (questionable) But the idea that Trump is as bad as the rest of the cabal is preposterous. Often, we have to rely somewhat on gut feeling, no matter the “facts” and my gut tells me Trump is the real deal, the most real we have ever had in the White House. Added to that are his incredible stats before the Covid attack.

It also borders on defamation to even hint that General Flynn and Lin Wood are less than brave and honest supporters of this country or that they are fooling us. In fact, General Flynn said on a video today that Trump did not sign the Insurrection Act and the military is not running the government. Is that someone giving false hope? It comes from the horse’s mouth and should give us impetus to regroup and re-target – after we get over the bad news.

However, later he laughed and did not acknowledge Biden as president. Judge it as you will. But when I observe General Flynn, Lin Wood and some of the patriots, I see nothing but love for humanity, true optimism and nothing that resembles “false hope”.

It’s very true there is no proof that the Insurrection Act has been signed. Did we see it? Did we see Leftists like Nancy Pelosi actually get arrested? Was the photo of her with FBI agents just a photoshop job? There is no proof the military is running the country and still under Trump’s rule. There is no proof he will return to office on March 4th or April something or May something. Is Joe Biden dead and we are watching a clone? Are benevolent space aliens guiding and saving us? No proof.

Intuition can take us only so far and, in reality, can just be wishful thinking when things are dark. I’ve seen nasty attacks from people telling a “friend” to stop being so pessimistic! Have faith! Take your comments elsewhere! Fine but you can be optimistic and still look at the truth. In fact, they work hand in hand. You look for truth so you CAN be optimistic.

Such critics just don’t want their world attacked by possible contrary facts. How stable can a person be who is reduced to crazed hostility toward another viewpoint, no matter how well-meaning? Political correctness still reigns as the destroyer of communication and free speech. We have “violated community rules”, rules which have seeped into everyday life, rotting our culture, the one we developed in this country as the last hope of freedom.

This video claims that what is occurring in the freedom movement is exactly what occurred from 1921 to 1926, the Bolshevik counterintelligence operation created to give “the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists takeover.” Scary thought but also, no proof. More fear peddling?

From the patriot side, I do find laughable the guys who claim numerology will give you the clues to figure out what is really going on. Geez, let’s count bird droppings. I may be wrong but doesn’t the Cabal use numerology as part of their “worship”?

Eighty percent of us want very much for Trump to return now for four more years. Maybe eight if the Republic is truly reinstated and the next four years will be his first term. That thought is so thrilling that I wonder if we have suspended the use of facts and solid proof in favor of obliterating all the fears and uncertainties so we can just “get on with life” and that can be mistaken for positive thinking or faith. Why do we do this? Because evil is the most difficult thing to face.

There is no getting on if we are mired and trapped in questionable statements that we refuse to examine for truth. There is no future or true creation in that. Possibly the patriots are right in that we should not be subjected to the full force of the evil. I agree. It can be very destructive to sanity. But there are gradients to facing things. And that makes us stronger.

So why did I feel relieved? As I considered that, I realized I can take an opposite view – Trump may not be back in office. I accepted that possibility and felt free to occupy the thought without feeling angry, depressed or stressed. I could move on. You can call it Plan B. What do you do if it’s too rainy to go for a walk? It’s as simple as that, though of course there’s a lot more at stake. However, I do believe Trump, based on pure observation of his actions and character, will continue to fight for this country.

Consider the slaughter of six million Jews in World War Two. At first, they laughed at the idea of being persecuted, then they gave up their guns. Then it was all over. Could it be they were unwilling to face the bare truth and preferred to cling to a disappearing life? I see that happening today, although I’m comforted by the existence of worldwide connection through the internet, the growing awareness and the pissed off state of millions all over the planet. People always ban together in times of great adversity. Religion grows. Differences among us fade away to make room for a strong and vital common purpose. These are our greatest weapons.

In fact, an idea occurred to me recently. The internet is fantastic for joining far-flung people together but what can beat physical togetherness? That will never be replaced by mechanical images on screens. It’s not “old-fashioned” to meet in person just because we have the internet. To take this current scene further, how many of us know our neighbors? When I was a kid, you would have to be stricken with amnesia to not know everyone on the block – except for a few deadbeats or hermits. The rest of us shared birthdays, holidays, joys and sorrows. We were safe.

So I thought why not start groups online in your own town and then meet with them? Have coffee and cake. Hug each other. Screw social distancing. What if we had a whole world of intimate groups like that? Would it not improve morale and agreement? And then that will be spread around to other groups.

The energy generated from being physically together is real and palpable. Of course, this is what the Cabal intends to fully destroy. But think of all the multi-level businesses where people travel widely just to be together for help and support. Then they go home and kick ass. Could it be that just being together is their greatest asset for success? Of course we will have to fight to fully expose Covid for the fraud it is.

Simply watching videos, looking for tidbits of hope while anxiety plays in the background just will not cut it. It’s nothing more than entertainment that promotes complacency. At least, that’s what I saw I was doing, although I have not given up the hope these people are offering. In fact, below is Charlie Ward’s usual optimism I just watched. We’ll see what becomes of it since it conflicts with General Flynn’s words. See both.


If you’re confused, so am I. There has been obvious disappointments because of promises that this and that will occur on such and such dates and they never happen. Could this cause a bitterness and a trashing of hope? Complete mistrust of any positive news? Do we go, “Yeah, sure” when these online patriots explain why those events didn’t happen? I’ve seen one explanation conflict with another. Makes you question their secret sources from on high, wherever that is.

But don’t we go back to watching the next video from our favorite patriots? Is that an addiction or is it as Alexander Pope said, “Hope springs eternal”? That’s from his poem, “An Essay on Man”. Hope is just as urgent as facing facts, maybe more. It’s an entry to life itself. Today we are challenged more than ever to exercise it. And further, shouldn’t an attitude of real hope spur us on to finding the truth?

The best way I know to achieving truth, freedom and knowing who and what you are is to be in present time. Observe your surroundings, still your mind and don’t think. Don’t entertain fear. Existing in the moment will take you wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do. It will greatly sharpen your perception, your certainty and your joy. I practice this every day. Takes a lot of practice.

Today I practiced by watching the snow fall and I washed away the idea it was a waste of time. Whatever exists in the present is what we should be experiencing, no matter how seemingly trivial. The snow sent me back to childhood and I brought back with me the joy of snowfalls into this moment, making it a bit richer with life. Not too much, I’m still a novice undoing a lifetime of useless thinking.

It’s time for all of us to be patriots!


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