Ranked Choice: Great, Except Way AK RINOs Did It…

Ranked Choice: Great, Except Way AK RINOs Did It…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Ranked Choice Voting: Great!! Well… let me back up, as I should say could, should, would, be great – except the (Ranked Choice Open Jungle Primary bastardized combination) way Mitch McConnell and AK RINOs conspired with FASCICRATS to do it to protect Lisa MurRINOski  (see what I did there? Mur-COW-ski (phonetically)… never-mind, moving along). We need to break-down the convoluted and purposefully overly-complicated attempt to manipulate/rig “Ranked Choice Open Jungle Elections” (both Primary and General) in Alaska; only place ever done this way (again, purposefully created in convoluted overly-complex/complicated fashion to “favor” preferred “Establishment” #DeepState Candidates for the 2022 Election in Alaska and block Trump Candidates Kelly Tshibaka for U. S. Senate and Sarah Palin for U. S. House in Alaska); into the sum of its parts as to why “together” as a “mash-up” is completely moronic and absolutely NOT what I’ve been advocating for over the last couple of decades for Republican Primaries).

We need to discuss the “Ranked Choice” (or “Weighted Votes” when/where IMO done properly (some have come to call “Instant Run-off” that avoids need for that should a large Primary pool of Candidates mean that there is no clear 50%+1 Vote getter, as 2nd and 3rd choices are factored to automatically calculate Voter overall acceptance or rejection of any, some, or all, on said Ballot (you are NEVER forced to Vote for more than one Candidate (can still “plunk” (which means to Vote for less that “allowable number of Candidates” one can choose; often done in County Judicial Races with large field of X-number of Candidates, to fit an overall Z-number of Benches; presumably making that one Vote count more) for your Candidate)!!! Instead all Voters have the “option” to do so if one chooses to indicate “ALL” those one likes/supports in a given contest as there may be several “good” choices in-your-opinion, or just/only one you’re willing to support and Vote for)) that I’ve been pushing for. BUT ONLY if, when, where, as a [OPEN/JUNGLE, no, vs] FULLY CLOSED (open only to pre-registered, for at least 2 years, GOP Voters) Republican Primary system; NOT the OPEN (and Michigan, as the Left always does, twists words/language and “pretends” to have a Closed Primary system but anyone can walk up on Primary day and get a GOP Primary Ballot). Apart and completely separate from “Jungle Primary” concepts; that made the bastardization combo of the two together in Alaska such a disaster (but, by design, by RINOs to protect Lisa and block Sarah Palin).

Sadly only thing many have heard is the PARTIAL STORY by/from/with Charlie Kirk constantly complaining about AK and Murkowski on his Radio Talk-Show program.

Maine had been using “Ranked Choice Voting” since 2018 (as well as more than 50 Cities and County Elections across the USA before even that (and virtually universally for Ballots to/for U. S. Voter Overseas Absentee Ballots in-case a “Run-off” situation is triggered so they do NOT have to rush new Ballots Overseas with delivery and return time delay uncertainties as they’ve by Ranking/Weighting pre-indicate any Run-Off preference)) but as original concept intended, and folks there seem to be fine with it. Almost ALL Ballots are quasi-Ranked in non-partisan Judicial Races parts of a Ballot (as there may be 20 people running to fill 10 Bench seats). Other States are considering adopting such. It is important for Conservatives (or, as I call myself, a ChristiTutionalist, and hope other Christian U. S. Constitution limited Republic minded peoples join with me) to pay attention and FIGHT when/where necessary to assure if adopted in their State it is for FULLY CLOSED PRIMARY (never General) ELECTIONS only  (completely Closed Primary where you must be pre-registered with the State with/for a Party Primary at least 2 years in advance to be allowed to pull that Party’s Ballot in a Primary (and, yes, PRIMARY that is lawful, legal, Constitutional, as they “Party’s” are “technically” a “Club” and have Right (Freedom of Association, or to not-associate) to include/exclude in a PRIMARY but not by law fully open General Elections that “actually Elect someone to/for Representation of/for the pre-defined “Districts’” populace), to avoid more cross-over meddling and FASCICRATS attempting to force more RINO Candidates like McLame or RINOmney as I called them at the top of our ticket come General Election time) – learn from the disaster McConnel worked to create in Alaska to protect his RINO caucus over our ability to bring in new/fresh and far more Conservative blood into our GOP Elected Officials ranks.

VIDEO (26m 31s): Alaskans prepare for state’s first ranked choice election (Alaska Insight):

In-my-opinion, a TOP-5 RANKED VOTING FOR CLOSED PRIMARY only is the way to go. Most Primary Elections you are not going to have more than 5 Candidates; while 2016 there were 16 (if I recall correctly) and it is looking like GOP POTUS Primary for 2024 (at least in early States, before some drop out) the Candidate list is growing and potentially will be over 20 people running for the Republican nomination. I am not going to bother to list the several already in, the many more speculated to announce, stations like NEWSMAX, OAN, and others, will keep you up-to-date on all those coming and going in the Contest (any I put in-print here, will within a few days be out-of-date).

This way (and, again, NO-ONE IS FORCED to Vote for more than 1 Candidate, unless one chooses to engage in the full function of the RANKED/WEIGHTED system) you can still “plunk” for one or Vote for UP TO your Top-5 Candidates available. Your first choice gets 5 points, 2nd choice 4 points, 3rd 3, etc. on down. This aggregates the Candidate with the most CONSENSUS SUPPORT (deemed most competitive vs FASCICRATS in the Fall General going forward) by the majority of the Party (as, again, this must be reserved only for a Party CLOSED Primary to assure others cannot meddle and attempt to sabotage our Party choice (as contention was why we landed up with McLame and RINOmney failing POTUS Candidates as Democrats knew obaMAO or Hillary (or even happy should Bernie get their nomination) was their shoe-in Candidate, and many/most really didn’t care which, both would be ultra-Leftist Dictatorial Elitists, and therefore Voted in GOP Primary to try force upon GOP the weakest possible General Candidate the Left would; and as happened; could/would/did easily defeat)) to actually become the nominee.

CINOs/RINOs aligning with FASCICRATS… Anything that perpetuates Government (especially when it’s Liberals that will get to continue to administer it (NO, NOT the “Uni-Party” manure, CINOs, FASCICRATS, and RINOs, together making an/the “establishment #DeepState hacks” – plenty solid/real Republicans (why aren’t YOU?); just not enough of us yet to create sufficient fighting size block in some States, which is why we need YOU to join us on the inside and; fighting both CINOs/RINOs and FASCICRATS #DeepState Ruling Elitists)) they are sure to push through with a great flowery title. Other times it’s just the Title to provoke a “touchy-feely” reaction from the General Public while hiding language (and often Spending) that people would generally oppose.

VIDEO (2m):Trump endorsed Kelly Tshibaka hopes unseat Murkowski (RAV):

[IMPORTANT ARTICLE NOTE TO/FOR MY TLB READERS: This is going to be a bit “odd, or different” piece. The following remainder has been transcribed from the show AbolitionistsRoundTable (ART) of Michigan (WAAM 1600AM Radio, Ann Arbor MI; Saturday’s 9aET (Listen to WAAM LIVE link); with my Friend’s and Show Hosts Phil Stargell and fellow Author Bruce Fleury) June 24th Show. I was on to discuss this very topic. And, yep, learn how you can “kinda/sorta ‘cheat’” by transcription in writing not just articles but a full book in my “How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques” book (a Self-Help Guidebook for Authors looking to Publish but too a wonderful “tell-all” (without much name-dropping) kinda behind-the-scenes look for avid-readers as to how/what an Author goes through to get to you those books on your bookshelf. Anyway; now that we’re past the shameless promotional plug; without further ado, here is the transcript…]


WAAM Radio Station announcer: Opinions and content of this broadcast do not necessarily reflect those of this station or its management.

[Patriotic music plays in background] Show announcer: No one, and I mean no one, comes into our House and pushes us around… You believe that America is the land of opportunity – Ya… We’re Soldiers; but we’re American Soldiers; We’ve been Kicking Ass for 200 years… Those of you who are familiar with it know that in America, democracy is hypocrisy… Freedom, Is never more than one Generation away from Extinction… Phil Stargell and Bruce Flurry, they’re leading the charge and advancing the Conservative revolution…

Bruce Fleury: Right now, we got our good friend Joe from Wyandotte, wants to chime in on something I brought up last week, and I’m going to talk about the Rank Choice Voting. And Joe, welcome to the broadcast. Can you walk us through Rank Choice Voting? And it sounds like from what the text you sent me, and you support it. Good morning, Joe.

Joseph M Lenard: Well, yes. I have for decades supported the notion/concept (in theory/principle, but devil is in the details and implementation) of Rank Choice or Weighted Voting, if and where implemented correctly. And 50 plus Cities and County jurisdictions all across the U.S. have  used it for decades. The problem here is the only thing some know about Rank Choice is the Charlie Cook show going on and on, rightfully so, about how it was corrupted and conspired by McConnell and RINOs in Alaska to put in a convoluted, overly complicated, over complex, version of the process to protect Lisa MurRINOski.

Bruce Fleury and Phil Stargell: [laughter]

Joseph M Lenard: And I know, you know, you see what I did there, MurRINOski rather than Murkowski… bad pun aside… moving on…. But here let me backtrack a bit about the abortion issue discussion. I was just at a meeting the other day and said about this, that unfortunately the Dobb’s ruling, in my opinion, was bogus in the fact that all of a sudden, Chief Justice Roberts, in his attempt to moderate the court as he’s been the last few years and water things down, make a compromise. They decided, oh, let’s discover the 10th amendment all of a sudden that we’ve been ignoring for however many past decades and apply that, but still ignore the 14th amendment and hundreds of years of precedent that when you murder a woman and pregnant child in the womb, it is double homicide. Therefore, hundreds of years of established precedent, that child’s right to life, and that killing it is murder. But again, I’m here to talk about Ranked Choice.

Bruce Fleury: And Joe, real quick, okay, why doesn’t that make it more complicated? Don’t we have a system of voting where something like this will only be necessary in a runout fight, like they have in Louisiana?

Joseph M Lenard: Well, that’s part of the point. It automatically eliminates any need for Run-Off Election Laws/stipulations and that added expense of holding another Election. And let’s break down the Alaska thing so we can point out what would be good versus what would be bad. They have Ranked Choice, Open/Jungle Elections, both the primary and the general. And that’s why it was a major disaster. It’s the only place anywhere on the planet, not only U.S., anywhere on planet, this has ever been done this way. And again, purposely created in convoluted, overly complex and complicated fashion to favor preferred Establishment #DeepState Candidates in 2022 and block Trump candidates Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate and Palin who was running for the U. S. House. They wanted their Establishment Candidates, with aid of Democrats knowing full well their FASCICRATS Candidate had ZERO CHANCE, for AK to seat RINOs rather than more conservative House Freedom Caucus types that actually adhere to the Republican platform.

Joseph M Lenard (continues): So let’s discuss some of the parts that they threw together and why that’s bad. First part is Ranked Choice, which I support as Weighted Votes, where and when, in my opinion, is done properly. Because no one is ever forced to vote for more than one Candidate. You can still “plunk,” which means to Vote for less than the allowable number of Candidates on the ballot for the number of open offices, normally done in Judicial down-ballot supposedly “non-partisan” races where there are 10 (or whatever) open bench seats, but there are 20 (or whatever) people running – so you can vote for up to 10 (in this example). But hey, you say, I only support these five (and can/may only Vote for those 5, or whatever up to the allowable 10 or as defined on Ballot). So no one is forced to vote for more than 1 if they don’t want. But those of us who want to say, hey, let’s say 2024 presidential election (IF, but MI Law will NOT change before the 2024 Primary, but by way of a hypothetical example)… I Vote Trump as my number 1 guy. I Vote Kristi Noem, who I hope gets in the race, my number 2 gal/person. I Vote Tim Scott, my number 3 guy. All right. So that creates a Ranking/Weighting. I believe in Top-5 Ranking/Weighted system (works for 2-infinity for same Office), so Trump gets a value of five, Noem gets a value of four, Scott gets a value of three, but then everybody else for that Office gets a value of zero. That way you get a true consensus of the Voters in the Party, and we’ll get more to that later. That’s the key there “in the Party.” No outsiders meddling. This can only be done, must be done in a Closed Primary, and no Michigan is not Closed despite some using warped definition pretending such. Anyone can walk up, get a GOP Primary Ballot, no matter what Party or no Party they belong to, and meddling in our Primary, Which is why we land up with bad Candidates like McLame and RINOmney, who got slaughtered in General, because the Left will take any of their ultra-Leftists running on their side that gets nominated so they meddle in our Primaries instead. So you get a consensus Candidate. If more people overall truly support Tim Scott for President, in this hypothetical Michigan Ranked Choice Weighted Primary example, he actually gets “more points” for the overall “more support” from more Voters, Scott gets the nomination because he is then, therefore, clearly seen, shown by the Voting overall Votes cast for him (somewhere in their Choices) to be a choice for us for President in Michigan. It really is NOT as complicated as it sounds, and again no-one is forced to Vote for more than their #1 and ONLY choice (plunking). And I’ll take a breath there before I go on to get your reaction.

Bruce Fleury: Well, when you were talking about the number system, and I know all about that, I think that, can you compare that to the down Balloting that took place in 2020 when a lot of people Voted for, did not Vote and left Trump’s name and Biden’s name bubble blank, and then voted all the way down the rest of the way to the Senate and Congress and the various Proposals that the State and Local Proposals on their Ballot. Is that something similar, you think?

Joseph M Lenard:  No, absolutely not. That has been true of some any Election for our entire Nation’s history of Voting. Again, you aren’t forced once you take a Ballot to Vote for any and every office on the Ballot. Most people skip the nonpartisan parts, the Judges, and potentially City Council (an the like that) may be “supposedly” (and listed without Party designation on Ballot) non-partisan. Often, they avoid those people, often, because there was an effort in the past to eliminate Straight-Party Tickets Voting, to force people to Vote each and every individual Office, versus still allowed full-Party (up/down entire Ballot) Ticket bubble. That’s completely separate. Nothing to do with this. Again, you’re never forced to Vote for an Office or a Person you do not want with the system. And the other key part here, as I alluded to, is in Alaska, it was an Open/Jungle Elections, both the Primary and the General. Whether you’re a Republican, a FASCICRATS Party Candidate, a Liberal-tarian, a Reform Party, a US Constitution Party, or the “we just decided to create a Party last-week Party, Party, on the ticket – you’re all thrown into the same bowl of Spaghetti. Like taking some moldy noodles, in with some good ones, and good luck picking out the good ones from the bad ones in there – meant to confuse and suppress/disenfranchise Voting/Voters. It’s got to be done, Closed Primary only. You must be registered to the GOP for a minimum of two years, can’t decide to switch a week before to mess with our choices, to avoid others from meddling in our Primary and giving us the weakest candidate so they can defeat us.

Bruce Fleury: Okay, well, Joe, you got one more point before we can move on, and you can wrap it up, and maybe pick this up again next week, too.

Joseph M Lenard: Yeah, well, I will go into this more in-depth, because again, I know you’ve got other things to move on to. I write for TheLibertyBeacon.com. I drop a new piece every Saturday there. Today, it’s about “Democrats always ignoring the law of unintended consequences.” So next week, Saturday, July the 1st, you can look for an article from me at TheLibertyBeacon.com that will be titled “Ranked Choice: Great, except way Alaska RINOs did it.” So I will, there will be facts, stats, cross-reference links, a whole lot more details than we’re going to be able to go into here today.

Bruce Fleury: Okay, thanks, Joe. Certainly do appreciate that, Joe.

Joseph M Lenard: All right, everybody. Take care, God bless. Thanks for letting me clear this up. Again, most people only know the rantings of Charlie Kirk on this subject, and again, that he rightly criticizes it. But as Paul Harvey says: ‘now you know the rest of the story,” because he only gave you part of it.

Bruce Fleury: Okay, Thank you, Joe. And folks, be sure to pick up a copy of Joseph M Lenard’s book – “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon, to a City Near You” available everywhere including by donation to our ART Show as we are a Listener supported Broadcast (donors can choose either Joe’s book or my “The Negro Project” book). We’ll talk again next week. Thank you, Joe.

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AUDIO (48m 30s): Abolitionists RoundTable June 24 Ranked Voting and more:

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