Why Do We Still Have School Shootings?

Why Do We Still Have School Shootings?

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

One of the most ridiculous scenarios in the world is having classes for children who may be exposed to a school shooting. Just think about it. Training babies about how to act under fire while a madman goes from room to room racking up the most body count possible. And then you have to put up with the cops looking for a motive, endless interviews on the news, and, of course, Alex Jones trying to sell some more lead lined male enhancement pills for the more flaccid among us. Lord have mercy!

And for all the psychological, analytical, stereotypical FBI nonsense, they still haven’t identified the core reason for school shootings. Little kids are easy targets and common decency went out of fashion sometime back in the sixties.

And stupid is in vogue these days. Right now, as I type, old men in Iran are executing teen age girls for being pretty and you expect us to be any better. And the U Useless N is giving them a stern talking to. “Stop! Or we’ll say ‘Stop!’ again!” By becoming more civilized we have actually become less civilized! We look past millions of dead babies while we debate women’s rights. We pass complex laws addressing who’s married to whom, who’s on first or who’s on top, and what letter to add to LBTJQ WhatEVER, but God help us should we use the wrong pronouns!

And still, we can’t stop one line nut from walking trough the back door and shooting up the schoolhouse. Play dead kids. Borrow some blood from your best friend’s body, and lay real still! There’s your training. Seems to be the best technique so far. And the kids have that all figured out. Active shooters don’t shoot dead people. But, we still have to curb this activity at the base level.

That having been said I want to venture some solutions that may or may not fit your California standards of corrections as filtered through my Texas sensitivities, which is never good, but work with me on this.

I’ve noticed that cops tend to stand around in the parking lot while the kids get shot. With all their bullet proof vests, high dollar guns, and chains of command, seems none of them can shoot one active shooter in the face with a simple Colt .45 Revolver. I did a detailed study that showed conclusively when a shooter is shot in the face, said shooter ceases and desists from shooting any more kids. Stop worrying about what’s going through his mind. A .44 slug is going through his mind and out the back of his head.

I want you to note that virtually NObody walks into a bank acting a fool. Wanna know why? ‘Cause they get shot! That’s why! So, do the math. How many Vets are out there looking for work? And they like to shoot people. I know! I’m from Killeen! One vet per school. One of the cheaper AR-15s. Stand in view of the entrances, and shoot anyone who comes to school with a gun like yours. If you make a mistake and shoot someone carrying a gun who is not an active shooter . . . hey! Friendly fire! Deterrent. But the kids will be safe. All good.

A few years ago I went to pick up my granddaughter, Puck from school. Her diabetes was acting up, and I seem to be the only one who can bring her blood down. Anyway, there I I’m sitting in the hall by the nurse’s station waiting on Puck to make her appearance when I noticed that several adults were coming in and out of the front door with very little regard for the office personnel off to the side who we’re pretty much clueless. Now, up until that moment I was being a good boy, but after seeing this complete lack of security I went to my car and retrieved my pistol, which was absolutely against state law. I’m sorry I did that, Lord, I promise I won’t do that anymore! In due time I picked up Puck and took her home. All this time the office staff was acting like it’s 1959. It wasn’t! Times weren’t a changing they had changed and things were never gonna be the same again! Welcome to the new normal!

Your kids will not be safe as long as you keep hiding your heads in the sand. There are bad men out there and the whores aren’t ladies. That having been said, there is absolutely no reason to ever lose another child. There is no acceptable number. Zero tolerance. Nobody’s gonna miss the active shooter, but you will never get over the death of a child!

Lest we forget


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  1. Valid argument for school security. Unfortunately, it’s decided on a local level in most places, and that means an nominal increase of real estate taxes. We fenced, locked and armed police our schools for an average 350$ per household annually in a town where the average real estate tax is 4K$. We did this 12 years ago to protect our children, you can too. Your call.

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