Why the Mueller Windmill tilt-a-thon needs to continue unabated

Why the Mueller Windmill tilt-a-thon needs to continue unabated

By Andrew Thomas

President Trump is up against the most ruthless and spiteful army of tortured souls ever to erupt from the bowels of Hell.
These are the modern leftists who control the Deep State, the government bureaucracy, establishment Washington, most of the judiciary, and portions of the military.  They are supported by millions of mindless, emotionally immature useful idiots.  They are protected and defended by a leftist media and propagated by leftist-controlled public and private educational institutions.  It’s quite a formidable array of foes.
The ruling elite have shown that there are no bounds in their mission to overturn an election and overthrow a sitting American president.  A falsified FISA warrant?  No problem.  Intimidating potential witnesses against Trump with armed raids on their homes and offices?  So what?  Imprisonment of a suspect (Manafort) in solitary confinement indefinitely without a trial?  Who cares?  Releasing confidential conversations between client and lawyer to the press?  Big deal.  Using U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on an opposition candidate and then on the president-elect?  Priceless.
Privacy rights, legal confidentiality, and the rule of law are minor impediments to the objectives of the left.  They are useful only when they can be weaponized against traditional American institutions and conservative causes.
As counterintuitive as it may appear to Trump-supporters, it is important for Mueller’s Don Quixote-esque quest to continue as long as possible, in spite of the issues illustrated above.
Ever since the agonized voices at MSNBC announced that Trump was the winner, the left has spent a considerable amount of emotional energy trying to overturn the election.  From election recount efforts to intimidating Electoral College electors to change their votes to constant calls for impeachment with no rational justification, the left still refuses to accept the fact that Hillary didn’t win.
The Mueller investigation is acting as a buffer for Trump to the left’s frustration and resentment over the election results.  With every “revelation” from the Mueller-DOJ cabal of new indictments of Russian ghosts and allegations from timeworn porn stars, the left’s hopes are raised and the angst temporarily satiated.  Unfortunately for the leftists, their hopes keep getting dashed by revelations that look to them like giants but turn out to be nothing but windmills.
They are still holding out the fervent expectation that a definitively damning revelation will finally appear that will lead to impeachment and validate their fantasies of an election stolen by agents of the evil empire.  In the meantime, the Trump agenda chugs along.
As long as the investigation continues, Mueller is inadvertently helping Trump (and America at large) by channeling and mollifying the left’s irrational anger while Trump’s MAGA machine flies under the radar.
As an added benefit, it is energizing and mobilizing Republican voters against this injustice and turning many moderate liberal Democrats away from the radicalism of the left as exemplified by the Mueller mob’s lawlessness and double standards (e.g., granting immunity to Hillary associate Podesta to prosecute Trump associate Manafort for the same crime).
Trump has managed an incredible portfolio of positive accomplishments in only eighteen months, much more than many other presidents have accomplished in eight years in office.  He has done this in spite of vastly powerful governmental and non-governmental forces working against him, including much of his own party.  The Mueller investigation has been a comparatively minor obstruction to the implementation of Trump’s agenda.
Once the Mueller investigation is concluded, assuming that no magical mystery revelation appears, it will be a huge depressive letdown for the left and will leave a giant vacuum to be filled with leftist rage and potential violence.
Trump is a smart and cunning individual.  I believe he sees this scenario as well, as he appears to have no intention of ending the Mueller investigation prematurely.  Even if the investigation were to drag on throughout Trump’s (hopefully) two terms as president, it would probably continue to be to his overall advantage.
Unfortunately, Mueller’s vindictive windmill-tilting is unfairly ruining the lives and families of Trump associates along the way.


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