You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

By Bill the Butcher & The Lone Ranger

Ever been on a picnic?

Ever been on a picnic? I mean back in the day before we all had to stay six feet apart. A picnic ain’t a picnic unless the ants show up. And they will come, friends and neighbors. If you don’t believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale!

So, what do picnics, ants, and Barney Fife have in common? I’ve found when I use allegories I have to explain them because Millennials occasionally read my stuff, so here goes. I know now why Jesus used parables and always explained them to a bunch of guys scaling fish at the time.

The picnic is a news story. The participants thereof represent the general public reading the news story, and the ants are CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and whatever BlogTalk Radio host who could pay the electric bill this month.

News was categorized

Back before time news was categorized. There was the top story, Kennedy got his brains blown out on the way to lunch. Then the society page, Jackie got brains all over her pretty pink dress, and special interest, Emeril Lagasse shows his recipe for brains and eggs. Each section had a special skill, and after twenty or thirty years they pretty much knew what they were talking about. Emphasize pretty much because they specialized in talking, not doing.

Well, Bill Clinton put an end to that when he designed the news to be entertainment thereby making every reporter an expert on everything! Uh, that’s why y’all are listening to Whoopi Goldberg’s opinions on national politics. Just so you know.

Mulligan’s Stew

So, you turn on the TV or your iPhone to catch up on the events of the day, and you are drawn into this Mulligan’s Stew that has absolutely nothing to do with reality! Add to that the fact that you’ve been desensitized by other stories of the same ilk, giving you a set of criteria heretofore unknown even by Romans in the Coliseum swilling wine and cheering for the lions! This is why when yet another mass shooting hits the press you check first for the body count. Don’t lie, you know you do!

God Bless ‘Murica

So the ants (the press) show up even before all the sandwiches are out of the basket. The trucks show up, aim their satellite dishes up, and some chick, who yesterday was giving you the scoop on the size of the turd in Johnny Depp’s bed is giving you her opinion on how to breach a school house during an active shooter event in beautiful downtown Uvaldé, Texas! God Bless ‘Murica!

It’s easy to have an opinion when the bullets aren’t whizzing over her head!

It’s easy to have an opinion when the bullets aren’t whizzing over her head! But she will lay the groundwork for what will grow and proliferate during the following days. And this groundwork will be picked up by other news “services” and ran with like Tony Dorsett heading for the end zone. The story will be carved in stone like some old man brought ‘em down on two tablets from Mount Sinai! Before it’s over “experts” will be quoting her sound bites like they found them in the Bible. Oh, Alex Jones will blame the whole mess on the CIA and subsequently get his butt sued off!

The reason was you!

Ask yourself: do you really believe that all the people, cops, Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, concerned fathers (with guns) and mothers all just stood around in that parking lot in Uvaldé contemplating their next move. That bridge is still on sale! There was confusion. The event was beyond contemplation. But that confusion and inaction did have a reason. And that reason was You!

That’s right you! Now, work with me on this: the Butcher Shop should do a series. Maybe something to point out why budgets don’t budge for law enforcement or security until someone or something happens that shoves it in to a priority?

You pay for what you get!

With city councils, school board members, county commissioners, and even the legislature trying to live up to their promises of not raising taxes to keep their measly positions, they often refuse to listen to the chiefs and sheriffs when more money for personnel is requested until the stuff in Johnny Depp’s bed hits the fan, and then they want to be heroes for immediately recognizing the problem and throw money at it! Then taxes rise and they can hide behind the emergency! You pay for what you get!

Know the truth, and the truth will set you free. When you heard the Chief of Police was in charge of the coordination of events in Uvaldé, you naturally assumed Chief meant Chief! Au Contrairé! He was the leader of the school security. Twist it anyway you like, but on any given day his first priority was to assemble the school crossing guards in their proper locations. His most noteworthy arrest was most likely some kid smoking in the boys’ room. His SWAT team was those crossing guards.

All decisions came down from him!

And where did he get his jurisdiction? It was his turf. All decisions came down from him! And how did he get his job? He was the cheapest the city council and board of education could find. Campus security for your kids for the price of a donut. Swat them bees!

Are your children not as valuable as a freaking deer?

Go to the bank. What do you see? An off duty police officer or professional security guard who will shoot anyone trying to rob that bank. The last time you got a ticket. That cop wasn’t playing. He was trained to expect the worse. Even a Game Warden has a dangerous job. More often than not a Game Warden walks up on a dunk suspect, in the dark, with a gun, who knows he just broke the law. And the Warden is just protecting deer! Are your children not as valuable as a freaking deer?

But the ants are in Uvaldé. And the truth is being parlayed to you by the girl stealing a sandwich! But the truth is much much deeper than anything you are seeing on CNN. Unsecured schools are an abomination before God! Our school systems have been devastated by COVID! These kids were back in school. Them, and their parents were trying to make it work.

Photo of Amerie Jo Garza – Killed in the Uvalde School Shooting … while calling for help.

Fix it!

It wasn’t a false flag! There was no CIA, no New World Order and no Russians! There was just a little ten year old girl who received the Bronze Cross at her funeral from The Girl Scouts of America for trying to save her friends! There is nothing false about the border guard who ended the killing spree. Don’t worry about where the guns came from right now. Let’s just concentrate on keeping our kids safe! The only false thing here is the words of that reporter making up her story who had never heard the word Uvaldé the day before! She could care less about the broken hearts of the people who live there, or the Law Enforcement who now ask, “Why?” I just told you why. Now fix it!

Authors Note: I’m aware that I didn’t address certain issues in this article that were pointed out to me by staff and friends. How the shooter got the truck, how he got into the school, and mostly how he got not one, but two AR-15 style guns. I realize these things! We need to address first things first. Our kids aren’t safe. It’s open season on our most precious resource. After a little girl can go to school in complete safety anywhere in the country, then we can start tracking gun sales, dope dealers and transgenders. Right now we are burying our kids. We are no better than a tribe in Afghanistan.



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