YouTube Censors ADOLPH HOGG Video – Snowflakes Offended, Too Much Like ORIGINAL

YouTube Censors ADOLPH HOGG Video – Snowflakes Offended, Too Much Like ORIGINAL

by Rick Wells

David Hogg, the obnoxious little “celebrity” twerp going after Americans’ guns, wasdepicted as the new face of fascism in a humorous, eerie YouTube video. YouTube censored it…

david hogg

The punk agitator who is rapidly becoming the misshapen face of modern fascism, David Hogg, made a speech and adopted an ominous pose at the March for Confiscation and Disarmament last Saturday. Most of us have seen his pose with his fist raised in the traditional communist or revolutionary manner.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Now a video has been produced by YouTube channel MAGA3D that is so good it was censored by Google, with a warning placed on it that the leftist snowflakes in the “YouTube Community” had identified it as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences,” most likely themselves.

In the video, which has been converted to black and white to more closely resemble the old films of the 1930s and 40s in the period in which Hitler was rising to power, Hitler’s voice has been dubbed over Hogg’s image, and matches up pretty closely.

The crowd cheering also syncs up pretty well. Clearly it’s a parody and it’s equally clear that the thought police at Google don’t find it humorous. Butt-hurt leftists don’t have a sense of humor, so that isn’t likely to happen and they certainly don’t take it as well as they dish it out.

David Hogg is a detestable little twerp for a lot of reasons, the kid that never learned to keep his mouth shut to prevent rearrangement of his facial features. He still hasn’t learned but he’s got cameras to protect him for now, on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and Google-YouTube.

Fascism is ugly, and it’s even uglier in the form of David Hogg in black and white. This punk, who is attacking regular Americans and our rights on behalf of the Soros globalists and their political machine deserves every bit of vitriol aimed in his direction. This video is a good start but he needs more. [Click on Watch on Youtube when black screen comes up next.]


TLB published this video report from Rick Wells.US with our thanks to Rick for the coverage.

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