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by Michael J. Murphy

GEOENGINEERING: In order to solve any problem one must get to the root of the problem.

GeoEngineering is being sold as a way to mitigate global warming. The plans of GeoEngineering and political officials are to legalize it (GeoEngineering) based on climate models that project current and future warming of our planet. All Climate models are flawed because they fail to include the largest factor in our changing climate; GeoEngineering. Therefore, the root of the problems we are experiencing, related to GeoEngineering, lie within the global warming issue which is substantiated by flawed climate models.

FLAWED CLIMATE MODELS ARE THE ROOT OF GEOENGINEERING because they are the reason that there is even talk about legalizing these damaging programs. I am convinced that moving foreword in this capacity is the only way to stop Geoengineering. Any other approach will allow for the legalization of Geoengineering and therefore make it exponentially more challenging to take legal and legislative action.

How infiltrators work in the movement

Do not be mislead by the infiltrators that are trying to convince you that the planet is warming. It is literally impossible to determine as long as GeoEngineering continues. Also, getting the movement to believe this (GW) has ZERO benefit to our goals of stopping GeoEngineering and is critical to the opposition in their efforts to legalizing these damaging programs.

Timing is everything

The root of our problem is climate models and the solution to GeoEngineering is proving that climate models are flawed/fraudulent. It is at that time that we can get a court injunction to stop all climate talks, legislation and mandates until GeoEngineering is stopped. This will also allow us to get support from those who support climate change initiatives. It is a plan for unity of our efforts!!!!! Please wake up folks, we are in a critical time and must not be mislead by those who are seeking to divert us!!!!!!

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Michael J. Murphy is an award winning film Director/Producer with such classics as What in the World are They Spraying, Why in the World are They Spraying and his new film (in production) An Unconventional Shade of Grey, A Call To Action!

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By Ralph Ely (TLB)

“I have noted several “legal actions/groups” that have formed to bring about a court action to end GeoEngineering. I have also had numerous conversations with “activists” that have been in involved in this battle for many years. Two of these conversations took place with a PhD Science Researcher and a Tier 1 World Class Scientist with an MS degree. All have said these legal filings will go no where due to the fact the Defendants (The Gov) will use Science Models in court that do not include GeoEngineering. The court will consider that as hard evidence that GeoEngineering does not exist or (in the event gov admits to it) that is has no detrimental effect on air quality, water quality… etc.

If the argument is made by anti-GeoEngineering activist/legal representatives that indeed it is detrimental and include evidence of Air Samples taken at High Altitude by Scientific means, and presented via a peer reviewed scientific paper, then the court must consider the evidence presented by the defendants as incomplete and not admissible.

For Science to be pure in Weather Models it Must Include GeoEngineering.

Many activists are concerned that some of these “legal movements” are showing evidence of being a “gate keeper” operation and are in place to do nothing but cause confusion, division among groups and to keep good evidence from from being presented in a court of law, thus allowing these programs to continue and over time allow the power elite to legalize GeoEngineering and prevent any legal action that will hold them accountable.”



  1. It was always insane and now it is totally out of hand; it’s grey outside almost constantly. This is war and we are their enemy.

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