15 Fortune 500 Companies Headquartered in Switzerland-NOVARTIS

By: David-William | TLB Staff Writer


Who exactly are the people behind these toxic vaccines, and the GMOs, and all the other genocidal maniacs on our little planet?  What is the source of evil?  Evil is a religion, and if you put on your satanic thinking cap, you’ll start to put the picture together.  What the hell!  Think evil!  If you want to catch devils, you have to think like one.  It takes money, control, incestuous conspiracy, and deceit.

“The Crusades the last stronghold of the Templars fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 — The Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founded and out of the Templars came the freemasons.

The Pharaohs are still there and are ruling the world through secret societies, and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea” . . . The sea of peoples that is, through mixing they are amongst us on all key positions, and Switzerland is their biggest base; the home of the Templars.”  Santos Bonacci

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“Queen Elizabeth, one of the economic elite, is acting as a Pharaoh. Her coronation took place on the Stone of Scone. Her empire is pharaonic.*It’s through their created concept called “money” that they have enslaved mankind.
The “sisters of Isis” hate, kill, brainwash, practice the most satanic kind of sorcery. They practice inversive, evil magic purely to satisfy their physical wants.

They go by a false god system of “honor”, not Nature’s “law”. That’s why you swear on the “bible” the book of their god. The letter “G” for golut means the diaspora of the pharaohs.

The Pharaoh’s Army disappeared into the sea … of humanity. They are amongst us practicing black magic. That’s why they wear black robes and the wooly white wigs represent a sheep’s covering over the wolf. The black graduation robes and square over circle mortar board hats are obvious symbolism done right in front of us.”  Sean Hross


The Swiss drug maker, Novartis $NVS,  sent it’s vaccine division, formed in 2006, to the U.K. Company, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK)., but not the flu shot business, for 7.1 billion U.S.

“We believe the divestment of our smaller vaccines and animal health divisions will enable us to realize immediate value from these businesses for our shareholders, and those divisions will benefit from being part of large, global businesses that are also leaders in their segments,” Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez said in a statement, adding, “Looking ahead, this positions Novartis well for future healthcare industry dynamics.”


The CROWN/VATICAN/SWISS Banking Cabal, has it’s head where?  Switzerland!  The Octogon, SWISS, Sisters of Isis, a country run by pharaonic bloodlines, the Priests of Amon Ra.

“Who is behind the black hand of the Vatican? Why does the “Swiss” Guard, guard the Vatican?”

“The criminals who run the whole show are up in those pristine hills of Switzerland.  They are behind EVERY WAR.  They have infiltrated EVERY country, region of the planet.  The
priests of Amun Ra run the world.”

“The priests of Ba’al run the B[ritish]A[ccreditation]R[egistry] in the City of London. They are basically the Priests of Amun Ra and they run Canon Law … Maritime Commercial Law, a System of Commerce.  This is why their flag shows a simplified Templar’s flag in exactly the same colors.”  Santos Bonacci


Fortune 500 Rank: 157
Industry: Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health
City: Basel, Switzerland

Novartis was created in 1996 when Ceiba-Geigy merged with Sandoz, a leading manufacturer of generic drugs. While pharmaceuticals make up Novartis’ largest division, their consumer health division makes several well-known products including Excedrin, Theraflu, and Maalox. Employees from over 80 countries work at Novartis’ Basel headquarters, which includes a cafe, public green spaces, shops, and a fitness center. The campus is currently in the process of a redesign to replace obsolete buildings with ones that are more energy efficient and environmentally responsible.”



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  1. Recent funeral of a friend held in an anglican church, had the preist speaking of us being the sheep, and needing a shepherd, he was smirking, tried to get his eye, to let him know we know he speaking poppycock.

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