Why 3 Loves and not just One, Tri-Energetics

Why 3 Loves and not just One, Tri-Energetics

by Brian Porter | TLB Staff Contributor 

At this time of planetary wide extinction, we need to look at 3 loves to find solutions. I call this foundational knowledge, or Tri-Energetics,…a way of acting and viewing the world that has the power to remedy all of its present ills.

1) Love of the Mother Earth:

From her bosom comes all life, all her children, of which we are but one species of millions here on earth. Love of the mother teaches us the eat directly from her, not from a grocery store. A local farmers’ market perhaps, or finding a way to grow your own herbs and greens is a great first step towards reconnecting with the mother.

Water, structured, mineralized and ancient source is best. findaspring.com is a great place to start looking for good water. All Muni water is  polluted and should be avoided or at least filtered before consuming. *JMCC Water Filters is the best place to find a good water filter.

[Editors note: *JMCC Water Filters were invented by Prof. James McCannney, MS. Dr. McCanney is a Science Adviser to The Liberty Beacon and his filters along with other Natural Health resources and Test Solutions can be found on a “One Click” page that is due to be launched next week by TLB founder Roger Landry.] 

Mother also taught us to live in close knit, loving communities where all belong, all have a say, all are cared for and taught to live in accordance with one of her seeds of knowledge. As we know from our natural past, humans lived in much smaller communities, close to the land, the water and we had a deep understanding of her cycles, her gifts and the role we had as responsible predators on this planet.

At the top of the food chain, we are predatory, of that there is no doubt and it is a noble role in the greater biosphere. But we never abused this power like we do now, we did not threaten the rejuvenating and restorative cycles as we do now. Playing with the weather, using it as a weapon, polluting every square inch of this sacred planet must stop. We lived in harmony in our more natural state and we must return to the garden as soon as possible and live again in much smaller societal groupings.

2) Love of Source:

The creator of all things is source. Pick your vehicle or belief system, it could include science cause it has to do with our understanding of cause and effect relationships here. Most importantly, lets make sure the science is natural, balanced and functions in harmony with the planet.

The understanding of cause and effect relationships is crucial to our survival here. We must see all the toxic and unnatural relationships we have created with the mother to save her.

Its not just the use of carbon based fuels, the mining, fracking and drilling, but it includes a litany of issues. Primarily the release of toxics by geo engineering, nuclear waste, accidents like Fukushima, nuclear bombs exploded in the last 60 or so years in tests, the millions of tons of depleted uranium used in wars, the chemicals used in farming of which there are many, the toxins used in medicine and created by pharmacology, the GMO’s, the chemicals used in food preservation, cleaners, the synthetic lifeforms, the Artificial Intelligence initiatives designed to replace our species, the deforestation, the bio weapons and the use of electromagnetic energy towers on land, sea, space and in our homes. All of these practices must end, as we are close to losing our biosphere!

It so superficial to think that some carbon tax is gonna a make any difference in a world where the creation of toxins is our greatest compulsion at the moment!

All superficial solutions are sustained by extreme ignorance and the Money God, a false idea of value created by a buy and sell culture. This too must be changed.

Source will also help us find solutions. We need an orderly plan to make the conversion back to a natural way of functioning here. We need to renaturalize all living systems, be they scientific, medical, educational, political and/or economic. All of these knowledge systems need to be renaturalized and reharmonized with mother earth.

For example, scientists must focus all their efforts on conversion to non-toxic ways of meeting our needs, be they energy, food production and other methods of fabrication. Processes that can not be naturalized need to be abandoned or put on hold until a natural way of making them is found.

Energy conservation could be enhanced through better insulation systems for our homes and places of work.

3) Love for Each Other and our species:

As we work together to fix this planet, we will rejuvenate a love and appreciation for our species and once again find our rightful place here.

We have unique energy systems that thrive when we work together, this is the connecting energy of the pack animal. If and when we separate, we falter and get into war and the economics of scarcity.

A love of difference is also essential, for once we stop killing the mother, we will find that there are many, many seeds of knowledge to plant and nurture here.

Each new societal grouping can chose its way of producing local food, lodging and its energy. Some will chose to create culture, new languages, new meanings and new religions.


There u go, the 3 loves that will take us back to our foundation! All three connections are required to sustain us while we return to the garden and our natural ways. These three loves reinforce each other and will ensure that we fix this planet.

If we just love ourselves, we will ignore nature and the toxic forces created by our mad scientists, politicians and business leaders.

If we just love source and become completely spiritual, we will forget, as many spiritual leaders have, that this planet needs our undivided attention and action to stop our release of toxins in the physical world.

If we just love nature, we will forget that all that is natural will become polluted without attention to the forces that seek to destroy all life here. Nestling oneself in the woods or a garden is not enough to fix this planet. While its a great start, we need to connect with others worldwide to defeat the military industrial complex and the corrupted banking systems that are creating the 6th mass extinction.

Thus, we need to sustain all 3 loves to escape this downward spiral towards oblivion. And once balance is restored, we need to sustain this foundation and never return to the evil ways of the past 6000 years. The three loves form the foundation of all that matters. It is the human soil that will allow all the seeds of knowledge to grow here and flourish once again.


About the author:

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Brian Porter is a Radio Show Host and a TLB staff contributor.  Brian is based in Canada and has been ‘an activist for Humanity’ for many years. His show I Am Nature can be heard each Wednesday at 7pm West Coast time, and 10pm East.  I Am Nature is carried on Revolution Radio @ Freedomslips.com, Studio “B”

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