TLBTV: The PermaCube Revolution … Safe Water, Food & Energy For All of Us


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Roger Landry3On this episode of “Eradicating Programmed Ignorance” we will be discussing safe Food, Water and Energy, and how you can be a part of this revolution to end our dependence on global corporations who have only their best interest (profit) in mind.

Many are aware today of the poison food and toxic water we are exposed to on a daily basis. As these Ag, Chem and Energy giants get richer and more powerful by the day … humanity gets sicker, less fertile and poorer. It is well past time for change, and what we will present to you on this show is a great step to accomplishing just that goal.

Lets discuss the problems we are faced with and the available solutions. Please watch this archived show and read the included information.

My visiting co-host is Brian Porter.

Brian Porter 1He is also the individual responsible for bringing our guest to TLB’s attention.

Brian Porter is an activist and has his own Radio Show called, I AM NATURE on Revolution Radio show @, Wed, 10 PM in studio B. His show focuses on those making a difference, be it setting up Eco-villages, community gardens, fighting to stop Geo Engineering, green energy systems or any one of what he calls the 8 Planet Killers.

To check out his show Archive, please visit his YouTube channel here.

Our special guest today is Jim Gale

Jim Gale 1Jim Gale traveled the world, living in Australia, Africa, Asia and a brief time in Pakistan. When he arrived back in Minnesota he was 29 and had big goals. He started a mortgage company and quickly grew it to over 400 loan officers and his company did 1.3 Billion in residential loans. He then traveled to Costa Rica and because an Eco-village developer. His community, Osa Mountain Village was written up in the New York Times because of the “sustainable” ideas that were implemented. Jim is a passionate permaculture advocate. He and his team have planted thousands of fruit trees, edible landscapes and created many off-grid food production systems. Jim is also an inventor and has recently turned a used shipping container in to a large scale, off-grid food dehydrator. His most recent invention is called The Permacube revolution … the PCR is a highly diversified and efficient food and energy production system. He and his team are just now starting to promote this system and other permaculture principles world wide.

Visit the PermaCube Revolution website below the video and introduction article for more information


PermaCube Revolution is the most efficient and diversified food and energy system in the world; creating vital food, and even clean water and energy. Elevator Pitch medium size: PermaCube Revolution is the most efficient and diversified food and energy system in the world. Your family can now have an off grid system that creates all the food, clean water and energy that your family needs to survive and thrive! Don’t support the system. Grow your own.

PermaCube Revolution can ensure:

· non GMO

· pesticide free

· learn to be self abundant

· Enough food, water and energy to share or sell

· Promote a healthy environment for yourselves and your loved ones

Every system includes:

· High quality cube – the heart of the unit

· Greenhouse

· Choice of secondary greenhouse for vegans or chicken tractor coups

· Biodigestor to create energy/methane gas for cooking, heating water for bathing, etc

· Water catchment system and large tanks

· Water conserving growing beds

· 2 large Solar food dehydrator tray boxes

· Storage

· Composter

· Ability to add optional add-ons

· optional – Aquaponics style grow beds on or off grid

· Optional – solar and wind energy of any size

· optional – clean water out of air generators – household 8 – 15 gallons a day or industrial 80 up to 700 gallons a day

· optional – hatchery

Visit Jim’s website:  PermaCubeRevolution


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