Beyond Darkness to Shine the Light on Tyranny

By Cathy Geibel  | TLB staff writer/reporter

Beyond Darkness to Shine the Light on Tyranny

I awoke at 5 o’clock this morning unable to sleep.  Lying awake in contemplation, attempting to put meaning and purpose to life and the challenges we are facing here on planet earth, I recalled an ancient poem titled “The Dark Night of the Soul”.  In part, this poem speaks of the journey of the soul in search of union with God, a journey through darkness.  Unlike what the title may seem it is actually not about darkness at all, but about the search for light and illumination.  A journey many of us have undertaken.

We are often tempted to focus on the darkness.  Our societal orchestrators, the media and those who run it, would prefer we be distracted and mired in darkness because THAT they can control.  There is a constant spin on the negative so they can offer us a myriad of panaceas to “make us feel better”.  Everything from fast food to internet porn (yes I went there).  Control the darkness, control the opiates and the addictions we are fed.  They have us brainwashed and sleepwalking on an unfathomable level.  We are so distracted by the next episode of Naked and Afraid we are oblivious to the fact we are losing our freedoms at an epic pace and  are being blindly led to our demise.


Our world is now being run by a Global Elite who feel their Agendas, 21 and 2030, are their entitled right to implement.  We are nothing but their cattle to be herded and disposed of at their whim.  When one of the herd gets too close to exposing their truth they eliminate them.  I reference the assassination and murder, of LaVoy Finicum on January 26th of this year as he and the group were on their way to a peaceful meeting to expose this Globalist Agenda.  The others, the Patriots, are being held in prison for nothing more than using their freedom of speech and assembly.  It is important to understand we are them.  

The Globalists would have us believe we are alone, outnumbered.  I have to confess to succumbing to that fallacy during this “dark night”.  I confess to feeling overwhelmed and the disconnect from, not only my fellow souls, but from God and the Angels.  And this “aloneness” is exactly the pitfall we must face and overcome to be on this journey. It is a lie that is fed and watered by those who fear we may see beyond their darkness to the light of truth.

Global dom insert

Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey as Carrie and Frank Underwood in House of Cards

Main Stream media has addressed Global Domination in the video series House of Cards… dealing with entrenched governments, regional rivals, international quirks and issues. Ever notice how Hollywood and Broadcast Media show us what the Power Elite is doing and going to do. Is this how their “minions” get their “marching orders” while we think it is just entertainment. Or perhaps, is it our conditioning to accept things to come?

The United States is the only barrier to Global Domination by those who mean us harm.  Our holding to the truth that the Constitution of the United States is indeed the ONLY true law of this land infuriates them.  They use the guise of “Public lands” to take property and resources from the hands of the true owners, We the People.  They create false flag events and foster emotional responses to promote an anti gun agenda, because until we are disarmed they cannot complete their takeover.  They force us to breath chemicals, hit us with electromagnetic frequencies and vaccinate us into submission.  And soon we will all be required to carry a Microchip.  I think not this person.  How many of us will resist?

So you see, I believe we souls have been called here at this time, in this place to combat the tyranny and takeover.  We are finding each other and gathering as we are powerful in numbers, we are not alone.  More and more are waking up.  More and more see the truth.  The attacks upon us increase.  They would have us believe we have no power but instead I contend we indeed do hold the power.  We hold the light.  We are legion and they fear us!

Light in hand inst


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