Colleges have decided to Push a Third dose of MMR Vaccine

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Read the article and take a close look at the picture? Have you figured out what is wrong yet? The student in the chair is getting what is probably his third MMR shot.


Tippecanoe County giving free mumps vaccines

A Purdue student receives a mumps vaccine at a free clinic on the university's campus.A Purdue student receives a mumps vaccine at a free clinic on the university’s campus. (Article link)

“WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — In the first week of April, five Purdue students were diagnosed with the mumps, which is considered an outbreak. In order to keep the disease from spreading further, a clinic is giving free vaccines on the university’s campus.

The clinic opened at noon Monday. There was a steady flow of patients at France Córdova Recreational Sports Center. Purdue students, faculty and staff are encouraged to get the vaccine, but it was open to anyone.

Purdue senior Mattie White said most students are aware of the outbreak and the university is making sure they know about the free clinic.

“I think it’s really important to get vaccinated. It’s something that’s preventable. If you can come and easily just get a shot, it’s much better than getting the disease and transmitting it to other people. It’s just a better, safer option,” said White.

Tippecanoe County Health Officer Jeremy Adler said places like college campuses are a perfect breeding ground for viruses.

“This is a great example of how diseases that are preventable by vaccines still do exist. It’s a good reminder that all of us need to remain vigilant and get our vaccines at the appropriate times,” said Adler.

Mumps symptoms are similar to the flu, including neck swelling. If you believe you may have symptoms of mumps, you should isolate yourself from contact with others and seek care as soon as possible.”


As most people in the United States know there has been a nationwide mumps epidemic across college and university campuses. The most startling fact in all of the outbreaks is that that they are occurring in populations that have had two doses of the MMR. (MUMPS MEASLES RUBELLA)


Early reports show mumps on the rise in 2016, including on campuses

by Lianna Matt | Intern | CIDRAP News

Some colleges have decided to push a third dose of the MMR ignoring the fact that the person receiving the vaccine is probably not immune from dose 1 and 2. I personally feel that the college and university setting is a testing ground to see how comfortable the public is with a third MMR dose.

If this is the case could we see a new wave of adult vaccine injury? Are they over inflating the outbreaks in order to push these vaccine clinics? Merck has strong ties with the CDC and given the fact they killed people with VIOXX and have been accused of fraudulently reporting the effectiveness of the mumps vaccine I would not put anything past them or their partners in crime. (CW)

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2 Comments on Colleges have decided to Push a Third dose of MMR Vaccine

  1. My mother had me vaccinated with the 2 MMR shots in the 70’s with the understanding I would be immune for life. Now we know this is not the case. The answer is yet another booster? The truth is, the vaccination schedule is just a big experiment. I am done being the guinea pig.

  2. As much as a advocate for safe vaccinations and a reasonable schedule for kids…this I think isn’t a bad thing. Most people who spread measles and the like ARE adults—who aren’t vaccinated or their immunity from the vax they got at 18 months has waned—most of these outbreaks ARE on college campuses and in places where people are living in cramped quarters–similar to the tenements during the polio epidemic. There IS a way they can test if you still have immunity to the MMR diseases–they do this when you become pregnant–to determine if you need the vaccine or not—I was vaxed in 1978 and I STILL had immunity to rubella–which give kids birth defects if Mom has it when pregnant. I would say pick your battles. Over vaccinating young kids is a good one—college kids—getting boosters—is not a bad thing–they are less vulnerable and it keeps everyone health and also decreases the media hysteria on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated kids!!!!

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