By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

April 24, 2016


The comparison between “General Court” versus “The State House” parallels the comparison between “New-Hampshire” versus “STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.”  One is a Republic and the other is the CORPORATION in THE UNITED STATES OF ROME, otherwise known as the CROWN, which is CITY OF LONDON, which is the VATICAN.  Every State House has a private CORPORATION, DBA within it, that does all the writing for all House and Senate Bills and Resolutions.  This office within STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE is called OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE SERVICES.  Hopefully, you’ll guess who runs these OFFICES, and if not, please take notice that it’s the Crown Temple B.A.R. or the British Accreditation Registry.  Get it?  The Crown, Middle Temple B.A.R. Agents are writing COLOR OF LAW for “INCOMPETENT PERSONS” and getting you to believe you stand under these STATUTES and CODES.  In fact, you should keep in mind that almost no one comprehends what’s going on, but you can be a part of the few who do.

Here at The Liberty Beacon, we are trying to educate and empower our readers, and we hope you, our readers, spread the word to cause the rippling effect.  

You might be paying attention to all the Articles on TLB for any number of reasons, but all of them are good, I’m sure.  The roots of all problems we are facing always seem to lead right back to the B.A.R. because they’re the ones holding everyone captive as U.S. citizens, even though we aren’t.  As long as they infiltrate every State House, every Court, every Agency, we have foreign terrorists forcing everyone to submit to their Colour of Law, which is exactly why the people have no rights or freedoms.  

The B.A.R. Courts have absolutely no respect for you.  They treat you as Prisoners Of War.  If you dare bring law into their Pirate vessels, they’ll threaten you with contempt and jail you and fine you.  You need to learn how to control their courts, but sadly almost no one will learn how to do that.  

Listed below are the tools you need to force the public servants into the shape of public servants.  Key operative term, “force.”  The B.A.R. infested State Houses do not want you to control their Courts of Admiralty Law, and they don’t want you forcing internal legislation upon their Courts.  The force you need will be revealed here from TLB.  Before any of these remedies in law can work, you need to comprehend two things.  One, everything you were taught is what addled your brains.  Two, everything you need to learn can come only after you flush the toxic, debilitating malarky embedded in your thought process.

If you think you’re a U.S. citizen, you’re seriously mistaken.  If you think that “Judges” have any lawful authority, you’re seriously mistaken.  If you think B.A.R. Attorners/Brokers have licenses, you’re wrong again.  If you think that a “Judge” is above you, you’re lost.  If you think you need licenses for anything, you’re a sheep.  If you think those Courts aren’t foreign Crown vessels, you’re stubbornly unreachable.  If you think THE UNITED STATES is a nation, you are asleep at the wheel.  If you think the green paper in your wallet is real money, you are illiterate, because it tells you on both sides of each NOTE (HINT! HINT!) that it isn’t.  If you think Nations have “Presidents”/CEOs, you need to cancel your Cable service.  If you think B.A.R. Agents are allowed to hold Offices of Trust, you failed history.  If you think that “STATE OF…” can be the Plaintiff making a claim against you, you’re totally ignorant of law.  If you think the Vatican doesn’t own THE UNITED STATES, you’re out to lunch.  If you think that :john-henry: Doe is JOHN H. DOE, you are or are about to be in big trouble.  If you think you owe the I.R.S. anything from your labor, you’re a slave.  If you think you own your land and property and if you think you paid for it and you pay property taxes, you’re a RESIDENT ALIEN with no standing in law.  If you think the ALL CAPS/JOHN H. DOE on the DEED is you, you’re assuming the role of a DECEDENT.  If you think the DEED is the Title, you need to run to the mirror to look at your STRAWMAN.  If you signed a BIRTH CERTIFICATE when your kid was born, you abandoned the CHILD to the STATE.  If you think forced toxic vaccinations and fluoridated water benefit the people, you’re not doing your homework, and you’re ruining your babies.  If the question of freedom precipitates your concern for “benefits,” you’re your own worst enemy.  If you think Commercial Statutes and Codes apply to you, you’re indoctrinated.  If you believe that traveling in your car is “operating” a “motor vehicle” as a “driver” and that you’re “transporting” “passengers” (your loved ones) to visit the grocery store requires a license, you’re effectively dumbed down.  If you think that “voting” for Foreign Corporate “Persons” “elects” someone, you have no idea what a “voter registration” is and how it stripped you of your rights.  If you think the real Constitution has the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, etcetera… written on it, you’re beyond disconnected.  If you believe your home is “in” THE UNITED STATES, while you’re nowhere near the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, you need to stop doing everything you’re doing to start learning about how and why you’re lost your way in this world, and realize, YOU’RE LOST.  

If you have no clue as to what the four Articles mean, then rest assured, you have abandoned your place in a free society, and you are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the space your shoes occupy.  

If you’re amazed or angry at yourself after reading this Article, then there is hope for you and you deserve all the assistance you’re able to get from The Liberty Beacon.  

If you’re angry at me, David-William, for alerting you to the grim, harsh, reality of consciousness that you’re sorely lacking, your personality type should steer you to something much more important, such as The Price Is Right, or FOX News with a Diet Coke.  BTW, there’s always time to snap out of the fog, if you so choose to awaken.  

Tomorrow’s Article on the Crown Temple B.A.R. will be written to help those who are awakening and working to get control of the public servants/Trustees, and out from under their control.  If they don’t wish to comply with their Oath/Obligation, in that they swore to uphold the State Constitution, and the real Constitution of 1787-1789, then there are ways to prosecute them.

Please read the four Articles below, and get prepared to take control.  If you’re not in control, they are.  Look carefully at the words in red!  Think about what they mean!

The British Accreditation Registry is standing between you and your rights, and it’s your fault if you allow, consent, agree, submit, acquiesce, surrender, give up, fail, bow down, abandon, quit, malfunction, flounder, implode, self-destruct, fall flat, delude, weaken, fade, break down, yield, deteriorate, degenerate, sink, decay, droop, or disappoint your fellow countrymen, out of fear or lack or determination.  Be an AmeriCAN!!!

“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.”


New-Hampshire State Republic – Part the First  [ Bill of Rights ]

[Art.] 10. [Right of Revolution.] Government being instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the private interest or emolument of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government. The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

[Art.] 30. [Freedom of Speech.] The freedom of deliberation, speech, and debate, in either house of the legislature, is so essential to the rights of the people, that it cannot be the foundation of any action, complaint, or prosecution, in any other court or place whatsoever.

[Art.] 31. [Meetings of Legislature, for What Purposes.] The legislature shall assemble for the redress of public grievances and for making such laws as the public good may require.

June 2, 1784
Amended 1792 generally rewording sentence and omitting “for correcting, strengthening and confirming the laws.”

[Art.] 32. [Rights of Assembly, Instruction, and Petition.] The people have a right, in an orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the common good, give instructions to their representatives, and to request of the legislative body, by way of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.


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