A Catalystic Approach to Avoid the “New Normal”

A Catalystic Approach to Avoid the “New Normal”

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

Over time, evil brews like alcohol – gets stronger and deadlier. And just because others inflict their evil on you is no reason to follow suit. You end up in their hands, as you would if you fell into a deep well with no rescue possible.

This is an endless, destructive game we have all been playing, mostly because we don’t know any better and because when attacked, we act impulsively. But that is not the same meaning as spontaneous which, in my own estimation, comes from an outpouring of joy and happiness. It’s embedded in and the basic tool of creation which should arrive without thought. Any thought. It’s second rate, cobwebbed and the antithesis of NOW.

Impulsiveness in the face of danger, on the other hand, is reacting to stress and danger without our own free will involved. It’s too defensive and not based on quiet observation but on: look what they did to me.

I’m not saying “turn the other cheek” here. And I’m not criticizing that approach. Personally, I’ve never been good at that anyway. I believe if we turn the other cheek to these globalists, you lose both cheeks and much more of your body, not to mention your soul, which is you.

So what is my point? Often when I start writing an article, based as best I can on spontaneity, I don’t know what the point is. But it’s there. You just have to glide over your mind, as you would in a canoe over gentle water, and let it flow.

Another point on this: I don’t believe in the “muse” theory, that there IS one, dictating to you while you sit hoping and waiting for it to arrive, as if your own creativity is subservient, as if you can’t acknowledge it exists at all!

YOU are the muse. You always ARE.

We are faced with this challenge today: how to defeat the danger and evil without resorting to run of the mill responses. Have they worked? At times, for a while, such as when Buddha did so much for eastern civilization.

The Classical Age saw the rebirth of urban civilization in ancient India, and with it, a literate culture. It was an age of amazing religious creativity, with the birth of two new religions, Jainism and Buddhism. The latter would go on to become one of the great world religions, influential throughout all the countries of East Asia and of South East Asia. Within the course of later Indian history it would eventually almost die out, though not before profoundly transforming Hinduism, making it the religion it is today.

This period of Indian history ended with the rise of the first great imperial state in ancient India, the Mauryan empire, after 320 BCE.”

A quote from: TimeMaps.com – The Classical Period of Ancient India

I’m not promoting Buddhism or any particular religion. It’s just an example of quite a different approach to the perils of living on planet Earth. Instead of squashing everyone, especially when they rebel, put civility there and the truth of who we really are – powerful beings, including the homeless, the alcoholic, the druggies and others considered “undesirable” who should be done away with one way or another.

However, this scene today, as we know, has gotten much worse as the globalists panic more and more each day. Now, most of us have become useless, especially ones who have awakened and are fighting back.

I’ll tell you what happened to me the other day which begins my point. It finally arrived. My favorite artist, Jose Trujillo, creates many very helpful videos on every aspect of painting and promotion. On a video about Instagram, he says over and over to “engage”. That simply means to talk to people without, at first, trying to sell them something. I’ve heard this repeatedly from other successful entrepreneurs, selling all kinds of products.

This is so true today because, due to the massive amount of communication and selling online, we are inundated. And so, many of us have forgotten we are dealing with PEOPLE, not bodies with credit cards in the frantic quest to maneuver through the countless crowds of marketing hopefuls.

I even object to “bots”, no matter how friendly and how accurate they are in understanding your responses and questions. Do we need to “pretend” they are human to feel they are in communication with us? I mean do you talk to your washing machine?

Possibly, this is just a milder aspect of shoving a chip in your hand so whoever the powers are can quickly “help” you. By maybe reading your mind? Do you shiver when you consider that? How many people will go to jail for thinking about something like murdering a neighbor who rusted out their lawn mower?

Back to Jose, I was very excited to start this on my Instagram account. My main thought was: Great! I’ll engage so I can sell my paintings! Not an evil thought but as I started doing this, liking and commenting on things I liked, I began to think: Why do I feel hollow?

I put that disturbing thought aside and kept commenting. After I while, as I got grateful responses, something emerged in my heart and soul. There was more to this game. Something very basic and…healthy. The simple concept of “help” flooded up to me. I began to thoroughly enjoy the simple, unencumbered act of helping others. It reached deep inside with a satisfying joy.

I know most of you have experienced this. It is the most fundamental aspect of living. We are not meant to live merely for ourselves and the more we retreat into this dire philosophy, the more alone and miserable we become.

So, a ratio comes to mind: the more danger on the planet, the more we need to exit our own world and enter those of others, to help anyway we can. However, there’s no need to sacrifice your own world but to expand it.

So what happens? What are the benefits, fringe and otherwise? Well, it’s a double-edge, benevolent sword. You make yourself happy while you make them happy. Then everyone has more energy, activity and persistence in living, despite the danger.

Help becomes contagious. Imagine, if you will, the whole planet practicing this one simple, powerful act. Imagination is really, actually and factually how the world runs, how it is literally created.

One last point to painters or any creator, I invite you to watch Jose Trujillo’s videos on Youtube. He talks a great deal, even more so, about the actual philosophy of art and so, in living. He often blows my mind, a fantastic example of help.

Here’s one I really love which changed my approach a great deal. He talks about true “silence” which I see as a cousin to helping, a jumping off point.


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