All Mothers Are Born Activist’s They Just Do Not Realize It!

TLB Editors note: Pam Jones gives a “Mothers Perspective” of Activism starting with after birth decisions involving her children with such issues as Circumcision, Ritalin medication, Vaccinations and other run-ins with school officials for asking questions and having the audacity to question authority. It was the “perfect storm” to push Pam into a Lifetime of Activism.

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All Mothers Are Born Activist’s They Just Do Not Realize It! – Pam Jones

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by Pam Nickel T Jones |  To All Four Of My Beautiful Children, I Love YOU BIG!

I made a choice to be a single mom in the 1980’s.  I divorced riches and fame for a simpler life and to raise my children outside the glitz, glamour and big egos that comes with having too much money.  Little did I know that decision was somehow made for me because deep down I knew the system around me was spiritually unfulfilling and corrupt.  I knew the road ahead for me and my 4 kids would be tough and full of challenges and I was right. But things were much harder than they should have been for us.  Unlike other parents, I had no extended family of my own to help me due to being adopted and a very non participatory family on the other side.   I had to fight a battle everyday just in order to raise my little ones.  With 4  mouths to feed, clothe, house and school all while I held down full time jobs or ran my own company the day to day challenges were made far more difficult because the “government” seemed to always be in my way with their rules, laws and regulations, somehow penalizing me at every turn, yet everywhere I looked the stay at home welfare mom was making head ways and seemed leaps and bounds ahead of me.  It felt as though I was being preyed upon but a monster that I couldn’t see.

It started with the birth of my first son in 1979 while in the hospital.  I remember the pediatrician coming to me to discuss the “circumcision” that he needed.  Needed?  We were not Jewish.  I remember politely telling the doctor that my son would not be undergoing this procedure only to find him and several nurses pressuring me and then ridiculing me for refusing.  Your son will suffer from lifelong infections due to your decision, he will not fit in when he gets older, you are making a big mistake they told me. They were just downright cruel with their accusations but I stood firm in my belief telling them “God made him perfect just the way he is thank you very much”.

In the early 1980’s when my son started first grade I was called into the principal’s office for a meeting with him and the teacher.  I was told my son was hyper active and that I was required by the school to take him to his doctor for testing and medication which I did.  The doctor asked a few questions had him walk a straight line and diagnosed him as Hyper Active and prescribed him Ritalin.  I was in my early 20’s at the time and still somewhat naive so I began the medication as prescribe.  Within days my sons personality changed completely,  He became withdrawn and quite, nothing like the little vivacious 6 year old boy I had known and loved just days earlier.  Without the “permission” or knowledge of the school or his pediatrician I weaned him off the drug and he reappeared!   Within a week or so I got another call to meet with the principal and teacher again.  Ms. Jones they said, Your son appears to need more medication as he is acting much like before we put him on the Ritalin.  I was instructed to take him back to the pediatrician and see about upping his dosage.  It was then that my activism reared its head yet again, Mr. Principal I said,  I have taken him off the medication as I am the parent and I do not approve of the changes I saw while he was on it and I will NOT be medicating my son moving forward.  If this teacher can NOT handle one child out of 30 then perhaps she needs a smaller class size or is just NOT fit to be a teacher.  Needless to say this did not go over well.  As I recall they pressured me, belittled me and overall tried to make me feel like a bad mom but it did not work, I stood my ground.  My son never took that medication or any other medication again.


When my oldest daughter started school in the early 1990’s the school system tried the same bullying method on me again to no avail.  Once while at recess break she pushed a little boy down to the ground and kissed him which resulted in her receiving demerits and I received a call from the school demanding that I “medicate” her too as this behavior was unruly, I could not help but laugh.   I cannot even count the calls I received from all the schools over the years, threats to medicate my children or else, threats to vaccinate my children or else, threats to jail me because they missed school.  The whole educational system was hell, and the beast known as the government indoctrination schools and its rules verses me their mom was never ending.   I didn’t know I was an activist at the time but it turns out I always was.

When high school rolled around I thought I had been shipped off to an invisible war zone or a better analogy, Pam Jones vs Godzilla.  It seemed like a battle zone of mega proportions at every turn.  As the kids grew older the schools requirements grew larger and more invasive with the governments requirements and the CDC’s Vaccine list.  I never was big on the whole vaccination thing. I had the measles, mumps, chicken pox and the flu many times as a child and I  lived to tell about it so why in the world did my children need unknown chemicals forced into their body’s to keep them safe from the same disease I had survived as a child?  I often wondered what their urgency always was as well, if the other kids were vaccinated then weren’t they “safe” from my un-vaccinated children?  I guess I always knew it was for money, big corporate profits and I simply would not comply which is a good thing as I have read the inserts for all these vaccines.  One of the planets most toxic metals Mercury is in them & they clearly say they all can cause death. What parent in their right mind would allow these poisons to be forced into their child’s bodies? These assaults continued through the high school years with great intensity……. Ms. Jones they would say, your child can not attend school until you get this government list of required vaccinations to which I would always reply,  “somewhere in your secret file cabinet over there is a form,…. please get it out as I do not believe in vaccines.”   I always got a blank look, how did you know about that form?  And I was always asked “oh is it against your religion”?  NO I always replied, it’s against my “Mom Radar” and my Mom radar protects my children.  Because someone somewhere said I must do it,  was just NOT a good enough reason for me to agree to their demands.  The form always appeared out of that major file cabinet and then went back into another one with my signature on it!

When my youngest daughter started her high school in the 2000’s and missed several days of school,  I was called into a another school meeting.  Times had changed by then, it was no longer just the principle and the teacher but a whole ensemble of school “officials”.  The principal, the teacher, a school counselor, a representative from CPS, a school psychologist, a representative from an “Alternative school” for under achievers or kids with behavioral problems, a Police Officer and I even think the schools security guard was in attendance.  My daughter, her older sister and I were ushered into a large auditorium room on the high school campus of San Luis Obispo.  I’ll never forget them all sitting there acting so serious behind their half moon desks arranged in the middle of the room, sitting us in front of them, a intimidation factor that did not work out so well for them.  It felt like I had entered into a court room and was being put on trial for murder or something.  By this stage of my life I had won many many battles with this government indoctrination institution which I had watched grow into a mammoth monster with multiple heads and foaming teeth and I knew this battle was going to be my biggest victory to date.   The room became silent and then they began to talk….. Excuse me I said,  Before you begin I would like to tell you how I conduct these type of meetings as my time is valuable and I will need you to pay attention.  First, I will NOT subject my daughter to this type of intimidation so I am going to ask her to leave the room while we handle this matter in private and then I will explain how we will be moving forward.  I wish I had a picture of that moment,  their mouths were all hanging open as I kissed my baby girl and asked her to wait outside the room.  Once she was gone my oldest daughter witnessed how to be a Mother!  Now that she is gone please introduce yourselves I asked so that I can take notes on who you are and what you do here at this school.  One at a time they introduced themselves and their positions, Thank you I said as politely as I could.  Then I began, one by one I went around their half moon desk filled with their panel of concerned “officials” and explained to them what I felt was their total lack of and inability to preform their jobs and provide an adequate education to my child.  It amazes me,  I told them that there is so many of you here to participate in her educational process and yet you all have failed so miserably.  Without giving them a chance to speak I instructed each one of them as to what my expectation were and that I required these expectations to be meet by close of business the next day as I was immediately removing her from their school.  All I can remember was silence and them scooping their jaws off the desks they so proudly sat behind. As I exited the room my oldest daughter smiled at me and I remember telling her, now that is how you Mother and do not ever forget this moment!  No one tells you what’s best for your child, YOU TELL THEM!  To this day that is my proudest victory as a  single mother and an activist for my children, standing up for what was right against a failed government school system and all its unethical egotistical ways.


All of my children are stellar contributing adults today, creative, kind, free thinkers who are always questioning their world and its system of force.  Had I not stood up for them I am sure they too would be zombie adults functioning at a much lower level and contributing much less to society.  The reason I decided to share our story is to empower the young parents who do not know any better and are bullied into following along to get along at the cost of their children’s futures.  What appears to be normal in today’s society is NOT.  Slowly over the last 30-40 years they have stripped away our rights but in reality our rights have never gone anywhere its just the illusion that they have.

Your children are your responsibility not that of a government agency or school.  Just because they, the government say you “have to” do this or that does NOT and I repeat, does NOT mean you have to go along with it.  They are not reading the vaccine inserts that clearly show these toxic chemicals can hurt and even kill your child.  They do not care what the side effects of Ritalin may cause to your children.  They do care what any of these anti depression medications that they are forcing on your children are doing to your children.  And “they” will not be there to help care for your children should they become injury from any of this madness.

Children in my generation ran and played outside, rode their bikes without helmets, hung out at the parks and even went down into the sewer tunnels to look for the “Ninja Turtles”.  All of these normal everyday activities and  freedoms are being presented to you as bad and parents today are being punished for not following every damn little government rule they decide to come up with.  Its time for us elders to point out what is being taken away from you and your families as well as share with you “HOW” and why to stand up and take back your power as parents.  Just like a child will take a mile if you give them an inch so will this monster known as the “government”.  This illusionary body of egotistical losers who were more than likely bullies or bullied in school,  Power hunger maniacs is a better way to view them.

Remember, He who stands down and takes orders from another human being is kneeling to their master and accepting slavery not just onto themselves but onto their children and all their children’s children to come.   Are you prepared to leave that to your children? Is going along, to get along, so the monster beast government leaves you alone thus passing it on to our children to fight later on in their lifetime ok with you?  What kind of elder will you be remembered as one day, what stories will your family clan share about your life?  What will you say you did to stop this tyrannical takeover?  These are questions you need to answer today, it’s time to chose a side.  You either stand for freedom and liberty now or ensure slavery to all who come after you.

Today we find ourselves fighting even for far more evil than I had too as a young parent.  Today we are fighting against a poisoned food and water supply system, toxic mandatory vaccinations, courts that are deciding what medical treatments you and your children will and will not undergo, and a rouge government that has been taken over by foreign banks that are hell bent on implementing a One World Government and slavery for all mankind or at least those who survive their worldwide eugenics depopulation plan that is in full force.  We are even fighting a worldwide stratospheric aerosol geoengineering program that is poisoning us by spraying toxic heavy metals into the very air we are breathing and let us not forget the military industrial complex Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about. 

There’s a lot of reasons to stand up as a parent today but the number one reason to stand up now is to protect our children’s freedoms and all our families futures for generations to come.

I am Pam NickelT-Jones, a Mother, an Activist and an Elder of Planet Earth.  Be Blessed and Live Free.


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