By TLB Contributor: Paul James


Americans do not know they are feeding the Rothschild – Khazarian – Cabal mafia – which is the beast that unlawfully created the Israel death machine (Research Balfour Declaration HERE). The same beast that enslaved Americans since The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and is planning the death of Americans through Silent Wars aka GENOCIDE which is already underway.  BTW – The US Federal Reserve Note It is not lawful money per the organic laws of the Organic America and the US Dollar – or Federal Reserve Note is NOT AMERICAN MONEY!

The Organic United States of America is not the UNITED STATES later being a mutual corporation established in DC in 1871 without the peoples knowledge and designed to rule over the 10sq miles of the District of Columbia – NOT THE ENTIRE 50 Free and Independent States!

The US Dollar – is not a U. S. of A, Dollar – it does not represent the people of the Free and Independent States – it represents the privately controlled US mutual  corporation of 1871. It is more accurately a Khazarian – mafia debt note created by the Khazarian foreign entities that have sacked America for their criminal cabal!



The bulk of the ownership of the Federal Reserve System, a very well kept secret from the American Citizen, is held by these banking interests, and NONE is held by the United States Treasury:

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York


The Federal Reserve is at the root of our present statutory regulations, “laws”, in the control and regulation of virtually all aspects of human activity in the United States, through successively socialistic constructions laid upon the Commerce clause of the Constitution. Basically, the Federal Reserve is the “STATE” of the United States and it is FOREIGN to the Free and Independent States per the perpetual union of 1781 under the Articles of Confederation and the Unanimous Declaration of Independence of 1776.




The Federal Reserve Note – aka FRN is a military debt script created by the Khazarian – Venetians – operating out of DC – Crown – Corporation of London (foreign to England, as well) to steal America’s labor / energy over the last 100+ years so that it could -WAS –  used it to create a “one world slave planet” that the Khazarian mafia global plantation managers have been running from behind the curtain.

The Original United States of America (50 Free and Independent States) is an occupied territory by the FOREIGN KHAZARIAN – CRIMINAL CABAL controlled through their UNITED STATES Corporation of 1781! That which was created to rule only over the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia.

DC – is a Rothschild creation as is DC UNITED STATES money system the Federal Reserve! Like CROWN Corp or Corp of London is occupying England – Scotland – Ireland and Wales under a similar fraud – placing people under debt script, Roman Civil Law V’s common law and mixed war – in a system where the rulers USE the people – aka as in Parasite – to feed its empire.(Understand “Statute” vs “Common Law” HERE).

The empire is the hidden NWO of elite bankers & corporations. The all seeing eye is on the US $1 bill for good reason! The NWO plantation manager’s goal is to collapse the global financial system that this three state beast controls (Vatican – DC – Corp of London) and out of the ashes raise their NWO.

All nations including the Free and Independent 50 States are being held in a condition of “mixed war” by the Khazarian / Venetian DC – LONDON – Vatican plantation mafia and the false money system while they brainwash the people into accepting the lunatic system that they have created!

The God that has been created is the MONEY GOD – in GOD WE SERVE is not the creator God – it is the system use to overthrow America from within by an enemy within! Look to the CROWN created BAR system for a clue to how this was done. Understand “statute” is NOT  the same as common law of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, regarding the “law of  the land.”

The American people and now all those around the world have not yet realized they are DEBT SLAVES for a criminal parasite class!

So what is mixed war? The phrase “MIXED WAR” means a war carried on between a nation on one side and private individuals on the other [See definition HERE].

Mixed war occurs whenever the government of a nation is an enemy of, and at war against, its own People. The most insidious and perfidious type of mixed war exists when the government acts against the People under guise of protecting the People’s rights and upholding the nation’s most cherished values and ideals. In such case, government officials are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” occupying positions of prestige and power, with the support of the People, while treasonously betraying that trust. This is an ideal confidence game whereby arch-charlatan criminals can engage in piracy on an ongoing basis under color of law and be tolerated or even treated as heroes by their victims. Those that feed the Khazar slave system, do it unknowingly…

So those nations that did not want to be enslaved by the Khazarian mafia have been annihilated by a foreign controlled US War machine (not an American war machine) under the GUISE of making America safe – a Khazarian fantasy played on the American people! So I hope that you now get where this is going if America does not wake up! Now the lie is out of the bag.  We have traitors pretending to be our lawful government and it has been this way for over 100 years! STOP FEEDING YOUR ENSLAVEMENT or worse! America’s sovereignty and it’s people are in danger, along with ALL people, across the globe.






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  1. They must get a laugh out of convincing American Christians they are “people of the book.” Well, they are in a way. The Book of Revelation clearly states the identity of Mystery Babylon, the Scarlet Woman, the Whore of Babylon, the Great City and the Abomination of desolation: uit is the city “where also our Lord was killed.” And that ain’t Rome or Moscow. Christians need to stop reading those Scofield Bibles, written by a philandering drunkard funded by the above Cabal to promote their Zionistic ideals. Many of your legislators are involved in deep treason with the prime minister of an alien and hostile power. Wake up Americans!

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