An Unusual Brief Analysis of Upcoming Mid-Terms 2022 Election…

An unusual brief analysis of upcoming Mid-Terms 2022 Election, how may it be a Mirror or Antithesis of 2016, 2018, 2020 Elections past?

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Every single Election, of course, is its own entity. Some incumbents, other new people to choose from. Some similarities to Election past, some very important differences. This being a Mid-Terms is indeed very different from a Presidential Election cycle. Each State too, of course, has similarities and differences. I will be talking in-general in most cases, I will speak to some “specifics” of my State of Michigan, but to the degree that it likely does relate to many situations in other States (especially, but not necessarily limited to, Purplish Battlegrounds).

It seems, from Reports I receive from many places, like the 2016 Election in that folks “quietly” supported Trump and therefore “snuck under the Radar” of all the Pundits that thought Hillary was a lock for POTUS that cycle. The same may be happening for a lot of Conservative Candidates this cycle, including from disaffected Democrats, who are being “quiet” about their support due to Left-wing loon FASCICRATS Hitlerian Stormtroopers’ violence.

An important thing to note here is that so many FINALLY have awakened due to the illegal Lockdowns, and especially those with Children and finally paying attention to what is being “peddled” versus what they thought was being “taught” in Schools. The Radicalism, Raunch, and Racism (via CRT) versus what we used to call the “3 R’s” of Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and I’ll throw in histoRy.

This cycle many disaffected Democrats silently (due to Leftist threats, being quiet about) support our side due to the state of Education everywhere – so in Michigan we’re doing some extra BOTTOM-UP funding. Normally we speak about down-ballot coat-tails, since so many pissed off about the schools, we are better funding State Board Of Education and/or Conservative School-Board Candidates to help provide some up ballot coat-tails too. This time in Michigan (Tami Carlone was ahead last cycle, until the Wayne County (Detroit area) shenanigans kicked in, so we intend to PUSH it and Win that too, again helping UP TICKET of our MI-HOUSE and MI-SENATE as well as Congressional District Candidates (despite the sham ReDistricting, we may have some surprise Wins Election night) as well as (of course) MIGov, MIAG, and MISOS, Candidates.

And do NOT forget our need to get the MI SUPREME COURT away from the Liberal Activists by returning Brian Zahra to the Court and replacing Bozo Lib-Activist Richard Bernstein with PAUL HUDSON!!!

ALSO, about the Signs (not enough of them) whining, we have going on by many in Michigan and I’m betting is similar to a lot of other States right now, remember the same thing happened with Trump 2020, less signs than 2016, due to theft, vandalism, and fear to show them due to leftist violence, but Trump got Millions more Votes (and would have won, if not for the Fraud in several States). So, Signs are NOT A HIGH PRIORITY (here in Michigan, I seriously hope and officially request that you chime in via the comments section (as I know many just read (like happens over on BeforeItsNews too), do not respond and create interactions like I was used to when writing with REDSTATE (though comments have been removed from my pieces there now that they are older/archived)) to let us all know if this analysis indeed does also apply to your area/Sate) and people need to STOP getting hung up about that. There is QUIET SUPPORT (silent, for fear of violence against them) out there. We will make Wretched Whitler the first one-termer since Blanchturd IF YOU GET YOU AND YOUR CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS to ignore the Polls (my Oct 1 TLB piece) and get out to Vote.

VIDEO (11m55s): Does anyone NOT understand why so much VIOLENCE comes from the Left, just listen to their Leaders INCITING VIOLENCE (Trump did not):

As easily seen in the chart above, it makes it easy and simple to dismiss the RIGHT-WING EXTREMISM narratives in that the #ENEMEdia (as I call them, and regularly use tag on Social-Media) label most Domestic Terrorists as “ANARCHISTS” and there-fore if true, RIGHT-WINGERS, however it is NOT TRUE. While these groups may USE TACTICS priorly/often associated with Anarchists (and may use the “so-called” guidelines from the “Anarchists cook-book” of old) they are mostly stated Communists / Fascists / Marxists / Socialists wanting to destroy our current system in (again, stated desires) to reign in a full-on LEFT-WING FASCIST FULL CONTROL OF THE PEOPLES style Government (by definition, that then means they are NOT RIGHT-WING ANARCHISTS)!

#MamaBears and #PapaBears are now awake and alert to the filth being peddled in Schools and reacting very negatively to it, and hopefully many finally awake to who is responsible for such and now going to change their Voting patterns to force a real change. And, again, thankfully, more than ever these heretofore SILENT Patriots are Running for Offices all up and down Ballots.

VIDEO (6m16s): Parents everywhere are FINALLY standing up and speaking out:

Here in Michigan, we have career Politicians trying to sneak a Ballot initiative to alter our Term-Limits Statutes. The people overwhelming Voted in Term-Limits several years ago, and now the careerists are trying to “loosen” them to let them serve longer. Perhaps before the Lockdowns, such may have passed, and sadly maybe in the future it could come up again too, IF people go back to sleep, go back to not being involved and not paying attention. But, for now, such a proposal is absolutely NOT THE RIGHT TIME. Simply as, like I said, many #MamaBears and #PapaBears are not only pissed, but stepping up to take actions, and I’m NOT just talking about showing up to/for School-Board meetings. Many of them are now Running for Office themselves. NOW is not the time to allow the career Politicians to use their power of incumbency. Other States should also consider adding Term-Limits to State Officials too, as (again) while we have more and more Patriots willing to step-up and be the Citizen Legislators our Founders intended, to remove the power and protections the career folks build into incumbency.

Again, please chime in via the comments and let us know if you’re seem the same INCREASED MOTIVATIONS to stand-up and stand-against all those who let things get to this point?

This Primary cycle saw record number of people challenging status-quo FASCICRATS and CINOs/RINOs alike on our Ballot. In some cases, we had too many great folks to choose from. Several Races we had several great Grassroots Conservative Candidates on the Ballot, that in many cases sadly split-the-vote and allowed the scum career folks to get the General Elections nominations again.

Also let us know (TLB is an information Platform and we MUST help educate and inform each other to similarities and differences of how FASCICRATS are trying to steal Elections everywhere) how many other Soros backed initiatives are out there in other States regarding FAKE ELECTION REFORMS (as I hope you read my “Election Reforms needed NOW” about sound, real Election integrity, common-sense items, but instead what we have here in Michigan is Proposal-2 which would OVERTURN our State #VoterID Law, allowance for the Zuckerbucks fraud to continue, Dropbox requirements to allow for greater and easier FASCICRATS fraud, etc.…

And, of course, yes, the Baby-Killing-Cult has an initiative on our ballot that will NOT ONLY allow for more than Roe V Wade that was over-turned by SCOTUS, but beyond. Including in their “Reproductive Rights” (Proposal-3) initiative, ELIMINATION OF 50 MICHIGAN LAWS. Including the elimination of STATUTORY RAPE Laws. That’s right, on top of removing PARENTAL CONSENT or even PARENTAL NOTIFICATION for a Child to have a sex-change (when they cannot decide to Smoke, or buy a Gun, or so many things, BECAUSE THEY ARE CHILDREN without fully formed Brains yet), but too a Pedophile can prey on them for Sex without consequences. That, on top of, making Michigan not only the most ABORTION ON DEMAND, AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON, PERFORMED EVEN BY NON-MEDICAL PERSONAL, ZERO MEDICAL PROTECTIONS, that would make Michigan’s Law worse than the Nations of China and North Korea. And we know we are not the only State the far-left are trying this.

(image source:

Since most of you know by now I’m an Author of “Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!” book, but as part of this piece I want to refer you to my good friend, and former MI-Senate Legislator, Patrick Colbeck’s two books: “Wrestling Gators: An Outsiders Guide to Draining The Swamp” and (also available on McHenry Press, like my book) “The 2020 Coup.” We certainly hated to lose Pat to Term-Limits, but the number of good ones we have to sacrifice here and there, and they can then support a potential great replacement, over the countless numbers of careerists scum that Term-Limits bounce – is a good thing. Likewise, we don’t need a softening of them, we need MORE – like at County level, as sadly many of these careerist just then go back to get Elected as County-Commissioner in their County and spend decades further collecting a Government paycheck rather than being a Citizen-Politician, serving awhile then returning to the PRIVATE SECTOR and earning a real paycheck doing something productive.

Lastly, and this is NOT just about Christians (but by way of example of one group, as I have the stat): It is said that 40% of Christians are NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE let-alone bother to Vote. And, of course, in this case, I’m talking REAL CHRISTIANS not fake ones like Biden, Pelosi, et al, who actually would have their Faith shape their Politics (not the other way around: Liberal-Religion) see too “Q: Are we doomed? NO, 2Chronicles714 says to Pray, but we have FREE WILL and must also take actions as a Citizen under Romans…”) and would therefore not be happy with CINOs/RINOs let-alone FASCICRATS in our Nation. IF all of those (whether, again, it be THIS GROUP or another sub-classification of folks that whine “my Vote doesn’t count” etc.) would GET OFF THEIR ASSESS the Left would not even be able to cheat enough to defeat us in any but the most Blue of States. Most Purple States would become Red States over night, and many Blue States would turn to Purplish Battlegrounds.


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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