Angry Americans: The Corrupt Court System Created Us, The Whole ‘Lot’ of Us

The Corrupt Court System Created Us, The Whole ‘Lot’ of Us

By TLB Contributing Author: Melissa Diegel

The American court system has backed families into such a corner that there is no other way to win. Whether it be in the Lower Courts, the Court of Appeals or in Divorce Court. Your continued destruction of families is horrendous.

I am warning you, you can only back families in a corner for so long until they stand up and take their rights back. This is America after all.

When I was a child, I once thought, that Justice and Freedom for all was a real thing, at least in America. I soon learned after the medical kidnapping of my own children that much of America was a facade.

My eyes have been opened. Only to see the abhorrent nature of people, as they they rape, pillage and destroy our families by way of the American Judicial System.

This has became especially apparent to me over the last 32 months, as I fought for the return of my own daughters, who were unjustly taken and placed in an unauthorized drug trial nearly killing them.

Under the threat of arrest (by Arizona judges) and with armed officers threatening me …

I Have Never Backed Down!

I fought my way through dependency Court, to the Court of Appeals in which I represented myself. I filed a phenomenal brief which legally explained how the State of Arizona did not follow state and Federal laws. I exposed how they refused to follow federal funding rules and regulations in which they were obligated to follow under their current contract.

In the final ruling to me received on December 27th, 2016 the courts filed instead, only a “memorandum decision,” stating it is not appealable. However to be specific a memorandum decision means that no opinion is to be rendered… and you guessed it, they did issue an actual opinion. Therefore it is appealable because once again they did not follow their own laws. Their opinion made the point of it it being a “memorandum decision, moot.”


It is readily apparent that words, no matter how tactful, well thought out, or bold, will not solve this issue … Only action, and action of an aggressive and blatant nature will ever garnish the attention we need and deserve to facilitate the changes we demand! We the People are 320 Million strong and a force to be reckoned with. It is past time to show just what … JUSTICE MADE IN AMERICA, BY AMERICANS … Really Means !!!

Our country’s gone awry and is being overrun by malicious people with an intent to destroy Children and Families. There are millions of cases as we speak right now going haywire, in “OUR” country that we thought was free. The court system and judges are out of control!

We are not free enough if we are overrun by judges who do not follow the law themselves. What about politicians who are filled with such greed in power that they seek to run our country into the ground?

This is my message to you America …

STAND UP! Stand up for your rights, every one of them, before they are completely lost!


#MelissaDiegel @MelissaDiegel


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