Autism & Vaccines: Utter Catastrophe in America

angry-childAutism & Vaccines: Utter Catastrophe in America & a Government that Just Doesn’t Give A Damn

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

(Updated 08/06/14)

Preface: YES the title is BLATANT … as it should be! Autism should be the most important topic on the mind and lips of every doctor and government servant (heath-related departments and elected representatives) in this country today just due to the sheer magnitude and scope of the crisis unfolding right before our eyes.

Since it is not, one has to believe the mechanisms of corruption, cronyism and greed (or something much more sinister) are at play.

The following is a synopsis of the MANY vaccine to autism related articles TLB has written and published, or through the generosity of our many contributors, partners and affiliates re-posted over the last year alone (there are MANY more in our archives) pertaining to this vital topic.

Also included is a library with over 50 links to related or pertinent articles. We present this article and the attached link library as a tool to educate …


As we are constantly being told by the CDC that Vaccines Cannot, Have not, and Never Will cause Autism, and that Thimerosal (the accused catalyst) has been removed from our vaccines, most dutiful citizens tend to accept this as fact. After all, isn’t the motto of the CDC “Protecting Lives. Protecting people 24/7”? So how could we not fall in lock step with an entity so bent on our safety and protection? …. except they are Blatantly lying and have had the facts of just the opposite in their possession for about a generation (and I would suspect MUCH longer), a generation in which we have witnessed a catastrophic rise in what now can only be described as the blight of autism.

When a department of the government charged with the protection of the citizens of this country jumps through painstaking hoops to hide the truth about a mechanism that has lead to the catastrophic rise of Autism in this country and intentionally and blatantly misrepresents this information … well, let your imagination run wild and you will probably still not be hitting on the level of evil and tyranny this truly represents.

At what point do We The People decide that the millions who suffer today from this affliction, the millions more who must dedicate their personal time and even their lives to caring for those afflicted and the untold personal wealth dedicated to the care of those afflicted by this malady that could so easily have been avoided … is grounds for serious retribution against this inept, corrupted or just plain sinister organization … when we are all broke, sick or dead? You must also be aware that, by default, many more in government organizations outside the CDC must also be complicit in a coverup that can only be described as “The greatest crime ever committed against the American public!”


Please let me clarify somethings upfront … We do not claim this what follows is the only causality for Autism, but we do feel it is a blatant an significant one, and also to say we have no champions in our leaders is not a complete truth because not all have sold their eternal souls to the devil. Believe it or not there are people in our government who care, individuals who were elected by we the people, do take their responsibility seriously to look out for and protect those they represent. The problem is they are still way too few and far between. What is presented next is proof they do exist. Please click on the blue title (active link) to watch this critical and crucial video …

The AutismOne & Generation Rescue 2013 Congressional Panel

Posted by AutismOne On April 8, 2013,

The AutismOne & Generation Rescue 2013 Conference Congressional Panel featuring Congressman Burton (R-IN), Congressman Weldon, MD (R-FL) and Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL).


When I have discussions with those who are far from stupid but still pro-vaccine, or are totally reliant on their absolute trust in their doctors and healthcare professionals, I see a very disturbing trend. I find a vast majority of those I ask about vaccines have two big misconceptions. The first being that thimerosal has been removed from vaccines (it is still used in many batch doses of vaccines given to our children including the yearly flu shot), and the second being that if they are aware of thimerosal, they firmly believe ethylmercury (about 50% of the volume of thimerosal) is metabolized harmlessly by the body (poppycock).

These misconceptions are either ignored or in a lot of cases perpetuated by healthcare professionals today, encouraging many to wrongly believe that the scourge of thimerosal is either a tin foil hat myth and does not exist anymore, or never did exist.


Thimerosal is broken down by the body in the following fashion, the ethylmercury is first metabolized by the body into toxic methylmercury, which is then metabolized into inorganic mercury … YES I said inorganic Mercury! The most deadly and toxic naturally occurring substance known to exist on this planet to the human physiology and second only to Ionizing Radiation.

Here is a direct link to a comprehensive review explaining exactly how Thimerosal is metabolized by the human body:

So lets break this down a little further and get BLATANT …

The EPA has set standards for the maximum exposure to mercury any individual should receive in a given day … anything exceeding this exposure is considered toxic. Please look at the chart below and see we are all seriously overexposed to mercury with the (batch dose) flue shot. BUT pay special attention to the fetus-allowable exposure, and then look at the dosage the pregnant mother receives when she trustingly acquiesces to the flu shot.

Mercury 01

Yes, you read it right … the fetus with no discernible blood brain barrier to protect it, receives (via it’s mothers blood) 2,500 times the maximum exposure allowed by the EPA of the most toxic naturally occurring substance on this planet, and tens of thousands times what the EPA sets as a limit in our drinking water.

So do vaccines cause autism? Lets run a little comparison test here.

What are the symptoms of Autism in children

  1. Loss of speech
  2. Social withdrawal
  3. Reduced eye contact
  4. Repetitive behavior
  5. Hand flapping
  6. Toe walking
  7. Temper tantrums
  8. Sleep disturbances
  9. Seizures

Now lets list the symptoms of Mercury poisoning in children

  1. Loss of speech
  2. Social withdrawal
  3. Reduced eye contact
  4. Repetitive behavior
  5. Hand flapping
  6. Toe walking
  7. Temper tantrums
  8. Sleep disorders
  9. Seizures

If you don’t believe this comparison … Check it out for yourself!

This is either a massive coincidence or one of the most heinous crimes against humanity is being perpetrated on a colossal scale. Is it also coincidence that the rise in Autism almost perfectly matches the rise in the number and scope of vaccinations we are inundated with? The EPA even states that one of the hazards of mercury exposure is BRAIN DAMAGE … so what do you think Autism is! But hey we were told by the CDC a decade ago that Thimerosal had all but been removed from our vaccines, which is a blatant LIE because at lease three of the vaccinations on your infant child’s schedule contain Thimerosal. But hey this can’t be so … can it … because after all isn’t the CDC’s motto “Protecting our health and well being 24/7”?

Autism increase

Yes there are those who will push back against my choice of the above picture, saying it is an exaggeration. To those I will say this – The 6,000% is actually understated! So lets put this into perspective. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s vaccinations, although utilized, were few and far between and the autism rate was almost nonexistent, occurring at a rate of WELL OVER 1 in 20,000, most doctors never having seen a single case in their entire practice and never even knowing or hearing the term autism. Yet a scant three generations later autism occurs in one out of 28 male children. So lets do the math … 20,000 (seriously low-balled) divided by 28 = about a 714 times an increase … so the statement of 6,000% is a very conservative estimate at best …

Today our children are inundated with a multitude of vaccines and about 50 vaccinations depending on the child and where you live, and America has witnessed nothing less than a catastrophic explosion (I dare you to say this comment is exaggerated!) in cognitive disorders. Yet has anyone seen this government push the panic button as they did with Polio, Measles, Mumps or Cancer? Do you see massive government programs and spending to get to the bottom of this blight? WHY NOT ??? Could it be that they are fully aware that there can be no vaccine to cure the physical damage caused by a vaccine? Could it be that they are already fully aware of the catalyst behind this scourge? Where does coincidence leave off, and this is a fact pick up?

At least three of the vaccinations (that we are aware of) your child will receive are laced with Thimerosal (do the research) … up from the low of one. Is this signifying the return of thimerosal to vaccines in a much larger fashion? Do you still believe the LIE?

Just how many lies will it take to wake the population of this country up to what can only be described as … The Most Destructive Lie ever Told …

EVERYTHING stated in the above commentary can be found readily in the links provided below. These particular links are presented because they speak mainly or strongly, to the Mercury to Autism connection. Included in this link library are about 45 links, and contained within them are hundreds of additional links, references and sources for you to follow in pursuit of your personal research. If an article was re-posted from another organization or website to TLB, all pertinent information, including the author’s name and a direct link to the site of origin is contained within the concerned article … so “NO, TLB is by far NOT the ONLY SOURCE” (as it would appear at first glance) but we are in fact a very concerned provider of pertinent and reliable information from many great sources (we strongly recommend you visit), concentrated in one place to make your research far less complicated.


When all is finally said and done, make no mistake, it will be up to us the concerned parents and guardians to make a difference and put a stop to this insanity! Because if anything, this article blatantly proves … THIS GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN …

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