Biden’s Failing Brain Exposes Deep State Treachery

Biden’s Failing Brain Exposes Deep State Treachery

By J.B. Shurk

I know the country’s going to hell in a handbasket. Inflation is killing working-class families. Illegal immigrants are raping and murdering little girls. “Woke” corporations are pushing “transgender” madness on young children. Public schools are telling students that they will not survive the “climate apocalypse.” Biden and the build back better buffoons in control of Western governments are doing everything they can to drag us into WWIII. Still, if you are a Trump supporter who believes the status quo must go, Thursday’s presidential debate was awfully fun.

Perhaps you couldn’t bring yourself to watch the event “live” because you knew CNN was going to do everything it could to prop Biden up and tear Trump down. If that is the case, then surely you were happy to awaken the next morning and find your usual newsfeed filled with two types of headlines: one recognizing Trump’s winning performance and the other recounting Biden’s total humiliation. For all of you suffering daily out there, I hope the words provided momentary relief.

You knew that Biden lost his marbles long ago, but the propaganda press has been telling the world that he’s just fine for years. For those people who rely upon Deep State programmers to tell them what to believe, seeing Biden disintegrate on the debate stage must have been stunning. Mainstream news corporations have been covering up Biden’s mental infirmities for so long that too many Americans watched Biden struggle to form sentences for the first time. Just as reporters in the first half of the twentieth century lied to the American people about FDR’s reliance upon a wheelchair, reporters in the first quarter of the twenty-first century have lied to the American people about Biden’s debilitating dementia. On June 27, the lid on journalists’ barrel of Biden-protecting lies shot right off.

Not even halfway through Biden’s debate disaster, his communications people were spreading a new lie — that he was suffering from a cold — to explain away his enfeebled and bewildered presence on stage. Maybe that desperate excuse would have worked on some of his most partisan supporters had Crooked Joe just gotten back from a whirlwind global tour during which he had spoken before several foreign parliaments and helped negotiate world peace, but the guy had been hiding away at Camp David for over a week! When you first tell the public that you are unable to perform your presidential duties and prepare for a debate at the same time and then tell them that your weeklong debate camp destroyed your immune system, you aren’t in a position to inspire sympathy. How nice it would be for every blue-collar worker suffering from a cold to be able to take a full week off for some rest and relaxation in a taxpayer-funded vacation home without losing any pay in this lousy economy!

No, the only thing the “Joe has a cold” lie accomplished was to make people wonder whether a simple virus could also explain Kamala Harris’s cognitive handicaps. It is no secret that some very stupid people have risen to the heights of power in the American government. A cynic might speculate that the bureaucratic Deep State and national security surveillance State prefer Potemkin “leaders” who can be easily manipulated and controlled. Still, with Biden and Harris occupying the top two leadership spots at the same time, the American people feel as if they have been forced to watch another unwatchable Dumb and Dumber movie that refuses to come to an end. While The New York Times and D.C.’s polite society have pretended that Old Joe and Cackling Kamala have “restored dignity” to the White House, ordinary Americans have been shaking their heads all along at two of the most dull-witted morons ever to putatively obtain the reins of power. The presidential debate simply confirmed that Dumb and Dumber are not running the government; those two can’t even answer basic questions without discombobulating.

If the two figureheads catapulted into high office by mail-in-ballot fraud aren’t running things, then who the hell is? Is it the cabal of Marxist military chiefs promoted not for their intellect and skill but rather for their compliance with DIE foolishness? Is it the collection of spooks and assassins enjoying unchecked power and limitless black budgets over at the CIA? Is it the elite club of investment bankers who print money and manipulate markets while riding roughshod over central banks? Is it the small number of financial powerhouses such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street that manage trillions of dollars in assets all over the world? Is it the gaggle of billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk who buy and sell entire industries as if they were trinkets from a garage sale?

Whoever might be running the United States, it is certainly not anyone elected by the American people. If that were not obvious before 2016, it quickly became so once the Deep State engaged in an ongoing coup d’état against President Trump and replaced any vestigial respect for the will of voters with a criminal enterprise allowing political operatives to print, fill out, collect, and count as many ballots as necessary for “victory.”

What I find amazing is this: even with all the power and privileges that the arrayed oligarchs above possess, they remain palpably terrified of Donald J. Trump. America’s vast and unconstitutional administrative State and vast and unconstitutional surveillance State have been in charge of the permanent government for so long that all the unelected officials who rule over us lose their minds at the thought of an outsider reclaiming the president’s Article II authority. The central bank money-printers, multinational conglomerates, and globalist powerbrokers who have controlled U.S. politicians and officials like puppets on strings since at least WWII are so worried that the American people might re-elect a leader willing to represent Americans’ interests, rather than those of the global plutocracy, that they use all their corporate assets to thwart Trump’s return. As much as their nefarious efforts to rig the 2024 election in favor of Dumb and Dumber reflect an undeniable apprehension that President Trump cannot be bought or intimidated into submission, they also serve as flashing lights signaling to the American people that the “invincible” and “all-powerful” Establishment Blob is, in fact, vulnerable and afraid.

I want that fact to sink into the minds of the American people. Too much of the time, American patriots dedicated to reclaiming lost liberties and preserving the Bill of Rights throw their hands in the air and give up the fight. Because we have flown through relatively calm skies for so long, many mistake turbulence for certain defeat. However, just as pilots take flak when nearest to their intended targets, citizens endure the greatest hardships when the ruling Establishment most fears a loss of control. President Trump is a man with singular fortitude and an uncanny ability to get under the Deep State’s serpentine skin. However much anxiety he causes those who really run the U.S. government, though, it is his hundred million supporters who scare them to death. Remember that. Legitimate, stable governments do not need to quash dissent, censor speech, or imprison political enemies. Failing systems do. And the more they do so, the more vulnerable they reveal themselves to be.

After Biden’s disastrous debate, The New York Times is calling for him to be booted from the Dumb and Dumber ticket. White House staffers are so traumatized that they refuse to show up for work. Globalist allies are urging the U.S. Deep State to do something…anything!…to preserve their incipient new world order. These are acts of desperation from a shadow government that knows it has been wholly exposed.


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